Glittering Rolex Oyster Perpetual Diary Pearl Lady Gold Watch List

The annual Basel International Jewellery and Watches has been opened, and the special report team in front of the Watch House has begun to work. They will bring you the latest, fastest and most comprehensive watch exhibition reports. Now let us first appreciate the big pictures of the latest watches launched by Rolex at the Baselworld.
   At this exhibition, Rolex introduced three new models of the Oyster Perpetual Diary Pearl Lady, each with a new 39 mm case. Every 18 ct yellow or white gold watch subtly blends Rolex’s watchmaking craftsmanship with the charm of gold and colored gemstones.

   This 18 ct yellow gold model features 48 gradient-cut square-cut sapphires on the bezel. Each group of natural stones is assembled to achieve the perfect gradient effect, from blue to green.
   The new-generation 3235 caliber showcases outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship, with 14 patents, which excels in precision, power reserve, shock resistance, antimagnetic, convenience and reliability. This movement is equipped with Rolex’s newly designed patented Chronergy escapement, which is energy efficient. Provides a 70-hour power reserve.
Watch details:

   Finally, let us reveal the price.
   The above is the cutting-edge information of the Rolex Pavilion at the Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair 2015 prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, so stay tuned.

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Is There A New Rolex Watch This Year?

Rolex new watches are born every year in speculation. It seems to be a pleasure, but every year the rabbit is silent in wait and see. Now that others have finished speaking, it’s my turn (the truth is just from European waves go home, finally have time to write, cough). In fact, after years of enthusiasm, I find myself seeing Rolex becoming more and more calm. A while ago I was still joking with everyone in the group: ‘I now only pay attention to Rolex with more than 300,000 (Pearl ladies generally have 50 +) …’ Of course, this is a joke, but the old saying behind the joke is: Bigger, you don’t have to squeeze together with the masses. ‘We analyze one by one. There are not many accidents in the basic model. First, this year’s key model is the 42mm yacht model. First, the 42 mm size first appeared in this series, using of course the new 3235 movement. Second, the case and oyster safety clasp are both 18K white gold. The good thing is that it comes with a rubber band and the price is not too high (rubber with platinum seems to be one of Rolex’s routines). Many people think that the size of this piece is too large, but in fact, the rabbit feels OK when you get started, to show everyone the actual effect. In fact, over the years, I have always thought that the most unsightly of all Rolex professional models is the yacht (the 37mm model is the boss and the ugliest). The reason why there have been more people buying yachts recently is because other people can’t buy them. But why do I feel comfortable looking at the new 42mm yacht this year? Later, after careful consideration, it may be the design of the bezel, which is relatively thick, but when the size is not large enough, the entire dial appears cramped. Others believe that the new yacht has no scarlet letter and is too featureless, and the price of platinum is high, raising the threshold. Having said that, but I think, how come you have so many things, isn’t it bad for no one to grab? Don’t cry and shout ‘True Fragrant’ after a few months (because it is a rubber band, it will be one of the most recent goals for future consumption upgrade for many people). The current price of 26500 Swiss francs is excluding tax (the subsequent prices are excluding tax). This watch now has a large number of visitors, and it will be larger when it comes to mobile phones. Of course, do not buy a watch reluctantly, but sincerely like to start decisively. The second sea ambassador, for the first time, used 18K gold, and it was gold. Honestly, sea dwellers are really designed for foreigners. It’s awful wrists that can be worn for a long time. Please evaluate your body and strength properly before buying. Do n’t wear a unicorn arm. This piece is priced at 15,300 Swiss francs. This year’s big hit is the new blue-black circle (Oyster Perpetual Greenwich II), but it is not particularly surprising news, because the news of the old model discontinued was spread a few months ago, and the attention has been very high. This ‘hot’ means hard to buy. The new blue and black ring is still a steel model, and the movement is also equipped with a new generation of 3285 movement. The change is that the strap has been replaced with a commemorative strap (the five-bead chain last year). Of course, everyone always thinks that the value of the five-bead chain is slightly lower. At present, there should be many old models in the market with blue and black circles. It is estimated that some people will chase a wave, but the new ones do not have to worry because the old models will be sold out in the future. The world is certainly itss. I remember that at the end of last year, I helped the reader to order a blue and black circle from a Rolex store in China. I waited for a few months and did not wait until the news of the new model came. He also specially consulted my opinions a few days ago. The answer is of course. Is: ‘Continue to wait, new eyes closed.’ Because in the face of strong brands in the market, you have no more choices. In fact, I have been curious about the performance of the blue and black circles. In the first half of last year, it still hovered around the public price. In July, there were still domestic dealers selling the blue and black circles at the public price. Unfortunately, many people were not moved at that time until Only when the market rises does it chase them down. In many cases, this is how the pain comes. Rabbit has always liked the color of blue and black circles, because it is relatively low-key but not dull, and has a wider range of applications in daily matching. Just wait and see now, you have missed the best mobile phone conference. This piece is priced at 8,800 Swiss francs. The special model deserves to be taken decisively in the eyes of rabbits. This year’s beauty is actually used as a media. I have never seen a new watch in real life-meteorite surface platinum red and blue circle GMT. Probably Rolex thought it was useless for us, and couldn’t afford it. Rabbit had to ask the dealer for help and asked for a live picture. In fact, each year Rolex will have some relatively high-priced special models only open to dealers. I have to say that Rolex is a well-thought-out brand. When pushing the red and blue circle steel models last year, in order to be clearly distinguished from the platinum models, a five-bead chain was intentionally placed. The blue faced platinum version, the interests of big guests still have to be taken into account. The steel five-bead chain red and blue circle GMT (left) and the platinum form a visual difference (right). This year’s segment is a step deeper. After all, the meteorite is very unique to Rolex. Previously, it was in Daytona and the day of the week calendar. All of them. If you ca n’t buy a blue and black circle, consider this one. The rabbit’s philosophy has always been that at high prices, unless you have a good mine in your home, do n’t be a paner, but instead move forward and move towards consumption upgrades. Top (don’t worry if someone picks you up). This piece is well worth starting. Maybe not too many goods, but relatively few people grab high prices. As for this year’s new 36mm Day Date (DD) gradient green, which belongs to unanimous praise, then it is obvious that it is also a fierce competition. After all, as long as Rolex adds a little green, someone will be crazy. This piece is priced at 33,000 Swiss francs. The actual effect is really good, using the 3255 movement. And the diamond scale is used to improve the quality (36 mm disk, 6 and 9 o’clock with a bar drill is very good, there are changes without affecting the disk layout). There has been a lot of debate as to whether the 36-mm and 40-mm calendars look good, but this year’s new 36-mm model is unisex, no matter how many girls, rabbits are eager to see it. Although there are sounds in the market that 40mm diameter DD is now the mainstream, 36mm will gradually withdraw from the historical stage with the change of aesthetics of the times. But we might as well cherish the moment when 36mm is still sticking to it. Rabbit has always thought that dressing a watch is not bigger and more beautiful. In fact, there are two more high-end versions this year that are beautiful, and I doubt that Rolex is for girls. They are pink opal discs, priced at 56300 Swiss francs. And a turquoise disk model, priced at 53,700 Swiss francs. These two colors are very picky, but they are also extremely eye-catching, suitable for people who do not chase the hot-I think such a DD is in hand, Rolex can almost graduate. (Of course you have to buy a lot of DD, I will not stop ). And it contracted the Tucao point and finally left the opportunity to this year’s extremely special high-priced table-Daytona in 18K gold. It uses a pavé diamond black lacquered dial, and the chronograph dial is champagne-colored. More specifically, 36 trapezoidal diamonds were used on the outer ring instead of the speedometer outer ring. Originally a very expensive watch, but because the ‘expression’ on the disk looks very happy, it has taken on the topical heat. At first glance, it does feel different (does anyone feel like looking at you?), But after careful consideration, I did not feel too exaggerated. The price of this Daytona is 98,300 Swiss francs, which was originally only targeted at a very small number of consumers. According to Rolex’s usual style, this watch is generally only available for ordering. It’s just that the people who eat melon are particularly enthusiastic about what they can’t afford, which is why it has attracted much attention. So look at this watch. Some readers may ask, rabbit, you haven’t introduced the log type 36 and 31, so why did you run away. In fact, I would like to say that, just as the yacht has steadily settled on the throne of professional beauty, the log type is my own favorite formal dress (especially golden, unacceptable), so let alone, everyone chooses Look, anyway, you have to buy DD sooner or later, you do n’t feel that you do n’t pay tuition fees. My feeling this year is that Rolex is secretly leading consumption upgrades, whether it is gold yachts (specially equipped with tape to ease one), or sea gold ambassadors, or even the red and blue circle GMT on the meteorite surface, have no intention to focus on On the steel model (blue and black circles are movement upgrade requirements). After all, for Rolex, cash flow has never been the most talked about steel. There was a voice in the room that many people seemed to be less enthusiastic about Rolex chasing this year. But the essence of this enthusiasm is the pursuit of hot steel models, which is not very beneficial to Rolex’s business (the premium money is also earned by watch dealers). Active in invisible places (high prices), this is the ideal state that brands desire. There is only one suggestion from Rabbit: ‘Don’t follow the crowd, it’s time to take a new step. All the leaks in the world are prepared and planned in advance.’ The watch you bought is worthless, It is not necessarily the current decision, but it may be suddenly open after a few years. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!