Wei Shibuu Affectionate Affectionate Glashütte Original Star Festival Recommended For Watches

You weave your brocade on the other side,
I make my flute here
From the last Tanabata,
To the next Tanabata.
——Yu Guangzhong

  What is love? Xu is a man who has traveled through many cities, seen many landscapes, and has many memories, but only loves him. Everything is so good, whether enthusiastic or introverted, will be the happiest taste in love. Romantic Valentine’s Day is approaching. Glashütte Original, a German watchmaking brand, is original and selects the best wristwatches. Watch the love with the lovers who love life and cherish each other.
Love is as hot as the sun


  Vigor, vitality, enthusiasm, and yearning for a better life are all condensed on the square dial-Glashütte Original created the new Sixties 60s watch and SixtiesPanoramaDate 60s calendar watch with gradient orange. The color gradations are delicate and smooth, as bright and dense as the sun, making people feel excited. Inheriting this series of iconic curved designs with heritage and breakthrough, from dials and hands to double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass mirrors, highlighting a strong and charming retro trend. Arabic numerals and diamond-cut hour markers, hand-embossed dot hour markers, and Super-LumiNova luminous hands are embellished with details that show exquisiteness and strength.

Left: Glashütte Original Sixties Sixties Watch
Right: Glashütte’s original SixtiesPanoramaDate 60’s big calendar watch
  The Sixties 1960s with a case diameter of 39 mm and the Large Date Date watch with a 42 mm diameter are the perfect representatives of ‘Romantic Pairing’-everything is just right, perfectly natural. The self-winding movement independently developed by Glashütte is housed in a polished stainless steel case, which is accurate, reliable, full of security, and full of hope.
Love is shining like stars

  The mysterious blues make Qixi unique. As one of Glashütte’s original and most popular series, the eccentric series’ dial layout is not complicated, and it is quite recognizable. It is full of artistic sense because of the moon phase. Glashütte’s original PanoMaticLunar eccentric moon phase ladies watch, with a silver moon hanging on the sky blue mother-of-pearl dial, gorgeous diamonds are shining like stars, bright and elegant. The dark blue dial of the new PanoMaticLunar eccentric moon phase watch is as deep and dark as the night, with golden moon stars and a red 18K gold bezel. The atmosphere is noble and powerful.

Left: Glashütte’s original new PanoMaticLunar eccentric moon phase watch
Right: Glashütte’s original PanoMaticLunar eccentric moon phase ladies watch
Love is like time


Left: Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar, Glashütte Original Perpetual Calendar Watch
Right: Glashütte Original Lady Serenade Serenade Ladies Watch

  There are always tens of millions of ways to express affection, but they are willing to stay old and stay calm. Glashütte’s original Lady Serenade Serenade ladies watch, the mother-of-pearl dial shines with dreamy brilliance, with red 18K gold hands and shining hour markers, sings and sings the romantic poetry in minutes and seconds, interpreting the unique and elegant beauty. As a complex function, the perpetual calendar can accurately display the date, day of the week, and leap year to at least 2100 AD, becoming the best interpretation of ‘precise’ and ‘eternal’. Glashütte’s original SenatorExcellencePerpetualCalendar watch, which not only realizes the combination of sophisticated features and modern design, elegant red 18K gold case, slender blue steel hands, three-dimensional embossed moon phases, beautiful back Through the movement … Every detail is meticulously carved and polished, witnessing the professional skills, deft craftsmanship and creative passion of watchmakers, showing an unparalleled artistic atmosphere in the slightest.
  No matter how the galaxy changes and the years go by, the romantic love represented by Glashütte’s originality always flashes a charming light.

Unconventional Time Indication Watch

Non-pointer display
Compared with traditional three-hand watches with elegant dials and harmonious tones, digital watches (whether winding or jumping time) are a bit out of place. Moreover, digital display has almost become synonymous with cheap watches such as quartz watches and LED displays. . In fact, not all watches with digital displays are fashionable products of the electronics industry. Some seemingly simple digital transformations, but inside are extremely complex wheel blade jumps, and gear toothing. The Lange ZEITWERK STRIKING TIME watch is driven by a patented constant-power escapement system. With a slight ticking sound and movements imperceptible to the naked eye, the minute display gradually advances. Until the whole hour, the three digital dials move forward one grid at a time, and the pointer will take a big step forward. The clever movement of time is even more fascinated by the sound of music every 15 minutes. Bell & Ross’s BR01 Radar watch takes the traditional hands off the dial and replaces them with a beam-like turntable. The surface of the BR01 Red Radar looks simple, with hidden complex internal structures. Since each turntable is 30 times heavier than the normal pointer, Bell & Ross must develop very lightweight materials to reduce power loss and maintain accurate travel time. At the same time, the turntable materials must be durable to operate normally and reduce friction losses. This effect requires engineers to overcome both material and technical challenges. The dimensions of the three turntables are extremely accurate, and they are not bad (the error is within the micrometer range), and can rotate smoothly, relying on the superb inlaying technology of master watchmakers.
Amazing Makeover
Under the imagination of the watchmaker, the magic of magic can also be performed on the dial. The separation of two functions on a watch is not new, but Montblanc’s Metamorphosis’ concept of ‘deformation’ is shocking: as long as the slider is pulled up and down, the watch will change from a standard hour watch to a chronograph watch, and vice versa. Just like the scene shift on the stage, the rapid change of face of the Metamorphosis dial is also amazing. The four wings below the dial are first opened, then slide to both sides, and finally overlap under the splint in the middle of the dial. The two wings of the hour dial at 12 o’clock are also hidden; meanwhile, a small dial at 6 o’clock As the elevator slowly rises, an opening just ‘swallows’ the original date hand. This rising dial is the minute timer. To achieve this extraordinary mechanical idea, Johnny Giradin and Franck Orny must learn from the ancient mechanical kinematic (ie robot) technology derived from the Swiss Jurassic Mountains.
I also like Jaeger-LeCoultre who is also good at ‘trickling’ on the dial. To celebrate the legendary ‘Reverso Year’, Jaeger-LeCoultre presents a concealed painted enamel watch. Just turn the wheel on the side of the case lightly to start a mysterious device and enter a fantasy world. The subscript on the mirror is sometimes separated, and the upper dial of the minute scale gradually separates, and is finally completely hidden inside the case, revealing an amazing painting masterpiece.
Innovation of independent watchmakers
When we were surrounded by international big names, there were also some independent independent watchmakers with creative ideas. Frank Muller can definitely be called a geek. There are countless ‘strange watches’ born from his hands. The Crazy Hours series is even more so. It breaks the inherent law of dial display, jokes with time, and dials the dial. The Arabic numbers on it have been rearranged from ‘8-1-6-6-11-4-9-9-2-7-12-5-10-3’, at first glance, I really think that the time is out of order! Another watchmaker, Konstantin Chaykin, put a three-dimensional moon on the moon phase watch. A traditional moon phase display is a turntable painted with a moon graphic. The Russian inventor fixed the lunar instrument in the watch to the dial, and the silver hemisphere symbolizing the shadow of the moon revolved around it, showing that the moon was cloudy and lacking. This innovative solution for displaying the phases of the moon is the first application in the watch industry.

Frank Muller Crazy Hours Price Shop Negotiation
The messy dial still needs to clearly tell people the accurate time. The key is to display the hour hand. The hour hand is a jumping hand. As long as you look at the Arabic numerals on the hour hand, you can know the hour time immediately. It is much more difficult to make than a normal watch, and it is very interesting and collectible.

Amorous Vantage Du Rui series price 29900 yuan
Using ETA 988.333 movement. In addition to the normal mode for displaying time with the hour and minute hands, it also has a digital mode with LCD display. Through the digital display of two liquid crystal windows on the dial, 9 functions such as local time, seconds / date, and second time can be realized. When the dial is turned off, all blacks are displayed.