Super Bright Moonlight: Ball Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon Moon Navigator

For thousands of years, the moon has always fascinated human beings. It has tamed the raging ocean and also led the footsteps of explorers. BALLWatch’s new EngineerHydrocarbonMoonNavigator watch transforms timeless things into the mechanical rhythm of the watch, and the moon phase display on the dial not only accurately shows the profit and loss of the moon, but also is equipped with miniature gas lamps, showing a bright light. The unique double bezel design, the inner bezel is marked with the day of the week, and the outer bezel is printed with the tide time. The two cooperate with each other to display the 14-day tide rise and fall time. Just like the mutual traction between the moon and the earth, the spirit of human adventure and exploration is also enduring.

Feel the moonlight

   The ebb and flow of the tide are inextricably linked to the profit and loss of the moon. The MoonNavigator watch is equipped with a beautiful and practical moon phase display. In general, the full moon appears once every 29th and a half days, and our moon phase table will accurately show the eight changes in profit and loss. The change of the moon phase has a significant impact on the tide rise and fall, because the full or new moon, regardless of the tide rise or fall, will be particularly large, so the combination of the moon phase display makes MoonNavigator watch tide rise and fall time display more depth. The setting of the moon phase display is controlled by the crown independently, which is convenient and simple.

EngineerHydrocarbonMoonNavigator stainless steel case, 42 mm diameter, hour, minute, second, date, moon phase, 14-day tide rise and fall, BALLRR1801 self-winding movement, sapphire crystal glass surface, waterproof 120 meters, stainless steel bracelet.

   In design, the bright yellow moon phase not only has a flashing effect that symbolizes the night sky and stars, but also like the scale and hour hand on the dial, inlaid with self-luminous miniature gas lamps, like a real moon blooming in the dark. Coupled with the ‘SuperLumiNova’ luminous coating on the outer bezel, MoonNavigator allows time, moon phases and tides to be controlled anytime, anywhere.

At 12 o’clock, the moon phase display is illuminated with miniature gas lamps.

Tide changes are under control

   The MoonNavigator watch can display the tide rise and fall time of 14 days. Using a special outer bezel, turn it counterclockwise to check the week on the inner ring, and then turn clockwise to check the corresponding tide mark on the outer ring.

   Ocean tides are caused by the gravity of the moon, the sun and the rotation of the earth, and the strength of the tides depends more on the distance between the moon and the earth-the place facing the moon is stronger, but on the other side of the earth Is weaker. The tide change takes about 12 hours to complete the cycle from ebb to tide and back to tide, which means that there will be two tides per day.

EngineerHydrocarbonMoonNavigator case back.

Explore powerful functions

   As a member of the EngineerHydrocarbon series, the MoonNavigator watch certainly has a solid and solid function. The 42mm stainless steel case is composed of two parts to reinforce the crown. Its shoulder protects the crown from impact, and the protective sheet ensures After adjusting the time, the crown is fully locked to ensure its water resistance.

   After rigorous testing, the watch can withstand 7,500Gs impact and water resistance up to 120 meters, coupled with the precise BALLRR1801 automatic mechanical movement, MoonNavigator watch is fully prepared for any exploration. MoonNavigator keeps time, moon phases and tides under control anytime, anywhere. Buy now at and enjoy the free bottom cover engraving service.