The First Breitling Store In Tianjin Officially Opened

September 29, 2016, Breitling, a well-known Swiss watch brand known as the ‘Official Official Supplier of the World Aviation Industry’, officially settled in Tianjin Galaxy International Shopping Center and opened up on the development map of mainland China. A brand new stop. On the day of opening, Breitling also held a grand opening ceremony, and the Jingu elite gathered together to celebrate this historic moment.

   As the largest port in northern China, Tianjin has rich historical features and modern living concepts. It is an open coastal city with great economic competitiveness and commercial development potential in China. This time, Breitling selected Tianjin’s first store in Tianjin’s largest mall, which combines top fashion trends and quality of life experience. It is adjacent to many top brands and brings the brand’s ‘modern chronograph pioneer’ to the extraordinary spirit and The unique ‘Fei’ individuality is on the Jingu land.

   The Breitling Tianjin Galaxy Shopping Center has an area of ​​nearly 50 square meters. The overall design inherits the Breitling brand’s global unified store style, with exquisite modern design, bold and pop art, ingenious aerospace elements, and sophisticated wrist watches. It vividly shows the brand’s profound creative vitality and the heritage of watchmaking for more than 130 years. Stepping into the mall door on the first floor, the first thing that catches the eye is the bright transparent floor-to-ceiling glass windows, the iconic yellow brand display and the classic Breitling “B” Logo door. The atmosphere is elegant and shining. Step into the store and immediately immerse yourself in a quiet and style: exquisite aircraft embossed watchcase, displaying many century-old masterpieces of wrist, covering nearly a hundred timepieces of all the brand’s eleven series, including multiple pieces Breitling’s latest 2016 watch with unique features and selling points. Hanging on the wall are several original paintings by the famous New York pop artist Kevin T. Kelly. The strong colors, bold style and exaggerated composition show the brand’s consistent luxury and modern temperament.

   Move to the atrium of the Galaxy Shopping Center, and there is a flight culture display area specially presented by Breitling to congratulate the opening of the Galaxy Store. In the area of ​​nearly 400 square meters, in addition to the exquisite Breitling watch, a Breitling jet aircraft built in equal proportions slowly stopped on the runway, imposing and ready to fly. As a ‘professional wristwatch’, Breitling has not only witnessed countless glorious moments when humankind conquered the sky with its precise and reliable precision instruments, it is also the most trusted partner of the world aviation industry. Under Breitling, there are many world-leading flying fleets and flying elites in the industry. The Breitling Jet fleet is the most representative of them. The Breitling jet model is 12 meters in length and 9 meters in length, magnificent and eye-catching, exuding a strong visual impact, further showing the people of Tianjin the unique flight culture and unique brand charm of Tianjin. Within the next month, this behemoth will be in the Galaxy Shopping Center, waiting for visitors to watch the store. Welcome to the world of Breitling!

Breitling Tianjin Galaxy Shopping Center Details
Address: L1-028 Breitling Shop, Galaxy International Shopping Center, No. 9 Paradise Road, Hexi District, Tianjin.
Phone: +86 22 83887851