The Tyrant Saves The World

Recently, more and more people have exposed their luxury watches in the forums, so many netizens have clamored to make friends with local tyrants. This kind of phenomenon makes me have to ask, what is happening to people now? When I saw the local tyrants, I forgot my identity. I did n’t have any ethics, but I put on it and said that the local tyrants would like to be friends with me! In all fairness, even if you become friends with the tyrants? Cannibalism is short and manpower is short. Even if you succeed in taking advantage of others, you still have to pay dignity as the price. You have to live only and be inferior to others! Can you accept the bargain in this case? Anyway, I can … Tyrant please make friends with me! Today’s Watch House will lead you to reveal the love watches of the tyrants.

Iron Man (Tony Stark)-Chairman of Stark Industries

Speaking of local tyrants, ‘Iron Man’ Tony Stark must be the most benevolent one in the Marvel movie universe! As the chairman of Stark Industries, an international military industry giant, Tony Stark did not have any superpowers in the early days, but the armor created by cutting-edge technology alone occupied a very important position in the Avengers. Yes, even though there are many bad guys fighting his idea, Iron Man’s life is still enough to make all men around the world envy-a rich country, to show off the limelight, and there are two challenging women around him to relieve him of boredom.

In the film ‘Iron Man’ released in 2008, Robert Downey Jr. played the superhero in the film, which seemed to be somewhat ‘naive’. Many people say that ‘Iron Man’ succeeded because Robert Downey Jr. shaped a superhero closest to ordinary people-without super powers and a lot of bad habits, in fact he is an ordinary person wearing armor . However, since ‘Iron Man 2’, he is no longer so ‘plain’. He put Iron Man’s ideas into his business, and the whole film was full of cars, luxury homes, and Chinese clothes … Iron Man finally became like a rich man. In Iron Man 3, he even took A series of invaluable series of Iron Man armors ‘fireworks’, showing affection to his girlfriend, the tyrants are outrageous …

In ‘Iron Man 2’, when asked what watch to bring to his birthday party, Tony Stark just said lightly ‘Jackson.’ ‘Iron Man’ in this movie is an AMVOX3 dual time zone tourbillon watch from the Jaeger-LeCoultre Masters series. This watch combines elegance and sporty style, while showing its high-end watches without reservation. The distinguished style is in line with the character of Iron Man who is somewhat unruly and has a strong sense of responsibility like a nobleman.

This watch features the first round ceramic case made by Jaeger-LeCoultre, combining high resistance and reliability. The self-winding movement with tourbillon demonstrates its fine watchmaking ancestry. In addition, it also integrates two auxiliary functions: dual time zone display and analog date display, which can be greatly increased between the 31st of the month and the 1st of the following month Jump to better appreciate the continuous rotation of the tourbillon. The skeletonized watch allows the wearer to clearly see the bridge and the main splint; these bridges and splints are plated with titanium to follow the finest watchmaking traditions.

Details of Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Time Series Tourbillon Dual Time Zone:
Model: 193K450
Brand: Jaeger-LeCoultre
Series: Extreme Master
Table diameter: 44 mm
Style: Ceramic / Platinum, mechanical self-winding watch
Features: Mesh surface and cutout at the center of the dial, white luminous numerals, ‘Kalipso’ boat-shaped hands
Movement: Type 988
Water resistance: 50 meters
Functions: hour, minute, second display, tourbillon, date, second time, display before noon / afternoon
Strap: calf leather, folding buckle
Limited edition of 300 pieces.
Reference price: RMB 770,000

Batman (Bruce Wayne)-Chairman of the Wayne Group

In addition to ‘Iron Man’, ‘Batman’ from DC Comics is also a well-known local tyrant. Speaking of which, some readers may have questions-who is more wealthy than ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Batman’? As for this issue that has been controversial on the Internet, this article will not analyze it for the time being. After all, the two superheroes come from different comic companies, and the comic companies on both sides have built them into the image of a rich country. We just need to determine ‘ ‘Iron Man’ is the most iconic tyrant in Marvel comics, and ‘Batman’ is the most iconic tyrant in DC comics.

‘Batman’, whose real name is Bruce Wayne, is the only son of the Wayne family, the richest man in Gotham City, and the first superhero in comic history without super powers. As a child, Bruce witnessed the killing of his parents by criminals, and he vowed to sweep away the evil and not let other children suffer the same fate. To this end, he visited famous teachers, mastered various detective knowledge and combat skills, and relied on the Wayne Group to manufacture a lot of high-tech equipment, and began his jihad. During the day, he was the second-generation, dude with no brain in the eyes of others; at night, he was a dark knight, Batman, that frightened criminals.

The Wayne company inherited by Bruce Wayne provided Batman with all the equipment and technology to support its combat. In addition, Wayne’s business covers an extremely wide range from military industry to industry. In Superman: The Body of Steel, there is such an egg. The great villain, General Zod, is wrecked. One of the shots is that he destroyed a man-made satellite, and this satellite is printed with Wayne. Company logo!

Christian Bell, who played Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman: Mystery of Shadows’ from 2005 to ‘Rise of the Dark Knights’ in 2012, wore a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, and In 2012, Jaeger-LeCoultre also launched a special limited-edition watch for ‘Batman’. As the photos are not clear, we can only roughly judge the model of the watch. Here we have selected the classic flip watch of the Jaeger-LeCoultre series. This watch has a simple geometric shape and faithfully presents the essence of decorative art. A timeless classic.

Details of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Flip Series Classic Flip Watch:
Model: 2508412
Brand: Jaeger-LeCoultre
Series: Flip
Table diameter: 38.5×23.1 mm
Style: Stainless steel, manual winding mechanical watch
Features: silver dial, black pad printing numerals, stick-shaped hands
Movement: Type 846/1
Functions: hour, minute, second display, tourbillon, date, second time, display before noon / afternoon
Strap: Alligator leather, double folding buckle
Reference price: RMB 65,500

Green Arrow (Olive Quinn)-Son of Robert Quinn, former president of Quinn Group

The original name of the ‘Arrow’ is Oliver Quinn. He was originally a well-known person and a second-generation slutty rich man with a worth of billions of dollars. He fell into a deserted island in a shipwreck. In order to survive in the wild, Oliver Quinn practiced a combat skill and unparalleled archery on a desert island. Five years after he disappeared and declared dead, he took advantage of the opportunity of Chinese fishermen to shore up, lit a bonfire, and fired fishermen. Come back with help. Oliver Quinn, who has endured both mental and physical tests on the island, became a vigilante because he yearned for ‘Batman’ to crack down on criminals. During the day, he is still a rich man, but at night he is transformed into the angel of justice ‘Green Arrow’.

However, unlike the first two local tyrants, Oliver Quinn committed suicide to save him after his death with his father. His mother thought they were dead after her husband and son had an accident, so he took the huge wealth of the Quinn family again. Marry. Therefore, after returning from Oliver Quinn, he can still live the extravagant life of a wealthy son, but in essence has not completely inherited his family property. In the movie, the returning Oliver Quinn wears a Hamilton Khaki field series fully automatic male watch.

‘Khaki’ is derived from the Indian word meaning soil or dust, and has long been used in military uniform colors. The tough Khaki field watch is the best companion for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Each watch has a rough dial and eye-catching hands. It is tailor-made for energetic explorers. It can be said that it is very suitable for ‘Arrow Background experience.

Hamilton Khaki Field Series Automatic Mechanical Men’s Watch Details:
Model: H70625533
Brand: Hamilton
Series: Khaki Field
Table diameter: 44 mm
Style: Stainless steel, self-winding mechanical watch
Dial: Black
Movement: Cal.2824-2
Functions: hour, minute, second display, date display
Water resistance: 100 meters
Strap: strap or steel strap
Reference price: RMB 6,100

Summary: How do you feel after seeing the love watches of local tyrants? Envy, jealousy, or surprise? What makes a qualified local tyrant? In addition to throwing money, both internal and external training is required. It is the local tyrant who is willing to spend the money. The real local tyrant, even if he smashes the money, he has a style … well, not much to say … I will also help the local tyrants. Save the world. (Picture / text watch home Xie Xin)