The Beauty Of Decoding Time-iwc Da Vinci Series

The greatness of the talented da Vinci lies in his pioneering insight into the future and giving mankind more possibilities. Inspired by his pioneering thinking, IWC presents the mystery of time and space with the key of Da Vinci-science and art, which decodes the beauty of harmony between heaven and earth and the universe.

 IWC Express Western Series

Every inch is heaven and earth. Through the master craftsmanship of each master, people who pursue their dreams can understand the vast universe, decode the sun, moon, and stars, and master the trajectory of their lives. IWC gives courage to those who explore and advance in each field, inspires people to think about the width and depth of beauty, and measures the world with enthusiasm and wisdom. At the forefront of the times, they take dreams as horses, freeze time and seek themselves in the journey of exploring art, and decode the unique beauty of this era with classic moments on the screen.

Zhou Xun wears IWC Universal Express Moon West Phase 36 (model: IW459306)

Zhou Xun wears IWC Universal Express Moon West Phase 36 (model: IW459306)

Zhou Xun: Decoding Pure Beauty
Before and after the screen, the aura in Zhou Xun’s eyes has never disappeared, like the light from the stars. Different characters and scripts have polished her into a more versatile filmmaker. What hasn’t changed is ‘do what you want to do most and become the person you want to be the most.’ Over the years, the chic ‘Zhou Gongzi’ is willing to try different identities, actors, directors, producers, and do everything in his power. For Zhou Xun, who has gone all out in her career and life, the pure beauty lies in a person doing all her efforts, worthy of her efforts, and worthy of her inner persistence.

Zhang Zilin wears IWC Universal Express Moon West Moon Phase 36 (model: IW459306)

Zhang Zilin: Decoding the Beauty of Calmness
Received competitive training since childhood, at the age of 19, she was known as a model star, at the age of 23, she was elected as the first Chinese Miss World, at the age of 27, she got involved in film and television performances, at the age of 32, she was a new mother, and at every stage of life of Zhang Zilin, Appears calmly-not bound by glory, just go boldly to explore the infinite fun and true love in life. Now as a ‘fashionable hot mom’, Zhang Zilin, who reads ‘Wish you a lifetime and can wake up naturally every day’ for her daughter on the show, is a little softer and warmer. The beauty of calm maturity.

Zhang Junning wears IWC Universal Express 36 watch (model: IW458307)

Zhang Junning: The Beauty of Decoding Freedom
In the rapids of the entertainment industry, Zhang Junning, who has a high IQ, a high education, and a high value, has his own insistence: ‘There are many things in life that are related to you. You have your own odometer and you can go at your own speed. ‘She came from Shuxiang Mendi and came into contact with the film by chance, but at the peak of her career, she chose to fade out and concentrate on completing a master’s thesis of law. For her, following her heart without regrets is the most correct decision of every moment. Zhang Junning dared to pursue the freedom of thought, and also willing to challenge the limits of her body. She loved traveling and adventurous. She had visited Antarctic expeditions and Arctic watching the Aurora. She also tried skydiving and turning mountains. Her passion and perseverance gave her unlimited positive energy and confidence. Don’t rush and be yourself.

Jiang Qinqin wears IWC Universal Express Moon West Moon Phase 36 (model: IW459308)

Jiang Qinqin: Decoding the Beauty of Perseverance
In the camera, Jiang Qinqin is always a person who is uncompromising with himself, even a bit ‘harsh’. She had a firm goal in her heart and put all her passion into it. With the awe of the movie, this former Qiong Yao girl pulled herself into a bow, only to shoot a perfect arrow. She infused her life experience and experience into the performance, and gave every character with rich inner levels and complex emotions a lively and true vitality. Even if it is only a turn and a look, the audience can understand the past and present of this character, this is her, in each preparation, release herself.

IWC Express Vinci Moon Phase Automatic Watch 36 (Model: IW459306) Reference retail price: RMB 63,300

The Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36 is specially designed for confident and determined women. The bottom of the watch is engraved with the energy ‘Flower of Life’ pattern. On the delicate and layered silver-plated dial, the silver moon and stars light up the intoxicating dark blue night sky. Removable lugs ensure comfortable wearing.

IWC Express Vinci Automatic 36 (Ref. IW458307) Reference retail price: RMB 48,100

This watch is made of stainless steel and has a fully polished bracelet. The small size is popular with women. On the simple dial, the numbers and gold tones of the hour and minute hands alternate with the blue tone of the second hand. The full chain provides a 42-hour power reserve. The watch as a whole combines creativity, technology and aesthetics.

IWC Express Vinci Moon Phase Automatic Watch 36 (Model: IW459308) Reference Retail Price: RMB 127,000

The 18K red gold model with gold-blue moon phase profit and loss display and blue hands is the most attractive jewellery in the Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36. For this reason, the designers of IWC have selected the copper hue for the Santoni alligator strap, so that the scale details of the leather can be best displayed.