Baselworld 2016 Gucci Adds New Products To Le Marché Des Merveilles Collection

At the Basel International Fine Watch and Jewellery Show, Gucci added new styles to its Le Marché des Merveilles collection, with rich and eclectic styles, including tigers, snakes and bees made of gold, silver and precious stones. Styling jewelry.
   The bold and bold jewellery carefully crafted by Gucci master jewelers, combined with exquisite suits that show the new elements of Gucci fashion, the Le Marché des Merveilles series constitutes an exciting and unique collection, which interprets the flow of gemstones in a completely new way Fenghua.

   The tiger head set includes a peculiarly shaped pendant necklace and a matching ring, showing the delicate and exquisite gem inlaying process of Gucci jewelers. Glittering black and white diamonds with emeralds outline the markings on the King of Beasts. The tiger head pendant on the thick chain and the matching tiger head ring are made of 18K rose gold.

   Three dazzling snake-shaped rings are the icing on the cake of the collection. The pavé white diamonds, green diamonds and blue diamonds show the serpentine pattern. The green version is set with green tourmaline and green topaz, and the blue version is set with blue topaz and blue sapphire. Both materials are made of 18K white gold with black ruthenium, which makes these jewelry exude a stronger temptation. The 18K rose gold model is decorated with delicate engravings, a white diamond inlaid on the snake eye, and a diamond-shaped star logo on the snake head.

   The bee model is made of 18K yellow gold, which is modern and more exquisite. The retro sterling silver part is set with unusual gray diamonds. Each bee jewellery is delicately carved with Gucci’s new bee decoration pattern. There are styles carved on the heart shape, as well as styles directly carved. The bee motif is either set with diamonds or in solid gold. This fascinating new iconic design element is presented on a series of select necklaces, open bracelets or wide rings, shaped like a bee resting on a few leaves.

Montblanc Montblanc Bridge Of Love-global Facebook Page Event Is Officially Launched

‘MONTBLANC Montblanc Bridge of Love’ global Facebook page event is officially launched, to present sweet love lock secret love letters to lovers, you will have the opportunity to get limited edition Valentine’s Day necklace!

I’m honored to share with you Montblanc Montblanc’s launch of the “Montblanc Valentine’s Bridge” global Facebook event, so that global lovers can use the unique Montblanc Love Bridge Facebook on the upcoming Western Valentine’s Day. The event sent a sweet ‘heart lock secret love letter’ for the lover!

‘Montblanc Bridge to Love’ global Facebook page event officially launched

From now on, enter the Montblanc Global Facebook page on the Love Bridge event page. In three simple steps, you can express your sweet love to your heart lovers and have the opportunity to win the Montblanc 2013 limited edition Valentine’s Day necklace!
Express your affection in three simple steps:

‘The Montblanc Valentine’s Bridge’ Montblanc Valentine’s Bridge homepage, write a secret love letter to the loved ones!

step one:
Go to the Montblanc Facebook page ‘Montblanc Valentine’s Bridge’ event homepage, click ‘Create a’ Love lock ‘, and send a secret love letter to your lover!

Montblanc bridge of love

Step two:
Lock your virtual padlock on the bridge of love

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Step three:
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