Blue And Black Circle New Choice: Ball Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon Aerogmt Ii

The BallHall EngineerHydrocarbonAeroGMTII series, designed according to the strict requirements of the Boeing 777 captain, has been loved by watch fans since its introduction, especially its outer ring made of sapphire crystal glass. It was not easy to cut and polish a sapphire crystal that was second in hardness to a diamond into a thin ring, but the flat ring and the arched mirror were never perfect, but because of the limitations of technology Other methods. However, the designers of BALLWatch did not give up on this, nor were they complacent because of the success of the first generation of AeroGMTII series, and kept trying, and finally invented a new technology to create a perfect arc of sapphire crystal glass, integrated with the arched mirror, Naturally.

BallWatchEngineerHydrocarbonAeroGMTII stainless steel case, 42 mm diameter, hour, minute, date, 24-hour second time zone, BALLRR1201-C automatic winding movement, COSC certification, sapphire crystal glass, special engraved case back, waterproof 100 meters, stainless steel chain Belt (1 original high-grade rubber belt is included).

Fly without night and fly with you

   Miniature gas lamps are mounted on the sloped ring-shaped sapphire crystal glass ring, and then they are mounted on the metal case, which is extremely expensive and requires superb craftsmanship. The complex and arduous process has resulted in an unforgettable design. AeroGMTII combines a variety of brilliant colors in the design, but it is brilliant but harmonious. On the surface, yellow and orange miniature gas lamps light up the 12-hour scale, while the 24-hour display in the second time zone is coated with ice-blue ‘SuperLumiNova’ luminous coating. The two-way rotating bezel illuminates the 24-hour display in the third time zone with green miniature gas light points. The combination of different colors allows the wearer to accurately read the time in three independent time zones anytime, anywhere.

The uniquely shaped shoulder protector protects the crown from impact.

   The 42mm stainless steel case contains a Swiss Observatory-certified movement, with a black or blue surface, lined with red or blue GMT hands, which is simple and stylish. The watch is also equipped with anti-magnetic 4,800A / m function to ensure the accuracy of the movement is not affected by the magnetic field in daily life.

   Generally speaking, the crown position of a watch is often the most vulnerable part. Seeing this, the special crown of AeroGMTII is composed of two parts. The shoulder protector protects the crown from impact, and the protective sheet ensures After adjusting the time, the crown is fully locked to ensure its waterproof function. After rigorous testing, the watch can withstand 7,500Gs impact and water resistance up to 100 meters.

Patented three-fold buckle.
   The intimate and practical functions don’t stop there. The patented three-fold buckle made of high-quality stainless steel can withstand 1,400 Newtons. In addition to being strong, it also takes into account the comfort when wearing it. The butterfly button design is suitable for both men and women. The buckle can be extended up to 22mm when needed, making it easy to wear outside sportswear. Ingenious technology, let EngineerHydrocarbonAeroGMTII fly with you and explore the infinite world.

The black and blue bezel engraved with the commemorative pattern of the 115th anniversary of the Wright brothers.
Celebrating Wright Brothers flight success

   On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers Wilbur (1867-1912) and Orville (1871-1948) equipped their ‘Flighter’ with a propulsion engine, which was first used in North Carolina in the United States. Kitty Hawk (NorthCarolina) made a successful test flight. After years of research on aeronautics, they invented the first flying tool powered by a motorcycle engine, and finally realized the most primitive dream of mankind-flying freely in the sky.

   The Wright brothers and Mr. Ball (WebsterClayBall, 1847-1922) were born in Ohio, USA, and grew up in the golden age of the 19th century American industrial revolution. These great men in American history have the courage and creativity to face the new world, and each of them contributed to the important development of contemporary transportation.

BallWatchEngineerHydrocarbonAeroGMTII (red and black bezel).

   Just as the Wright brothers were pioneers in the history of flight, Mr. Ball was also a leader in the history of watchmaking-he developed the standard for highly accurate timepieces used by major American railway companies. The extremely accurate and reliable system created by Mr. Ball at the end of the 19th century inspired the official Swiss Observatory Timepiece Testing Center COSC to establish the Observatory’s Accurate Timepiece Certification Standard accordingly in 1973.

   The aviation industry has always relied on the most reliable, accurate and durable instruments, and the watchmaking industry is no exception. Therefore, BALLWatch specially launched another bottom cover in 2018 to celebrate the success of the first test flight of the ‘Flight’ 115 years ago. In addition to paying tribute to the pioneering work of the Wright brothers, this extraordinary watch is also eye-catching.