The Ultimate In Complex Timepieces Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time

Two years ago, Lange’s LANGE ZEITWERK watch conquered the hearts of watch fans with its excellent all-mechanical jumping hour and minute display, and became almost all Lange fans want Lange watch. Today, they have another option: the LANGE ZEITWERK series of timepieces launched at the SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon in 2011.
According to Lange, when the digital disk runs forward, it will release a huge force, so it can still provide enough power for other purposes after switching cycles. The stored energy becomes the power of the time signal device, which is used to tighten the spring to drive the two hammers. The hammers made of black polished stainless steel are arranged on the two sides of the small seconds dial of the dial. The left hammer strikes every hour, and the right hammer strikes every quarter of an hour. Two gongs are suspended in a recess between the dial and bezel for easy identification. Every quarter of an hour, the mechanism is activated, striking one of the gongs. Each quarter of the clock will be timed with high-pitched music, and every hour will be clocked with low-pitched music.
In the field of precision watchmaking, clock hour is a very rare but absolutely practical function. Of course, the design of this function is very user-friendly, we can choose to enable or disable this function at any time: press the button at 4 o’clock, the timekeeping device is in a mute state. It is very easy to confirm whether the sound is muted, just look through the sapphire crystal to see if the hammer is off the gong. In addition, when the crown is pulled out, the hammer will return to its original position, so that you can rotate the set time in both directions without activating or accidentally interrupting the time signal device. The watch is also equipped with a precision word display, showing a simple and clear layout style. At 12 o’clock, there is a display window. The large hours and minutes are located next to the display window to make the time display clear. Driven by a patented constant-power escapement, the minute display gradually advances with a slight ticking sound and movements imperceptible to the naked eye. Until the whole hour, the three dials move forward one grid at a time, and the pointer will take a big step forward.
LANGE ZEITWERK ‘STRIKING TIME’ watch is equipped with Lange’s homemade L043.2 movement, equipped with delicate hand-decorated parts, balance wheel with eccentric weights and Lange’s proprietary balance spring. This self-timer timepiece is 44.2 mm wide. In addition to the white gold case with a black dial, a limited edition of 100 platinum cases with a rhodium-plated dial is also available.
This timepiece is the third in the LANGE ZEITWERK series. The first two are classic and LANGE ZEITWERK ‘Luminous’ with translucent dial design with luminous function. They are equipped with the same series of L043.1 movements. With L043.3 movement. The release of the LANGE ZEITWERK ‘STRIKING TIME’ timepiece this time makes the LANGE ZEITWERK product line more abundant, and also provides Lange watch fans with a more playful LANGE ZEITWERK watch.

Liu Ye Attended The Award Ceremony Of The ‘honorary Citizen’ In Nice.

By relying on the perfect performance on the screen in recent years, Liu Ye has brushed waves of goodwill, and it is totally impossible to remind him that he is already an old senior.
   In ‘Where’s Dad?’, He is the loving No. 1 father in the eyes of everyone. The father and son are the value-bearers on the show, and they are also affectionate partners who are considerate to each other. In ‘The Birth of an Actor’, he is a strictly professional judge tutor, who carefully and responsibly reviews the performance of the players and imparts his own acting experience without reservation.
   In the recently completed hit ‘Old Boy’, Liu Ye’s ‘incarnation’ has Captain Wu with a handsome appearance, showing the captain’s heroic and gentlemanly style. In the play, he is the master of a plane, carrying the safety of countless passengers, devoting his blood to his flying career. He is still an old boy who is free and unrestrained in his middle age. And Liu Ye outside the show also seems to be ‘addicted’ to the captain’s identity.

Liu Ye outside the show did not lose the captain’s style
   No, a few days ago, when the ‘captain’ Liu Ye attended the award ceremony of the ‘Honorary Citizen’ in Nice, France, he carefully selected and wore a Zenith pilot series watch, which extended the heroic image of the captain to real life. in.

Liu Ye wearing the Zenith pilot series TIPO CP-2 flyback chronograph attended the award ceremony
   ‘Honorary Citizens’ is the highest honor of the city government of Nice. The previous recipients are people from all walks of life who have made great contributions to Nice. This is another official honor received by Liu Xie after the French Knights of Literature and Arts and the ambassador of the French Riviera. He chose to wear the Zenith Pilot Series TIPO CP-2 flyback chronograph. A revival of the Italian Air Force’s bespoke watch Cairelli in the 1960s, it is considered one of the most iconic watches in military history and a symbol of honor. The legendary ‘Fly Back 1960’, bearing the blessings of Zenith, ‘Fly’ arrived at the scene and witnessed Liu Ye becoming the only Chinese to receive this honor. With the double honors, Liu Ye at the award ceremony looks bright and full of toughness.

Liu Ye wearing the Zenith pilot series TIPO CP-2 flyback chronograph attended the award ceremony

Zenith accompanies Liu Ye and his wife on the azure coast of Nice
   This new pilot series TIPO CP-2 flyback chronograph is equipped with Zenith’s leading-edge EL PRIMERO star-speed column wheel chronograph movement, and is also equipped with flyback function. The oversized dial of 43 mm, large Arabic numeral time scale and hands make it easy for pilots to identify time. The case is ingeniously made of bronze, highlighting the retro feel and toughness. No wonder ‘Captain’ Liu Xun would choose to wear it to attend the award ceremony of the ‘Honorary Citizen’ in Nice. He also had a ‘captain addiction’ outside the show.