Jacques Derolling Hour Small Pin Dial To Celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year

Jaquet Droz launched the Year of the Dog watch, presenting an elegant, lifelike Beijing dog, paying tribute to the brand’s centuries-old relationship with China. The new models embody the brand’s thoughtful creativity and exquisite craftsmanship, and the elegant situation exudes a strong Lunar New Year atmosphere.

   Jaquet Droz was a pioneer in the design of the Swiss haute horlogerie industry. He had an indissoluble bond with China during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty in the 18th century. His love for Chinese civilization has left a strong mark in the history of the brand. Jaquet Droz inherits the watchmaking concept of the founder of the brand, blends traditional Chinese folk tales with the exquisite skills of the brand’s artisans, creates unique timepieces, and writes a new chapter in history. The brand celebrates the Chinese Lunar New Year with new models-PetiteHeureMinuteDog and PetiteHeureMinuteReliefDog. The two new masterpieces of the Ateliersd’Art series present animal images ranked 11th in the Chinese Zodiac, decorated with decorative details inspired by ancient Chinese art.

   Dogs symbolize passion, tradition and integrity. There is also a naive, playful nature in the friendly and lively temperament. In the zodiac race hosted by the Emperor Jade Emperor, the dog was busy playing with the butterfly, winning only eleventh place. The image of dogs has been deeply rooted in traditions and customs. In 2018, according to Chinese tradition, it was the Year of the Wuxu Dog.

   La Xia Defang’s master craftsman has since inspired the zodiac animals to create vivid and realistic scenes, depicting a graceful and elegant Beijing dog. Two miniatures in naturalistic style are presented on a 35mm red gold case with diamonds and a 39mm red gold case without diamonds. The first watch combines Chinese and Western styles, showing the scene of Beijing dogs playing with butterflies in the flowers of Kao Peony, praising the charm of women. The second watch also exudes nobility, presenting a lively Beijing dog in a naturalistic landscape composed of rocks and plants, with exquisite pictures and unisex. These exquisite and miniature miniatures are derived from the artistic traditions inherited from the Enlightenment era, showing Chinese elements to the fullest. The watch brand Jaquet Droz interprets these objects exquisitely, creating extraordinary timepieces, inviting you to the fantasy area for a wonderful journey.

   A limited edition of 28 Petite HeureMinuteReliefDogs are used. The colors and materials are used cleverly to create contrast effects and show a more elegant and elegant aesthetic style. For example, the brand chooses copper oxide-rich ore, the Mexican ‘Sonorasunrise’ hematite, to make discs on the dial. Its red tone means good luck in Chinese culture, echoing the main colors of Chinese weddings and the Spring Festival; the gold decorative details pay homage to the hollow relief process, reminiscent of flowing clouds and traditional home decoration.

   The first PetiteHeureMinuteReliefDog watch with a red gold case with gold carvings creates a sharp contrast with extremely delicate methods. The red gold hands move in the center of the onyx dial. The white mother-of-pearl dial in white gold is embellished with the same three-dimensional carving. The oscillating weight details are also carefully studied, paying tribute to Asian legends with gold and hematite backgrounds, and powering the automatic mechanisms of both watches.

   High-tech, precise and reliable, and exquisite mechanisms make these ingenious watches show excellence. They are the brainchild of talented designers and are carefully made by hand by master craftsmen. These artisans tell a whole new story with every masterpiece of watchmaking. These watches are carefully crafted in the brand’s art workshop, like a mini treasure box, for the passionate red dog year-Tibetan happiness and good luck in 2018.