Glashütte’s First German Store In The Old Town, Creating German Mechanical Connotation

Glashütte Original, Germany’s top watch brand, opened its first store in Germany. The store is located in QF Passage, which is located in Dresden’s most culturally rich old town. The center, a brand new specialty store with an area of ​​100 square meters, is located in the old town. It is communicating with consumers in a unique way and conveying the German-made Glashütte watch technology through multimedia display. The Glashütte store located on Töpferstraβe4.The exterior is clean and bright transparent glass, which gives a clear view of the view and gives a clear view of the interior of the store. Visitors can enter from both sides of the store and from the store’s The design style also reflects the spirit of German watchmaking: mechanical perfection, modern design and classic timelessness. Exquisitely selected materials, sophisticated and confident furnishing styles and modern design concepts all show the significance of Glashütte’s brand.
     The Glashütte boutique is made of dark oak, and uses beige enamel and light leather to create a comfortable and pleasant space. The soft and smooth lines everywhere in the specialty room are a perfect finishing touch.
     Compared with traditional stores, the Glashütte store is more like an interactive exhibition hall of German watchmaking.Because the store is located near the Glashütte headquarters, it is more symbolic for the Glashütte brand, and Among them, “German handmade” is the brand’s preciousness. Glashütte conveys the brand concept to consumers through the interactivity of specialty stores. The “Made in Germany” created by the interactive concept, such as the same large display wall, Let viewers understand the production process of subtle parts to movement modules from the film, and walk into the Glashütte store, just like falling into the micro world of clocks.
     Glashütte has created a highly interactive VIP room. Sitting in this VIP room, such as being in a technological space, through the innovative display screen interactive system, viewers can choose a variety of options through the touch screen. Themes, including watch series pictures and brand making process.
     The top boutiques also attach great importance to customer service. In order to ensure the best service for customers, all Glashütte store staff have multilingual skills, and all need to complete several weeks of training in the Glashütte watch factory In addition to the courses, watchmakers will join the service team in the future to provide customers with complete after-sales service.
     At present, Glashütte Watches has 6 directly-operated stores worldwide. In addition to this store in Dresden, the other 5 are located in Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.