From Europe To Asia The New Breguet Gmt Watch Continues The World Tour

After the successful exhibition of Puerto Banús’s new GMT watch, which has just ended some time ago, the brand did not stop, but threw the olive branch of this event to Asia-Taiwan.

 From July 29 to August 16, 2013, the Breguet brand will bring you a feast of horological art through its exquisite watchmaking technology and deep brand cultural heritage. Of course, visitors can see a number of landmark watch models with landmarks.

 At the same time, Watch House also learned that the protagonist of this exhibition is the innovation of watch style. Its traditional value is like GMT, and it also has a perfect modernist style. This special watch draws its inspiration from the famous pocket watch No. 960: the classic round watch, the language real coin pattern and so on, reflecting the spirit of Breguet antique clocks.

 According to the Watch House, so far, many visitors have appreciated the brand and the infinite shock brought by the watch. I believe that more people will feel this power in the next few days.