Rolex Strap And Buckle

Sturdy, comfortable and elegant
Wearing a Rolex is a unique treat, with the strap and buckle contributing.
Superb ergonomic design, sturdy, reliable performance, elegant appearance and unique gloss,
These qualities not only make wearing extremely comfortable, but also create the extraordinary personality of the watch.

Iconic strap with personality
Rolex excels in the design of straps and buckles. The perfect combination of form and function,
Each watch model brings the aesthetic elements of Rolex to the fullest. Whether rounded,
Polished or frosted surface, or safety buckle and hidden buckle, or easy strap adjustment
System, Rolex’s pursuit of watch wearing comfort and elegant appearance covers all aspects. Rolex
The strap is extremely recognizable. Each one has unique aesthetic elements, shapes and styles:

Oyster Strap
Introduced in the late 1930s, this strap is composed of three rows of wide, flat links that are extremely sturdy and has always been the most widely used strap in the Oyster Collection. Oyster straps are especially used in professional watch series, such as submariner, explorer, yacht master and cosmograph Daytona; they are also used by some classic models, such as diary, weekday And Sky-Dweller. Oyster straps can be used with all Rolex buckles (Oyster buckle, Oyster buckle or Crown buckle), and can be combined with Easylink links.
Memorial strap
The sleek, comfortable wearing commemorative bracelet consists of five rows of metal links. This strap is designed for the Oyster Perpetual Diary, launched in 1945, with a hidden crown buckle.
Headband Strap
The exquisite and distinguished heads-of-style bracelet consists of three rows of semicircular contoured metal links, designed for the Oyster Perpetual Day of the Week calendar watch introduced in 1956. Today, the head of the band is still only used to match the day of the week and some precious metal ladies’ watches, and only with the hidden crown buckle.

Pearl ladies strap
The exquisite and glamorous pearl lady’s strap is composed of five rows of rounded metal links, designed for the ladies’ log pearl lady’s watch launched in 1992. The pearl lady’s strap has always been paired with a hidden crown buckle.
Oysterflex strap
In 2015, the new Oysterflex strap for Yacht-Master watches was developed and patented by Rolex. Its ruggedness, reliability and water resistance are not inferior to metal straps. This strap is flexible and beautiful, and comfortable to wear, like a rubber strap, but its durability is comparable to a metal strap. The high-performance black rubber covers the metal sheet, which is durable and very stable. For added comfort, the Oysterflex strap is equipped with a patented longitudinal cushioning system that keeps the watch on the wrist. The strap is also equipped with an 18 ct everose gold oyster safety clasp to prevent accidental opening of the watch.

Beautiful and practical buckle
Rolex’s well-designed buckle fits perfectly into every strap.
So as to meet different wearing needs. These buckles guarantee safety,
Maximize comfort and ergonomic requirements and meet the aesthetic style of each watch.
The reliability of the buckle needs to be tested through tens of thousands of opening and closing tests before it can be recognized.
Currently, Rolex has the following buckle models:

Oyster buckle
The new generation of Oyster Folding Hidden Buckle is opened by an operation buckle, making operation easier and safer to wear. The Oyster buckle matches the Oyster and leather straps.
Oyster safety buckle
In order to prevent the buckle from opening in an unexpected situation, the oyster safety buckle adds an additional safety buckle to the folding safety buckle. The new generation oyster safety clasp is also equipped with a precision-structured device consisting of 15 miniature parts. The snap operation clasp helps the wearer to easily operate the buckle. This advanced technology buckle matches the oyster strap of many professional watches.
Crown buckle
The new generation of crown buckle switch folding clasp is subtly hidden under the Rolex crown-shaped operation buckle, and only the exquisite crown can be seen on the strap. The crown buckle is used on the day-of-the-week watch and comes with a commemorative or heads-of-the-clock type strap. Crown buckles are also available on pearl ladies and diary watches. The 2013 leather strap is equipped with a new adjustable folding crown buckle for easy length adjustment.