The Star-studded Zenith World Gives The Public A Unique Watchmaking Experience

The Neuchatel Tourist Office is committed to promoting the Swiss watchmaking industry, and in particular chose Zenith to be its partner to showcase its brand new promotion programs. With the theme of 「LE MONDE ÉTOILÉ DE ZENITH」 (Star-studded Zenith World), this event leads visitors to better understand this watchmaking brand marked by the star, and enters the watch factory for a unique and fascinating exploration. journey of.

Senior officials from all parties attended the conference
   On April 26, 2018 (Thursday), the world’s first exclusive tourism cooperation project featuring a unique watchmaking experience was announced at a press conference held at the Zenith watch factory in Le Locle, Switzerland. In addition to the watch media and key figures from the industry, many partners and celebrities in the Neuchatel region gathered for a grand event. Zenith CEO Mr. JulienTornare, Director of the Neuchatel Tourism Authority, Mr. Yann Engel, Thematis President, Mr. Michel Etter, and Mr. Jean-Nathanel Karakash, the consultant responsible for the state’s Department of Finance and Social Services, attended the conference.

An unprecedented collaboration

Executives interact at the conference
   The Neuchatel Tourism Authority is committed to building on the region’s rich heritage of watchmaking and expanding its reach, with the aim of satisfying those who aspire to an extraordinary experience. Mr. Yann Engel, Director of the Tourism Bureau, explained: ‘You have seen the exhibition of「 LE MONDE ÉTOILÉ DE ZENITH 」, and this time our cooperation with Zenith Watchmaking is completely logical. This is a dynamic , Modernity and entertaining spirit, invite you to explore the mysterious world of watchmaking. Zenith CEO JulienTornare said excitedly: ‘This tourism project can select us from many watch factories in the region, which is Zenith. It was a great honor at the time, and everyone in the team was greatly encouraged. 「Le Monde Étoilé」 will give everyone a unique experience, while understanding the brand history of Zenith, and studying how Zenith watches work. ‘
A unique journey
   This tour was specially designed for tourists by the museum experts of Thematis Cultural Company. For the first time, they went deep into a well-known watch factory, started a real enlightenment tour, and glimpsed the mystery of mechanical watches. This unusual place of visit offers an extraordinary 360-degree viewing experience, revealing the internal working mechanism of this watch factory, which has gathered nearly 80 watchmaking trades, which is in line with people’s pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship. The first part of the exhibition will be fully immersed in the world of precision timekeeping, displaying lively holograms for the majority of visitors in the dark space, while highlighting some key heritage elements with modern arrangements.

Tourists watch vivid hologram display at the exhibition
   Visitors can visit this unique and exclusive route every Friday, familiar with all stages of mechanical watchmaking: from technical research and development, parts production, to movement assembly, perfecting the noble classic watchmaking tradition and pioneering innovation integrate.

Tourists watch the stages of mechanical watchmaking

Practical information
Must make an appointment in advance
Weekly Visits: Every Friday at 9am
Duration: 3 hours
Price: CHF 40 per person
An appointment must be made in advance at Explore Swiss Watchmaking at Espacité 1, 2302 La Chaux-de-Fonds, phone: +41 32 889 68 82, email: [email protected], website:
Number of visitors: 1 to 8 people
Language: French (German, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish)
Minimum age: 14 years
Visit: Rue des Billodes 34 – 2400 Le Locle