Wuxian Charm Tissot Basel New Exhibition Summary

Tissot is clearly one of the youngest and most dynamic watch brands in Switzerland. Every year, Tissot will launch a large number of new watch products to attract watch lovers. This year Tissot is still full of enthusiasm and brings many new products with rich creativity. They all have high cost performance and also reflect the interest between different styles. Among them, the engraved watch also highlights the long history and watchmaking tradition of Tissot, an ancient watch brand. The watch design with modern charm conveys infinite enthusiasm for life.
Tissot PR100 Women’s Watch

  PR100 has always been a very important sports watch series of Tissot. This year, Tissot added a ladies’ watch to PR100 with a fashionable design style. The noble temperament of a watch. Despite being a sports watch, the new Tissot watch retains the soft elements that reflect the elegance of women.
Watch real shot: The charm time series is undoubtedly Tissot’s most entry-level watch. This series is characterized by extreme simplicity. Because of this, the watch can be versatile, and at the same time it looks very young and fashionable, and is loved by young people. This year, Tissot still brings a wealth of new options, with a simple and pure appearance, releasing infinite charm every moment. The new watch is equipped with Swissmatic movement, which is the most authentic Swiss mechanical movement among Tissot and even Swiss brands.
Watch real shot: This year is the 165th anniversary of the founding of the Tissot brand. In the past history, the Tissot brand has launched a number of exciting works. A watch that has been a hit. This year, Tissot brings the nostalgic classic 2018 replica watch, recreating the charm of a Tissot classic watch created in 1943.
Watch real shot: In 2017, Tissot launched the Baohua series for the first time, equipped with the Powermatic 80 movement with silicon hairspring, which can be called the high-end series of Tissot daily watches. This year, Tissot has added a wealth of choices to the Baohuan series, and the new color scheme gives people a fresh feeling. Among them, the gold models, classic luxury, are exciting. The color matching of gold is not uncommon in Tissot, but the collision between gold and the treasure ring series has inspired a series of extraordinary aura.
Watch real shot: The Durul series is undoubtedly the symbol of the classic Tissot watch. This year Tissot has given Durul more functionality and made the watch more popular. The time zone function is a common practical function in watches. As the world travels more and more frequently, the time zone function becomes more convenient for travellers. .
Watch real shot: Tissot in 2018, as always, full of vitality, a variety of colors and rich creative combinations, bringing a new visual experience. The Durul series is the most important classic series of Tissot after Lilok. The name of Dulure is the street where the Tissot watch factory was founded in Lilok, Switzerland-Duluer Street in the small town of Lilok, Switzerland. There is still the headquarters of the Tissot brand, which symbolizes the origin of the brand. This year, Tissot Duluer launched a number of new watches, classic and fashion, colliding with each other, elegant and exquisite fusion, let people put it down.
Watch real shot: pay tribute to the original heart Tissot 2018 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show new product release-fashion design
At this moment, pay tribute to the beginning of heart Tissot watch Baselworld watch and jewelry exhibition 2018 new product release-sports style
At this moment, pay tribute to the original heart Tissot watch Baselworld watch and jewelry exhibition 2018 new product launch-traditional heritage
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Cartier Cartier D’ Artsea Turtle Pattern Watch

Cartier Cartier d & rsquo; Art series turtle pattern dial watch
For people who are in love with artistic watches, the moment when they wear the watch, time seems to be no longer the protagonist. Only those beautiful craftsmanship can be regarded as crucial. Through the smartness of Cartier’s craftsmanship, Both hands are created like the same beautiful moving poem.
When it comes to Cartier, it has to be said that the animal patterns that are like dreams are used on many watches it produces. This year, six new works by Cartier d & rsquo; Art series of high-end watches, once again bring animals to life. The combination of charm and his own superb watchmaking technology reflects Cartier’s courage and determination to break through tradition and transcend time. At the same time, Cartier also integrated the noble and elegant traditional arts and crafts into the contemporary world. Hollow carving, gold-lined enamel, gem-inlaid mosaic pattern, layers of overlapping enamel, precious wood inlay, these rare Even the forgotten technology and craftsmanship have once again appeared in the eyes of the world with the efforts of Cartier.
Of these six works, the watch with a mosaic turtle pattern on the dial is probably the best display of the master craftsmanship of the watchmaking craftsmanship and the ingenuity of the ingenuity, and let the mosaic spread for thousands of years, originally used only for walls The ancient techniques in large-scale decoration such as faces, frescoes, ceilings and floors have been miniaturized, allowing it to transcend the scope of expression and be used in watchmaking.
镶嵌 Setting a total of 1167 gems on the face of the watch is not an easy task. You must set the gem cubes one by one in a predetermined order. First outline each tortoise shell and tortoise with black gems, and then inlay gems of other colors layer by layer to make the color layer richer and the shape more prominent. All gems are pasted on the dial and then consolidated to ensure a uniform and smooth surface. Gem setting alone requires more than 60 man-hours. It is this extremely precise and delicate processing method and meticulous creative attitude that make the turtle made of gems on the dial vivid and attractive, which has led to the birth of a classic.
Cartier turtle dial decorative dial delicate craftsmanship:
1. Before making the dial, the gem setting technician must first select the gems. They have a wide variety of gems, including onyx, tiger’s eye, hawk eye, yellow petite, carnelian, yellow jasper, palm jasper, and Kalahari. The ever-changing gemstone colors of jasper, yellow agate, mossy agate, coral and mother-of-pearl make the turtle’s pattern more dynamic. Subsequently, the technician cut and polished the warm-toned gemstones into small squares with a side length of 0.75 mm and a thickness of 0.4 mm.
2. Cartier’s master of watchmaking, who is good at using colors, skillfully combines gems to form beautiful patterns.
3. The black onyx outlines the prototype of the tortoise shell. 1167 small gems are embedded on it to highlight the details. The combination of the various gems forms a colorful picture.