Classic Masterpieces Show Sporty Style Tasting Jaeger-lecoultre Beibei Series Alarm Clock

Nowadays, sports watches are in the spotlight. In order to make up for this vacancy, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a brand new series at the Geneva Watch Fair earlier this year-Beibei series, which is the same as 宸 and Chen. It means North Star. The brand took inspiration from the classic 1968 Memovox Polar Noisy Watch, infused with modern elements and the essence of the brand, to bring us an elegant and sporty all-round watch. This new collection includes a three-hand automatic watch, chronograph watch, world time chronograph watch, and calendar and alarm clocks with retro features. The Beibei series alarm clocks are limited editions and commemorate the polarities of Memovox The 50th anniversary of the alarm clock. Next, let’s enjoy this memorable Beibei alarm clock. (Watch model: 9038670)

Classics show sporty style

   Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new Beibei series is inspired by the Memovox diving alarm clock launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre in 1968. This diving alarm clock is actually a diving watch, which can remind the diving time by the alarm in the watch.

We can see the prototype design of the 1968 Memovox diving alarm watch mentioned above in this new alarm watch launched this year, such as vanilla Super-LumiNova ™ fluorescent material, trapezoidal time scale, four Arabic numerals Icon and the triangular alarm indicator in the center of the dial, these classic designs show the brand’s historical characteristics. This Beibei series alarm clock is a diving watch, but compared to other traditional diving watches, it changes the mainstream ceramic outer ring to a two-way rotating inner ring, which is controlled by the crown at 3 o’clock. Although it is a sports diving watch, it can be said that it combines Jaeger-LeCoultre’s original elegant style and new sports style, which has the unique aesthetic characteristics of the brand.

Watch real shot

   The 42 mm diameter case is made of stainless steel, which is more commonly used in sports watches, which is more durable and convenient for subsequent maintenance. The bezel is hand-polished to look slim and round, and the luster is full. The rest of the case is brushed and polished, showing a very different texture from the polished part.

The lug lines are smooth

   The crown follows the large crown design unique to the 1968 model. The crown at 2 o’clock is used to set the alarm, date and winding. The crown at 3 o’clock can be rotated by the bezel. At 4 o’clock, It is used to adjust the time.

   The three concentric circles on the dial incorporate different craftsmanship and are very layered. The center is decorated with sun-radiating patterns from the Memovox Polar Loudspeaker Watch. The outer ring showing the hours and minutes is grained, while the rotating inner bezel is cream-colored.

   Classic designs such as vanilla-colored fluorescent materials, trapezoidal hour markers, Arabic numerals, and triangular alarm indicators show retro style. A date window at 3 o’clock gives the watch more practical functions. When setting the alarm, pull the crown at 2 o’clock and rotate it counterclockwise, and rotate the center dial to the time indicated by the triangle indicator to set the alarm function.

   The rubber strap brings more possibilities for sports, easy to take care of, and not afraid of water or dust.

   This Beibei series alarm clock is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 956 self-winding movement, equipped with a gong reed timekeeping mechanism, and equipped with a central seconds hand and an instant jump date change system. The case back has a dense bottom design engraved with the diving suit engraving and the ’50th Anniversary’ inscription, in tribute to the Memovox Polar Alarm Clock, which appeared in 1968. The big difference between the back and the prototype is the 8 dots on the cover. The bottom cover of the prototype model actually opened 16 holes to help the sound pass through the water, but the new model was changed to 8 dots to echo.

Summary: This Jaeger-LeCoultre series of alarm clocks combines many retro elements of the 1968 prototype model, adding the elegant style that the brand is good at, creating a versatile style that combines sports and formal wear. This new alarm watch is limited to 1,000 pieces. If you like a watchmate, you can pay more attention. Reference price: ¥ 98,000 (Wu Fengqi, home of the picture / text watch)