Jaquet Droz Boutique Settles In Shanghai

(November 12, 2015, Shanghai, China), Swiss luxury watch brand Jaquet Droz unveiled its new concept boutique at 1041 Nanjing West Road (Zhong’an Famous Promenade) in Shanghai. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Christian Lattmann, Jacques Dross Global Vice President, Ms. Emilie Bruyer, Jacques Dross Global Marketing Executive Director, Mr. Lu Xingwei, Jacques Dross China Vice President, and Xu Ji, Chairman of Shanghai Jiubai (Group) Co., Ltd Mr. is the guest of ribbon cutting. On the opening day, the brand invited Mr. Le Ngoc Thanh, a Jacques de Enamel micro-painter, to perform the enamel micro-painting process for the guests, so that all guests could personally experience the pursuit of ‘beauty’ by Ateliers d’Art Unremitting efforts to convey the core values ​​of emotion and poetic imagination.

Jaquet Droz Shanghai Nanjing West Road Boutique is the second boutique opened by the brand in Shanghai after the Shanghai Xintiandi boutique. It is also the brand opened in China after the Beijing Oriental Plaza boutique and Beijing SKP boutique this year. The fourth boutique store in China. Shanghai Nanjing West Road is now the world’s luxury show, and world-renowned retailers are the only choices in China. In the Zhong’an Famous Brand Promenade, more than 50 brands have been gathered, forming three major characteristics of famous watches, jewelry and accessories. Here, the world-renowned watch brands are lined with rich historical heritage, which makes Jacques de Rouge’s profound and elegant century-old brand story once again.

Since 1773, Jacques Dro has gained a reputation for his artworks, breathtaking auto-puppets, and timepieces, and is loved by European royals and Chinese emperors. Jacques de Rodriguez’s watch works were greatly appreciated by the Spanish king Ferdinand VI. The automatic puppet works were harvested by the French king Louis XVI and the queen Marie-Antoinette. praise. Jacques Droe became a guest of the main royal courts in Europe, and their footprints spread across London, the Netherlands and Flanders, and the Russian Royal Palace. During the same period, Jacques Dro became the first person to look at the East. Jacques Dro won the favor of the Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty with clockwork, snuff boxes, and exquisite timekeeping birds.

Through the elegant shop windows of Nanjing West Road Jacques Dro boutique, you can enjoy Jacques Dro’s distinctive dial art at a glance-the very representative ‘8’. The elegant and unique interior design of the store showcases the brand’s innovative spirit and aesthetic concepts to customers. The calm and elegant black interior wall scrolls show the brand’s unique crafts such as micro-painted enamel, big fire enamel dial and various rare ore processing, bringing the brand’s ancient and mysterious skills to life.
In addition to the well-loved classic watches in the boutique, Jacques Dro has just won the ‘Innovative Mechanical Watch Award’ at the 2015 Geneva Watch Awards. The Charming Bird watch, As well as the Grande Seconde Deadbeat watch, a grand new watch launched at the Baselworld 2015, it pays tribute to the glorious age of enlightenment.

Between the past and the present, The Charming Bird is undoubtedly an outstanding representative of watchmaking, and it also expresses its loyalty to the brand’s heritage. It accommodates the essence of Jacques Dro’s history in its own body, sings the glory of the past and promises the glory of today. The charming bird of time, carrying the brand’s genes, combines automatic doll machinery, micro-mechanics and artistic craftsmanship, singing a poetic song of time for the brand’s outstanding watchmaking heritage.
This watch giant presents a pure and simple modern style: a low-groaning tit, perched in a contemporary scene with a 47mm diameter case, with a contrast of black, smoky gray and transparent colors, full of modern atmosphere. The case and the sapphire crystal curved mirror are elegantly contrasted, and the special design makes the dial particularly transparent. It takes more than 20 hours for the master craftsman of the Ateliers d’ Art to make the birds. Starting with feather carving, and then finishing the especially delicate head and bird tail, the carving craftsman must be fully focused and meticulous. The delicate strokes and colors make the birds more vivid, contrasting with the black and charcoal stripes on the dial.

The seconds-jumping seconds watch flourished in the eighteenth century. Jacques de Loire reinterprets the iconic collection, reappearing the seconds-jumping complication in a watch with a new movement. The watchmaker of Jacques Dro has carefully crafted the new large seconds hand to achieve moving details. The eccentrically set second hand is now set in the center of the dial, and the retrograde calendar showing the date remains the same. This large jumping seconds watch is memorable, familiar and ingenious without losing its originality. The ‘jumping’ hands and numbers form an intoxicating picture.