Swiss New Luxury Watch Brand Hao Du Presents Charming Appearance

CODEX, the Swiss cutting-edge luxury watch brand, adhering to the men’s cutting-edge and publicity style, is committed to combining classic Swiss movements with modern and innovative designs to interpret new variations of Swiss watches.

Hodo Watch

   The story of Hao Du begins at the northernmost point of the traditional Swiss watch and clock town, Lake Bier, which is the birthplace of CODEX Hao Du. In this peaceful atmosphere full of medieval style with mountains and rivers everywhere, every part of the CODEX watch is carefully polished by the watchmaker’s hands, and their dedication to tradition marks their meticulous professional watchmaking The concept is carefully designed by the design master, and the carefully polished components are perfectly combined to reflect the beauty of the new process. Swiss pure hand manufacturing and assembly also show the noble blood of CODEX from the Alps under the vast snowy mountains.
   CODEX has the meaning of ‘precious collection manuscript’ in Old English, which coincides with the connotation and pursuit of magnanimity, and now the fashion has given it a new interpretation ‘code X’. The mysterious ‘X’ points to the unknown and infinity, symbolizing the origin of the miracle of life. Sociologists use ‘X’ to describe men’s determination to pursue perfection, hope, and achievement of goals. In the eyes of Swiss watchmakers, ‘X’ is the key to interpreting a man’s genetic code, which symbolizes precision, luxury, extremeness and passion. The “X” philosophy of life pursued by men coincides with the creative philosophy of the cutting-edge Swiss luxury watch brand CODEX “No man, no pride-Men’s new addiction”.

Bill, Switzerland

   Swiss Chronometric’s headquarters is located in Bill, known for its watchmaking industry. It has a strategic location, high-quality workers and suppliers, and is the ideal backing for brand development. CODEX has a large and professional team of design artisans. In order to achieve excellence, CODEX has demanded excellence in detail and extremely strict quality control. It strives to ensure that each watch has a water resistance of 50 meters and meets the demanding requirements of Swiss precision timepieces. At a glance, you can feel the passion for time as explained by CODEX. (Reprinted)