Richard Mille Rm 020 Tourbillon Pocket Watch In-depth Appreciation

At first pocket watches were the ultimate symbol of freedom and privilege, liberating people from the shackles of clocks in clock towers, homes or offices. It is the first watch that can be carried with you. It is its portability that allows watchmakers to make every effort to apply their knowledge to perfectly reflect the mechanical nature of pocket watches!

RICHARD MILLE revisits the golden age of watches

RICHARD MILLE RM020 Tourbillon Pocket Watch

 Never preparing to just accept the past, RICHARD MILLE re-examines the golden age of watches and clocks, reinterprets classic models with a thorough modern concept, a highly personalized watch brings new impact to today’s collectors-RM020 Tourbillon Pocket watch!

The series is the first pocket watch with a non-metallic billet made of ultra-fine carbon fiber, originally used in US Air Force jets. This is an ultra-fine carbon fiber isotropic composite material, which is forged at a high pressure of 7500N / cm2 and a high temperature of 2,000˚C. The mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the finished material are very stable in all aspects, so it is very suitable for changing Maintain the stability of pocket watch under environment and temperature.

 The tourbillon bearing (originally invented in the 19th century for this mechanical device for pocket watches) is driven by two spiral springs, which are arranged in parallel to provide power support for 10 days!

Titanium bracelet

 In addition, the RM 020 series has a very delicate titanium bracelet and a cover device that can be quickly closed / opened. With its additional base, it can also be placed on a desk for decoration. As the ultimate ‘timing machine’, RM 020 represents the perfect combination of the greatest watchmaking value of the 18th century and the aesthetics of craftsmanship of the 21st century! Each pocket watch case is made of titanium, and the outer ring of the front and rear cases can be made of 18ct rose gold, white gold or titanium.

  RICHARD MILLE RM020 Tourbillon Pocket Watch

 RICHARD MILLE has realized a series of new advanced clock technology, one of which is the successful introduction of non-metal rotor watch blanks, the first time in the history of the clock! The new material used is ultra-fine carbon fiber. This innovative raw material was first tested on the test model RM006 and achieved great success. The technical results were encouraging, so RICHARD MILLE decided to make the new material widely available throughout the tourbillon series. The progress made by RICHARD MILLE in this important area of ​​watchmaking has created a new era of new materials for the watch industry. The RM020 has been further developed to become the first pocket watch with a superfine carbon fiber watch blank construction. A special titanium bracelet is supplied with RM 020 and a newly designed quick opening and closing mechanism. Inherit the fine tradition of fine pocket watches of the past. The RM 020 comes with a specially designed base that can also be used as a desk decoration!

Jacques Watch Achieves New High In Antigoron Auction

The Antiochouren auction house held a modern and antique timepiece auction in Geneva, and Jaeger-LeCoultre watches hit new highs.
   Jaeger-LeCoultre red lacquered steel Reverso watch (symbol: 15), manufactured in 1947, the dial is engraved with ‘LeCoultre Reverso’. Estimate: CHF 8,000-12,000. Price: 50,000 Swiss francs.
    Reverso, the precious red lacquer dial, is the dream of early Reverso collectors. At the auction dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Reverso watch in May 2011, Jaeger-LeCoultre red lacquered dial stainless steel Reverso watch (code: 225) sold for a high price of 35,000 Swiss francs, which became the transaction price in the auction. The highest antique Reverso flip watch.
    The Geophysic Chronomètre watch (symbol: 16) produced on the occasion of the International Geophysical Year in 1958 is a legendary watch in the minds of watch collectors. Estimated at CHF 8,000-12,000, with a transaction price of CHF 36,250. The antimagnetic strength of this watch reaches 600 Gauss, which can effectively prevent the magnetic field from affecting the accurate timing of the watch.
    As a leader in the field of watches in the 1960s, Jaeger-LeCoultre gave full play to the brand’s innovative spirit and launched a series of ergonomic self-winding watches with many practical functions that can withstand many tests.
    Jaeger-LeCoultre presented the Geophysic watch to the crew of the US Nautilus, the first atomic submarine. The Nautilus successfully crossed the Arctic in 1958.