Elegant Gentleman’s Choice Four Watches Worth Around 100,000

Men have always had a sincere love and curiosity for mechanical products. They must like driving the car like driving, and they can sit in the driver’s seat to control the direction and speed. And the watch is a kind of precise mechanical item, condensed the combination of various parts, the shape of Rimba can match the masculinity of men. Below, the watch house recommends four men’s watches of about 100,000.
 Rolex Greenwich II Series

  In 1982, Rolex launched the Greenwich II, equipped with an hour hand that can be adjusted in units of one hour, making operation easier. This design guarantees that when the hour hand is adjusted, the watch’s chronograph function will continue to operate without being affected. For long-time travelers, it is convenient to check the local time from the main hand, and the departure time can be known from the 24-hour circle. Today, Rolex has improved its materials, and the Rolex Greenwich II series 116713LN watch has taken on a new look.

Watch Reviews: The Rolex Greenwich II series watches are equipped with 24-hour hands and independently proofable 12-hour hands, allowing you to set another time zone time while the watch is operating as usual, ensuring that the minutes are not bad. The dial has a classic design without too much decoration, and the two minute hands allow you to read the time in both time zones at the same time. The outer ring of the watch is often damaged by sunlight, chlorinated water or hard-point scratching lamps. For this reason, Rolex has created a unique outer ring with a Cerachrom ring. It is made of hard ceramic and has excellent corrosion resistance. The bracelet of the watch is also unique. It is a patent of Rolex-Easylink stretching system, which can be extended by five millimeters for simple folding, making it more comfortable to wear. There is a hint of low-key in the low-key design of Jianjin. The elegant and classic temperament of each Rolex watch is also achieved by the brand’s continuous innovation and unremitting spirit.
Basic Information
Number: 116713LN
Brand: Rolex
Series: Greenwich II
Style: Automatic, 40 mm, men
Material: Gold and steel
RMB: ¥ 97,000
Hong Kong dollar: HK $ 91,500
More watch details: IWC was founded in 1868 and has a century of history. IWC not only enjoys a unique position in the history of watches, but also geographically: its watchmaking factory is still the only Watchmaking factory in eastern Switzerland. It is for this reason that watchmakers regard the persistence in the manufacture of outstanding mechanical watches as a testament to commitment and passion for watchmaking. Many successful men also take possession of IWC watches as a testimony to their career success. So let’s go into the watch world of the nations at this moment.

Watch Comments: This IWC Portuguese watch has an oversized dial, with a 42.3mm thickness that is enough to set off the strong wrist of a man. The simple design of the dial makes it easy to grasp the time at a glance. The time scale adopts embossed workmanship to make the entire dial look dynamic. The power reserve display at three o’clock reminds you to wind up in time. The small seconds dial is at nine o’clock and the calendar display is at six o’clock. Elegant blue willow-shaped hands with white dial, noble and elegant. The strap is made of blue crocodile leather, in harmony with the overall hue. The steel rhodium-plated case guarantees the task of carrying the huge IWC 50,000 movement. At the same time, it is unparalleled in weight and feels safe to wear. This watch incorporates new and advanced features, such as a coated convex sapphire glass mirror and a new screw-in sapphire glass back, which have created the perfect Portuguese 7-day watch.

Basic Information
Number: IW500107
Brand: IWC
Series: Portugal
Style: Automatic, 42.3 mm, Men
Material: stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 98,000
Hong Kong dollar: HK $ 99,000
More watch details: prefix = o />

  Mature men are more stable, and their visions will naturally change gradually. Panerai definitely looks tougher and more manly than those decorative watches that show off the mountains. Panerai combines Italian creative design with a long history of Swiss watchmaking expertise. This modern Panerai men’s watch uses the Luminor 1950 case and a classic Panerai bracelet made of ceramic. It is a watch made entirely of dark black ceramic. This material and color fully reflect Panerai’s Personality and exudes a shocking beauty.

Watch Comments: The 44mm dial strap is absolutely easy on the wrist, with a calendar display window at three o’clock and a small second hand at nine o’clock. Adhering to the consistent design style of Panerai, there is not much change. Another unique feature of the watch is the black ceramic crown bridge of Panerai, which protects the back of the hand from damage and avoids inaccuracy caused by accidental collision. Unique patented design. This watch uses the P.9001 / B movement completely developed and manufactured by Panerai Watch Factory. It has three-day power reserve and date, second time zone display, zero seconds reset and other functions. Behind the design, the beauty of the heart’s rhythm of the movement is unobstructed. 100 meters waterproof.

Basic Information
Number: PAM00438
Brand: Panerai
Series: Modern
Style: Automatic, 44 mm, men
Material: Ceramic
RMB: ¥ 125,000
Euro: € 11,800
More watch details: Zenith was founded in Switzerland in 1865 and has a long history of 146 years. It is one of the four true Swiss watch manufacturers. Zenith’s essence lies in making exquisite, extraordinary, precise and precise watches, which is also one of the best choices to match mature men. Zenith Commander series watches basically inherit the characteristics of the original models. At the same time, the large calendar window, moon phase and small second hand are placed in the dial at 1 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock in a very harmonious manner. The checkered dial and the scale of the profile show elegance. The small blue second hand is small and exquisite. The moon phase at six o’clock also reflects the connotation and interest of men, and appreciates the feelings of the moon of the ancients.

Watch review: Zenith Grand Calendar Moon Phase Watch, the watch is equipped with Prince-of-Pearl rhodium metal faceted hands, hand-mounted long hours, reflecting the characteristics of historic models, and the case diameter has been increased to 40 Millimeters can better highlight the ‘commander’ ‘s savvy ability, which greatly reduces the feeling of weight and maturity. The case is very smooth and shiny, and the rose gold material with the dark brown crocodile leather strap reflects the identity and status of a man. The watch is equipped with an Elite 691 automatic movement. The balance vibrates at 28,800 times per hour, the power reserve is 50 hours, and it has the functions of date jump and fast date adjustment.

Basic Information
Number: 18.2140.691 / 02.C498
Brand: Zenith
Series: Commander
Style: Automatic, 40 mm, men
Material: 18k rose gold
RMB: ¥ 117,000
Hong Kong dollar: HK $ 112,400
More watch details: zenith / 6498 /

To sum up: Sometimes too much language and exaggerated costumes will reduce the image of a person. Therefore, in many occasions, men need a watch that does not appear to be leaky, but it can actually give a person’s outside Add color. A suitable watch is more than just a decoration, it can also reflect your taste, identity and status. The price may not be important. What is more important is a life attitude. The above watches only represent a price range. I hope that it can help watch lovers in need. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)