Preheating Baselworld 2016 Bulgari Launches Two New Serpenti Tubogas Watches

In 2016, Bvlgari launched two new SerpentiTubogas watches: one is polished stainless steel, and the other is a subtle fusion of steel and gold, giving the iconic Serpenti bracelet a new interpretation.

   The first flexible and flexible Bvlgari jewellery was born in 1932, named after the Art Deco period unique modernist and industrial aesthetics sports car exhaust metal hose. Soon, the jeweler designed a watch with a unique style, with a bracelet around the wrist for two weeks as its key feature. Tubogas metal hoses are wrapped with long strips of stainless steel or gold, and the protruding edges are wound on copper or wooden cores, which are finally firmly interlocked together without any welding points, showing the unique Bulgari technology.

New Serpenti Tubogas Watch 18K Rose Gold

  In 1963, Elizabeth Taylor wore a Bulgari snake bracelet on the Roman set of ‘Cleopatra’ to take promotional photos. This jewelry accessory became famous instantly. Since then, customer enthusiasm for this unique watch has endured. Unique, but not the same, because Bulgari constantly gives them new interpretations.

New Serpenti Tubogas watch in stainless steel

   Two new SerpentiTubogas watches with a diameter of 35 mm, equipped with a curved case in stainless steel or stainless steel, the bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds, and the crown top set with a convex round-cut pink tourmaline. The purple lacquered surface is decorated with guilloche sun prints, and equipped with large hand-applied hour markers (Roman numerals at 6 and 12 o’clock), and the hour and minute hands are driven by a quartz movement. A single spiral stainless steel or stainless steel gold bracelet is not a simple bracelet, but also a major feature of SerpentiTubogas watches. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Yibo Watch Made In China How About Yibo Watch? How Much Is It?

Ebo Watch is a domestic watch brand, for some friends who want to buy watches of this brand. How about EBO watches? How good are EBO watches? These issues are of concern to everyone. Next, the watch home is here for everyone to see how EBO watches!

   Yibo is a watch brand of Guancheng Watch & Jewellery Group Co., Ltd. Guancheng Watch & Jewelry Group Co., Ltd. is a boutique public watch company integrating R & D, design, production and sales. The company has more than 3,000 sales points and maintenance service centers across the country. It is a well-known brand in China and one of the top ten domestic watch brands!
What about watchmaking by wave?
   Ewo watch mainly uses the movement imported from Japan, which has the characteristics of precision and stability. In watchmaking technology, Ebo has over 40 years of watchmaking experience and has introduced a large number of Swiss and Japanese watch manufacturing processes. Greatly improved stability and watch quality.

How about the design of the Ebolt?
   In the design of appearance, EBO watch also pays great attention to the needs of consumers. Fashion, leisure, highlighting the youthful atmosphere and personality style are the biggest characteristics of EBO. The strap is full of fashion sense, leather, stainless steel, precious metal and other materials, durable and strong. Especially the steel strap is not only comfortable, but also very wear-resistant. The material of the mirror is the same as that of other watches. However, the mirror surface has a diamond-shaped cut surface, and the effect seen from different angles is different. Not as old-fashioned as most watches.
How about the wave table function?
   In terms of watch functions, most of EBO watches have date and week display. Although simple, it is classic and practical.

How about EBOWA waterproof?
   The water resistance of EBO is basically more than 30 meters. Water resistance of 30 meters is waterproof for life, which can effectively prevent the water droplets from invading the watch when washing hands and rain! And the water resistance of individual models can reach 50 meters, which can withstand the washing of the watch by washing water and car washing.
How about Ebolt? Netizens comment!
   Comment 1: Ebo watch is really good, it is worthy of Chinese famous watch, elegant and generous, accurate time, dial, strap strong and wear-resistant!
   Comment 2: Exquisite style, enough atmosphere. I wore it for a few days to evaluate it, and the watch moved accurately. worth buying.
   Comment 3: It was deliberately worn for two or three days. The quality is good, the workmanship is fine, it is comfortable to wear, and the packaging is exquisite.
   Comment 4: Watches look at high-end atmosphere, unlike those bargains. The texture is very handy, and there is nothing wrong with it!