Wearing Customs With 19.3 Million Watches, Suspected Of Smuggling And Evading Taxes 10 Million

On July 10, we pushed an article ‘Smuggling 275 million Patek Philippe watches, will pay 1.37 million taxes’, citing a recent smuggling incident seized by the official of the General Administration of Customs of China. On July 2, Huanggang Customs, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Customs, seized an entry case with a Patek Philippe watch by a passenger at the entry site of Futian Port, with a case value of RMB 2.75 million. This watch is a Ref. 5078G from Patek Philippe’s super-complex timepiece series, with a minute repeater function. According to China’s ‘Post and Post Tax Policy’, it means that the victim is required to pay a post and post tax of 1.37 million yuan, and will face administrative penalty or criminal liability. On July 10, the Fourth Intermediate Court in Beijing opened a smuggling case. Zhang was accused of wearing a Vacheron Constantin watch worth more than 19.3 million yuan to avoid tariffs. After verification, this watch evaded taxes of 10.4 million yuan. The Fourth Branch of the Municipal Procuratorate charged that on June 1, 2018, the defendant Zhang arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport by taking flight CA846 from Spain. When he entered China, he chose a non-declaration channel and did not declare any items to the customs. An Athens watch. A warrant, watch box and manual of an Athens watch were found in Zhang’s suitcase, but Zhang said that he did not correspond to the Athens watch he was carrying. Zhang is registered in Liaoning and holds a US green card and a Hong Kong resident identity card. Beijing Customs informed Zhang that no matter if the Athens brand watch is new or old, a 60% tax will be required for entry (at the time, the tax rate was 60%, which is currently reduced to 50%). The customs officer also reminded Zhang to leave next time. Declaration channel. Zhang eventually chose to return the Athenian watch, leave the watch at customs, and take it with him next time he leaves the country. On July 7, 2018, the defendant Zhang departed from Paris, France and arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport by flight CA934. Zhang believes that the last seizure by the customs was only a ‘non-routine’ inspection, so he again chose the non-declaration channel and did not declare any items to the customs. The customs officer seized a Vacheron Constantin watch on his left wrist, a Athens watch that was returned on June 1, 2018 in his right pants pocket, a Swatch watch in a backpack, and a suitcase. One Hermes brand women’s bag, four Hermes shirts. After verification, Zhang was suspected of evading taxes of more than RMB 10.72 million. Among them, Vacheron Constantin watches evaded taxes of RMB 10.4 million. This watch belongs to Vacheron Constantin’s ‘Attic Craftsman’ series and has 15 functions, including three traditional complex functions of Swiss haute horlogerie: tourbillon, perpetual calendar and three questions. This double-sided watch distributes 15 functions on both sides of the watch. The front of the watch includes three questions, time equation, tourbillon, perpetual calendar (date, day of the week, month, leap year), power reserve, sunrise time, sunset time; the back of the watch includes a starry sky map, two points, two points, stars Time, moon age and moon phases, seasons and constellations. At the same time, the side of the 18K gold case is engraved with a ‘huge’ crocodile pattern. It is carved using two processes of relief and line carving. The delicate crocodile scale texture covers the case and bezel. Zhang stated that the Vacheron Constantin was ordered in January 2015 and was sent to Hong Kong in May 2017. At that time, it cost 1.1 million euros and the official domestic price was more than 19.3 million. No verdict was pronounced in court. The postal tax is an abbreviation for the import tax on luggage and postal items. For high-end watches (with an approved price of 10,000 yuan and above), the current postal tax rate in China is 50%. For those belonging to passengers for their own use, the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China has stipulated that the permanent resident passengers of the People’s Republic of China carry less than 5,000 yuan in total, and the non-resident residents carry less than 2,000 yuan in total. In other words, watches over 5,000 yuan must be declared when entering or leaving the customs. Don’t be tempted on the edge of the law! —END —

Oris Ambassador Don Vito Wyprächtiger Boarded The Renault Flying Race Podium For The Sixth Time In A Row, Oris Launched A Limited Edition Watch Of The Flying Race 6 Generation

In mid-September, the 53rd Renault Flight Contest ended in the Nevada Desert in the United States. Oris image ambassador Don Vito Wyprächtiger has won the runner-up in the Formula One category. Podium for the sixth time. Oris has supported Don Vito and the Swiss aerobatic team throughout the process, and has launched a limited edition of the flight competition 6th generation.

Oris Ambassador Don Vito Wyprächtiger on the Renault Flight Race Podium for the sixth consecutive time

   Don Vito, a 35-year-old Swiss aerobatic pilot, has proven his superb skills and fearlessness on the world’s highest stage. In 2010, Don Vito participated in Renault Formula One for the first time and won the runner-up. In 2013, he reached the highest podium, becoming the first non-U.S. Champion since the establishment of the event. Since then, he has won second place in all three competitions.

Oris has fully supported Don Vito and the Swiss aerobatic team since 2010

   Don Vito’s outstanding record and aggressive attitude inspired Oris to create a sixth-generation limited edition watch. The new watch is equipped with a Swiss self-winding mechanical movement. It is the first model in the series to have a gun-gray PVD case. It is limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.

Don Vito and members of the Swiss aerobatic team at the Renault Nevada Flight Race

   ‘Another incredible weekend!’ Don Vito said, ‘The weather conditions of this Renault Flight Race are perfect and suitable for high-speed flight, so the competition is unprecedentedly fierce. The team’s excellent pre-match preparations made the Scarlet Screamer aerobatic aircraft burst into shape. I am very happy to be on the podium for the sixth time. Thanks again to Oris for his long-standing support to me and the Swiss aerobatic team, and his love for the Renault Flight Race, we have made breakthroughs.
   Ulrich Herzog, Global President of Oris, said, ‘Don Vito has continually achieved excellent results at the Renault Flying Race for many years and sincerely congratulates him. Oris is proud to cooperate with aviation heroes such as Don Vito. , Continues to inspire our watchmaking inspiration and bring more outstanding watches to consumers. ‘Congratulations to Don Vito again, real watches for real people.

Richard Miller Lovers-jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan, Big Brother … Everyone calls him like this. In the hearts of the post-80s, he is the best martial arts star; in the hearts of the post-90s, he is the representative of comedy; after 00 In his heart, he is an uncle who is more hands-free than ‘Yeah’. Recently, his youngest daughter Wu Zhuolin got married in Canada, and Jackie Chan’s name was once again mentioned. In fact, in addition to the necessary promotional videos and public welfare activities, Jackie Chan has rarely appeared in public in recent years. Jackie Chan, as we know it, is a kung fu superstar who ‘hit’ all the way to Hollywood; Jackie Chan, who we do not know, is actually a hidden Richard Mille enthusiast. In his life, wearing a watch is actually his habit and hobby. Which watch is Jackie Chan’s favorite? Let’s continue looking down.

Jackie Chan wears Richard Mille watch

 Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong and emigrated to Australia with his parents as a child. In 1961, 7-year-old Jackie Chan returned to Hong Kong, and later worshiped Zhan Yuan (a famous martial artist) as a teacher. He entered the Chinese Drama Academy run by Master Zhan Yuan to learn stage performance skills, and met 7 people including Yuan Long and Yuan Tai. Form ‘Seven Little Blessings’.

Jackie Chan when he was young

Jackie Chan in his youth

 After this, Jackie Chan began martial arts. He worked hard, and the road of performing art gradually went smoothly. At first, he only made a few guest appearances in the movie. Later, in action movies, he served as a substitute for Bruce Lee, who was already an international superstar at the time. Gradually, Jackie Chan fumbled and became the star of the action movie. From small characters, to martial arts directors, to movie actor. Although Jackie Chan’s starting point is not high, but with talent and hard work, step by step to where he wants to go.

Jackie Chan in the movie

 From his debut in 1971, to working hard in Hollywood in 1995, the following year, he officially entered the international market with the movie ‘Red Sweet Potato’. Three years later, he became more aware of this Wuhan University from China with his work ‘Rush Hour’. Star-Jackie Chan.

Movie ‘Rush Hour’ Poster

 After the United States ‘hit’ a world, Jackie Chan gradually began to focus on the promotion and promotion of Chinese culture. ‘The King of Kung Fu’, ‘Zodiac Signs’, ‘Neighbor Agents’ … Jackie Chan integrates Chinese culture into film creation, so when we see Jackie Chan’s works, we always feel very kind.

 In addition to movies, Jackie Chan also promotes Chinese culture on various occasions. In 2008, Jackie Chan became the Beijing Olympics Ambassador, spared no effort to promote the Beijing Olympics, and sang at this grand event. In order to fight back Western doubts about the Olympics, Jackie Chan appeared on CNN’s flagship talk show ‘Asian Celebrity Chat Room’ and called on the audience to support the Beijing Olympics. Support ‘, he will never forget his identity as a Chinese and influence more people with his influence.

Jackie Chan in ‘Plan A’ almost hung down on the pendulum needle

Jackie Chan in the movie

Jackie Chan in his youth

 When he was young, he learned martial arts through a series of works. He rarely used substitutes. Most of the time, he played in the movie in person. Therefore, injuries are inevitable. Jackie Chan’s injuries include: broken nose, fractured skull, cracked sternal bone and caused displacement …


When Ann Lee was promoting ‘Billy Lynn’, he said that he was getting older, and felt that it was difficult to make movies. ‘It’s like Jackie Chan, saying that you never need a stand-in, but after you turn 50, what can you do without a stand-in? This is no way out.’ In the movie ‘A World Without Thieves’, Andy Lau said in the movie, ‘I’m not Jackie Chan, I can’t die a hundred times.’ In the movie, Andy Lau said such lines, we can see that Jackie Chan’s status in the film industry is high. In 2016, Jackie Chan won the 89th Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award, becoming the first Chinese to win the award.

Jackie Chan wins Academy Award for lifetime achievement

Stallone awards him

 At the awards ceremony, Jackie Chan wore a Chinese-style gown to receive the award. On many occasions, Jackie Chan likes to wear Chinese-style clothes. Whether it is a Tang suit, a gown, or a long coat, Jackie Chan is propagandizing Chinese traditional culture. However, we carefully found that his only ‘luxury’ hobby was Richard Mille’s watch.

Jackie Chan wears Richard Mill Men’s RM 053 watch

Jackie Chan wears Richard Mill Men’s RM 057 watch

 Jackie Chan personally likes to wear a Richard Mille watch. Not only that, Richard Mille also customized a Jackie Chan-RM57-01 Dragon Flying Phoenix-Jackie Chan watch for Jackie Chan. The watch takes the traditional Chinese ‘Dragon and Phoenix’ as inspiration and design elements. ‘The legendary Phoenix has a kind and pure temperament. The dragon is a god and beast that can be transformed into various images. ‘Four great beasts’, Longfeng Chengxiang is also a symbol of Jerry. ‘This watch with a good meaning is limited to 15 18K white or red gold models.

Richard Mille RM57-01 Dragon Flying Phoenix-Jackie Chan Watch

Jackie Chan wears Richard Mill Men’s RM 011 FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH watch

 Jackie Chan and Tan Yonglin also wore a Richard Mille watch

Jackie Chan in private

 In the photos shared by Jackie Chan, we can see that Richard Mille’s watch has a high appearance rate. For Jackie Chan, he does not need a watch to help him ‘highlight his identity.’ Wearing a watch is his hobby and habit. People always like to interpret a good watch with their own excessive interpretation. If a person wears a good watch, he must ‘love vanity’? of course not.

 Jackie Chan is signing for fans

 I’ve seen many people’s comments on Jackie Chan, and the most I saw was ‘he is the same as on TV’. In today’s entertainment circle that relies on ‘selling people’, both on and off stage can remain true and sincere and hard-won. Jackie Chan said that he was lost when he was young, but he is now using his influence to do public welfare and drive more people to promote the development of the film industry. Jackie Chan is a symbol of the times, at least for the Chinese film industry, no one can shake the status of Jackie Chan.