At This Moment, Feel The Limit Breakthrough Tissot And Uci Host The First City Bicycle World Championship In Chengdu

[November 12, 2017, Chengdu] The International Cycling Union (UCI) 2017 Urban Bicycle World Championships was successfully held in Chengdu recently. As a high-level urban cycling event in the world, this event consists of the World Championships of BMX FREESTYLE, XCE, and TRIALS. Nearly 500 professional players from more than 40 countries gathered in the country of Tianfu for the ultimate showdown. As a Tissot watch that has accompanied UCI for more than 20 years and became the first ‘World Bicycle Partner’ in UCI history, it is willing to create a better viewing experience for domestic extreme sports enthusiasts through this competition and promote the competition in China development of.

Figure 1: UCI 2017 Urban Cycling Championship kicks off in Chengdu
Experience the breakthrough
   As a highly ornamental urban sports event, the urban cycling race has attracted more and more attention from young people in recent years. Its intense and tense rhythm, difficult movements and highly ornamental track design make this sport a new generation. Urban boom. The 2017 Urban Cycling Championships held by the International Cycling Union (UCI), as the first urban cycling international competition held in China, includes the three World Championships, including the BMX Freestyle It is also the first World Championship in history, welcoming top players from more than 40 countries.

Figure 2: BMX Skills World Championship Scene

Figure 3: BMX trick World Championship scene

Figure 4: BMX Skills World Championship Scene
   The BMX Skills Competition (BMX) is the most familiar event for domestic fans, and it is also the most popular urban cycling event for fans. In this competition, many top players from the world came to participate. Through various terrain conditions such as high platforms, springboards, U-shaped lanes, the rider can perform a variety of actions such as reversing, jumping, rotating, and flying within 1 minute of riding a specially customized BMX, and combine different actions. And height to achieve leaps of different difficulty. The referee scores the players based on a number of evaluation criteria such as their difficulty, consistency, and height. Due to the moderate size of the venue and the highly ornamental action of the game, the audience drew applause and cheers. It is reported that as an increasingly popular project for young people, the BMX Skills will be included in the official competitions of the next Olympic Games and become a truly international competitive event.

Figure 5: Difficult aerial flip action
Precise and exciting
   In addition to the BMX field skills competition, this competition also competed for the new world championship of the mountain bike climbing skills (Trials) and mountain bike cross country (XCE).
   The mountain bike climbing skills (Trials) simulates terrain conditions in the mountain through artificial obstacles. The player needs to control the body by superman’s physical strength and unparalleled skills. Jump, displacement and precise body control between obstacles to achieve off-road, and the whole process You need to keep your feet on the ground, and the difficulty can be imagined.

Figure 6: A competitor crosses a flowing stage in a mountain bike climbing technique
   Mountain bike cross-country (XCE) needs to cross obstacles of various terrains as quickly as possible and maintain the stability of the body. The obstacles include wooden stakes, steep slopes, standing water, mud, etc. Players need to adopt different strategies and riding skills in different stages to reach the finish line at the fastest speed.

Figure 7: Mountain bike cross-country race scene
   As a loyal partner of the International Cycling Union (UCI) for more than 20 years and the first highest-level partner in its history, the ‘World Bicycle Partner’, the Tissot watch not only provided strong support for the hosting of the Chengdu competition, but also The official UCI watch was customized for UCI. The color strap added to UCI symbolized the glory and was awarded as the world champion prize for the World Championship. In addition, Tissot will also sponsor and support other cycling events organized by UCI worldwide, and provide professional timing services and event support.

Figure 8-9: Tissot PRC200 UCI Special Edition
   The UCI World Cycling World Championships will continue to be held in Chengdu, China in the next two years. Tissot will continue to support and promote the popularity and development of this sporting event in China, and provide more exciting events for more cycling enthusiasts. Bring more excitement to Chinese consumers.