Neutral Color Matching Tasting Roger Dubuis Hommage White Gold Watch

Roger Dubuis’ Hommage series was first established in 1995 when the watchmaking factory was founded, in a unique way to pay tribute to the generations of watchmaking masters, but also praise their inherited and continued excellence Watch tradition. This series can be said to be dedicated to fine watch enthusiasts, meet all the demanding requirements of all precision timing instruments. In a symbolic sense, Hommage series is like the fifth element of Roger Dubuis world, it is the energy source of the entire brand, a world of extraordinary machinery.

  This series launched a new set of works in 2014. It is undergoing a complete renaissance. The Hommage series watch redesigned in neo-classical style can be said to bring together all the traditional features of Roger Dubuis. Today, the Watch House brings you a Roger Dubuis Hommage series watch, the official model of the watch is: RDDBHO0564.

42 mm white gold round case

  The case is made of white gold and has a round case with a diameter of 42 mm. The bezel is polished and smooth, and the edges are rounded. Silver-tone dial with guilloché pattern, charcoal grey applique Roman numerals, small snail-shaped chronograph lap at 9 o’clock. This watch, redesigned in neoclassical style, continues all the traditional features of Roger Dubuis chronograph, and can be said to be the perfect embodiment of it.

Screw-in platinum crown

  The screw-in platinum crown has a classic and elegant design, full of texture, and the serrated edge design is easy to operate. The polished crown is embossed with the Roger Dubuis logo and pattern decoration.

Black alligator leather hand-stitched strap

  The strap is hand-stitched in black crocodile leather, yellow inside, exquisite workmanship, fine and uniform texture treatment, adding a classic and elegant style to this watch.

Brushed side

  The thickness of the side is visually moderate, and the brushed metal design on the platinum case shows a strong noble metal texture, which also makes the side lines smoother and also plays a good role in covering daily wear scratches. The edges are polished and polished to make them smoother and look layered.

White gold pin buckle

  It is equipped with a platinum pin buckle, which is easy to wear. The buckle is polished and engraved with Roger Dubuis’s English Logo. The details show the brand’s subtlety and exquisiteness.

Hommage series unique extended lug design

  The unique design of the extended lugs of the Hommage series is unique and highly recognizable. The polished front side of the lugs and the brushed sides make the entire watch look longer and longer. And this is not just about aesthetics. Roger Dubuis also ergonomically treated the lugs to achieve a more perfect contact with the wrist, and increased the width between the lugs to improve wearing. Stability. A small lug is a product of aesthetics and engineering.

Silver guilloché dial
  The silver guilloché dial, the guilloché art from the 16th century, focuses on ‘decorating objects with carved, etched and interlaced lines.’ At the end of the 18th century, this art was used for the decoration of dials and cases. These cuts carved in precious metal bloomed with delicate light, producing an unparalleled decorative effect. Roger Dubuis applied this ancient skill to the Hommage dial, which is very beautiful.
  The dial’s charcoal grey outer dial has a white transfer minute ring design. Anthracite-applied Roman numerals with anthracite leaf-shaped hands. At 9 o’clock on the dial, there is a small snail-shaped chronograph lap and a charcoal gray small second hand, which is clear and clear when reading. The outer plate is printed with the words Poinçon de Genève (Swiss Geneva), Swiss made and Roger Dubuis. The perfect combination of geometric lines and colors, without any chaos, achieves the combination of clear design and elegant beauty. It can be said that the original intention of the Hommage series to interpret the style of classical heritage with the elements of the future is completely achieved.

RD620 micro-automatic winding movement

  The bottom cover is made of a whole sapphire crystal glass, and the exquisite movement is clearly visible. The crystal bottom cover proudly bears the signature of Mr. Roger Dubuis. Equipped with the latest generation of RD620 micro-automatic winding movement, re-interpreting Roger Dubuis’ logo principles. The movement has a diameter of 31 mm and a thickness of 4.5 mm. It has a total of 184 precision parts and 35 gem bearings. The vibration frequency is 28,800 oscillations per hour, which can provide a 52-hour power reserve. Like all Roger Dubuis movements, the prestigious Geneva seal is engraved on the movement.

  Summary: This watch combines traditional and modern elements, showing its creative ability, and perfectly integrating heritage and innovation. Platinum material, with silver dial and charcoal grey hour markers, hands, etc. This neutral color must be matched, and in the fine workmanship, it gives a cool sense of coolness, which is suitable for men who pursue quality of life . The current quotation for this watch is 213,000 RMB.