Tuduo’s Special Feature Of Huadan And Its Movements Are On Sale

Beijing’s autumn is particularly short, and it seems that it has already entered winter before it has time to taste. This year’s winter was exceptionally cold. Fortunately, the heating was supplied in advance so that it would be better to stay indoors. Dear friends, where is the weather in your place? In winter, don’t forget to add clothes and catch a cold. Recently, I visited the Beijing Blue Island Building of the Hengli World Famous Watch Center. I saw the Tudor flagship and the classic models in the Tudor counter, which are made of stainless steel, elegant and exquisite. The other two watches are also the best-selling funds in the past, so follow me now!
Tudor North FLAG 91210N steel strap watch

   The beautiful lines and stainless steel body material highlight the ultimate style of the watch. Once upon a time, men and women longed for a well-defined vest line. This watch is like this: the matte case with matte finish, sandblasted details perfectly show the watch’s sports style, and the elegant line design brings the watch Beautify to the extreme. Coupled with a touch of bright yellow on the black dial, it shows the unique style and beauty of the watch, bringing unprecedented visual enjoyment to the wearer. Deserves to be the master of the Tudor Huadan. If you don’t like the steel chain model and the belt model for reference, don’t miss it if you like it.
Tudor FASTRIDER BLACK SHIELD 42000CN belt watch

   This watch is a classic model of Tudor before. It has been around for some time, but it still looks beautiful. The retro strap design and classic dial layout make the watch seem to be quite satisfactory, but the movement from the strap to the dial is full of movement, which can be described as moving. Ceramic, matte black ceramic glass bead polished case and middle case, matte black ceramic fixed outer ring with tachometer function, stable and corrosion resistant. With a motorcycle-style leather strap, it is also a more classic watch.
Tudor 76213-62483A watch

    This watch has the shadow of the current Rolex day calendar type, as a hot selling element, gold has always been welcomed by watch friends. Just like this Ruodi rudder, the whole body is filled with gold sparkle and stainless steel perseverance. The modest dial and Rolex’s signature waterdrop calendar magnification add to the beauty of the watch. Watch friends who like Rolex weekly diary gold but have budget constraints can consider buying this watch.

Henry’s World Watch Center Beijing Blue Island Building Tudor counter
Summary: During the visit, I saw several solid-color dial watches of Tudor. Table friends who like pure color glossy discs can think about it. In fact, the three watches introduced today are also classic or once classic models of Tudor, and watchers who like it may wish to visit the store to learn about the specific situation.
More details:
[Watch discount]: Please call or go to the store to inquire, indicating that you are a ‘watch home’ user, you will get more discounts
[Dealer Name]: Hengli World Watch Center (Beijing Blue Island Building)
[Dealer Address]: 1st Floor, East Zone, Blue Island Building, No. 8 Chaowai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-58214063

Meitu’s New Watch Showcases Architectural Aesthetics For 2013 Basel

The annual watch and watch fantasy feast Basel Watch Show has entered the countdown stage, and the media and watch manufacturers all look forward to and pay attention to this annual event. Major brands are also eager to try.
 In 2013, MIDO watch achieved the brand DNA of “A inspiration of A mark of true design” with the new works at the Basel Watch Fair, and created with the architectural theme to reshape personality and taste. The first topical stunning models include the Multifort Gent Two Crowns Pioneer Collection, the Commander GentChronograph Men’s Watch and the Baroncelli New Lady.
Pioneer MultifortGentTwoCrowns

 Mido pioneered the launch of the Multifort Pioneer double crown professional diving watch in 2013. It breaks away from ordinary diving watches in pursuit of absolute sportsmanship. The new product uses the elegant Geneva ripple of the first generation Pioneer series as the visual focus of the dial. The crown brings out the performance of the model, which can be easily matched whether it is used for daily wear or sports diving. The design of the watch is based on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia. The pure metal texture is complemented by white and orange luminous Super-LumiNova moment lines and hands, which reproduces the modern style of sports. The thick bezel is a scale display of the unidirectional rotating bezel that complies with the diving watch specifications. The outer ring is displayed with Arabic numerals every 10 minutes. The crown controls the unidirectional dial diving timer at 2 o’clock. The dial frame is positioned to set the dial. Setting the correct diving time is necessary for professional diving watches, in order to measure the remaining time of the oxygen cylinder and protect the diving safety; the crown at 4 o’clock is used for setting the time and winding. The 12 o’clock magnified digital moment echoes the Arabic numerals on the outer dial bezel. The characteristic orange seconds hand indicates the front as a bright light shining in the deep sea, which becomes an eye-catching bright spot on the dial. The simple and neat design combines elegant taste and performance design, and brings new ideas to diving watches.
CommanderGentChronograph Men’s Watch

 Mido released the new Commander GentChronograph men’s watch with three eyes chronograph in 2013. With the avant-garde landmark of France at the time, Eiffel Tower as a fallacy, the three-eye chronograph performance was introduced. The watch body is reminiscent of the French retro tide of the 1950s, but the high-hardness acrylic glass is replaced with a sapphire crystal mirror, and the radial silver hairline surface plate is used as the base. With the geometric columnar moment, the contrast highlights the black three-eye chronograph dial and details, showing an intriguing dial texture. Rose gold, black, and silver colors are used to stack Paris silhouettes through line changes. The three-eye chronograph performance dial also continues the above-mentioned rich-level stacking. The size of the dial reflects the elegant and luxurious lifestyle with contrasting radial luster. The overall dial is in rose gold Under the embellishment, it is like the night scene of France shining brightly when the night of the Paris Tower sags, which outlines the magnificent feast of the French 70s.
BaroncelliNewLady Timeless Women’s Watch

 The new BaroncelliNewLady timeless series ladies watch is based on the design concept of Rennes Opera House in Brittany, France. The 29mm pocket dial with the futuristic metal tone cleverly echoes the architectural design that was at the front of the era. The fascinating minimalist style uses the silver hairline dial as the visual axis. The rose gold moment and hands outline a sharp line. Through the dial’s embossed design, time moves quietly with the bulging dial in the center. Rose gold The hands and moments are as brilliant as the sun, so that the simple model has a unique romantic atmosphere for women. The model continues the smooth arc design, extending the overall vision through the metal chain, making the watch unforgettable. Accessories.
 These three watches combine novel elements and unique aesthetic concepts, combining the basic tonality and superior performance of the brand’s elegant design. This shows that Mido has been working hard for this year’s Basel exhibition.