Franck Muller The World’s Fastest Tourbillon Xunlei On Stage

Switzerland’s top watch brand FRANCK MULLER is optimistic about Taiwan’s top watch market. After the Geneva Watch Fair in January, it held the FRANCK MULLER WPHH 2013 watch appreciation event a few days ago to showcase a variety of new top-of-the-line watches. Including the thunder tourbillon watch that has won the world’s fastest reputation; the original homemade Cintree Curvex seven-day power reserve mechanical watch; the iron Croco series watch with vivid three-dimensional crocodile leather texture and polished casters, highlighting the outstanding performance and extraordinary skills of FRANCK MULLER . There are also new Infinity Ronde series round watches that echo women’s graceful beauty and the lively but elegant style of Magic Color series, which once again proves the leading position of FRANCK MULLER innovative watch design.

   Mr. Peizheng Zheng, General Manager of FRANCK MULLER Taiwan and Lin Ketong, the supermodel, showcased the new FRANCK MULLER 2013 watch series.

 FRANCK MULLER uses exquisite craftsmanship, with the brand’s well-known multiple complex function mechanisms, or luxurious and attractive diamond inlays, to provide a variety of classic watches with a variety of looks, gorgeous and unique personality design, perfectly present a unique individual Taste and style are addictive. FRANCK MULLER specially invited fashion model Lin Ketong to perform the FRANCK MULLER thunder tourbillon watch, an elegant and mysterious dress, which will undoubtedly show FRANCK MULLER’s unique top-level watch craftsmanship.

 The supermodel Lin Ketong performed the FRANCK MULLER 7889 Thunderbolt rose gold watch live.

 The Thunderbolt Tourbillon watch is exquisite in structure and has won the reputation of the world’s fastest speed. It is also a symbol of the exquisite technical accomplishment of the Franck Muller R & D department. The movement is powered by four barrels. The tourbillon frame on ceramic bearings rotates once every 5 seconds, that is, 12 revolutions per minute. The speed is 12 times faster than the tourbillon seen on the market! In addition, the patented FRANCK MULLER escapement system in the tourbillon device, plus the ‘Breguet balance spring’ made by the watch factory, and the self-developed and manufactured 60-hour power reserve movement, a number of excellent watchmaking techniques and decoration processes Amazing, this is the tourbillon watch that is most praised and expected this year.

 FRANCK MULLER’s new seven-day power reserve watch combines aesthetic design and exquisite craftsmanship, which is another classic of watch art. The seven-day power reserve watch showcases the unparalleled typical watchmaking craftsmanship in Switzerland. Its unique movement is a hand-made treasure. The bridges are perfectly combined with each other to create a harmony between acute angles and staggered lines. The decorated Geneva ripple, the bearings are set with shiny rubies, and the gorgeous movement has a total of 25 rubies, highlighting the noble and retro elegance. Emphasizing the seven-day power reserve function, FRANCK MULLER even more innovatively added a barrel to the movement; the power reserve status is displayed at the 11 o’clock direction window, and the small seconds dial is displayed at 6 o’clock. This pure, classic line and precise, well-balanced proportions are the ideal match for design.

 Supermodel Lin Ketong wears FRANCK MULLER thunder tourbillon rose gold watch, priced at NT $ 8,500,000