Where Did All The Time Go? Look At The Meaning Of The Watch

In the spring evening directed by New Year’s film master Feng Xiaogang, a song ‘Where has the time gone’ resonated widely. Even the General Secretary quoted this hot phrase in an interview with Russian media. At the Lantern Festival party, the family of the background story of the song is even more moving.

 where did all the time go? From a physical point of view, in the living environment known to mankind, time will only pass forward at a uniform speed without turning back. ‘Where has all the time gone’ is more of a sigh of life, death and death, and more of a remorse for being ineffective. In fact, everyone knows where the time is not transferred by our will. Just as the ‘Prince of Horse’ was keenly captured, a handsome and handsome young man from the three crown princes of Tota, where he was in the middle of the sea (late Shang and early week), turned into a big house (in the Eastern Han Dynasty) (500 years ago, Zhenguan Dynasty), a chubby young cadre. Even the gods in the sky will gradually grow old due to the passage of time (the end of the Shang Dynasty to the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world has been close to a thousand years, the sky is equal to three years or less), let alone the people on the ground? ‘Time is a pig-knife,’ is true.

 Human beings are a kind of romantic animals, and our minds can travel around the world without restriction and think through the ages. However, our bodies are forced to be limited by the two limitations of space and time. This cannot be said to be the sadness of human beings. In the industrial revolution that began in the 17th century, in fact, most of the efforts were used to break through the limits of space. From trains to cars to airplanes, we can not only move fast in speed, but even break through the limit of earth’s gravity at altitude. The moon can travel to the bottom of the ocean in depth. It can be said that the limitation of space is no longer a big problem. But no matter how fast we go, how high we fly, how deep we dive, time still relentlessly ticks forward.

 An accurate measure of time

 Another great initiative of the Industrial Revolution is the precise measurement and unified record of time. Ancient civilizations scattered in every corner of the earth in ancient times originally had their own unique time recording method. By 1884, Greenwich, a small town on the outskirts of London, was officially established as the standard point of world time. Since then, clocks around the world have a common rhythm. Although we ca n’t control the rate and direction of time, at least people around the world can record the passage of time through clocks together. This is the practical value of watches and clocks, and perhaps also the aesthetic and sociological values ​​implied by watches and clocks.


 As a tool for recording time, clocks have gradually become a worldwide basic consumer product. At first, exquisite handmade pocket watches were only available to noble gentry in various countries. Even the low-end version of Souscription (above) specially produced by Master Breguet could only cover the middle class and upstart class after the Great Revolution. ). It was not until the two wars of the 20th century and the further industrialization of the watch industry that this basic consumer product really entered the home of the people. After the end of the Cold War in the 1990s, the watch and consumer markets around the world were basically unified. At this time, the invention of new technologies such as quartz and electronics made watches cheaper and more accurate. Global watch sales have gradually exceeded 1 billion, which means that every 6 people on earth buy an average watch every year.

 Modern smart device

 Although mobile smart devices have become widely popular, watches are no longer the only portable timekeeping and timing tools, but the human desire for understanding the world and transforming the world condensed by the centuries-old history of clocks cannot be denied. Maybe you don’t need a watch urgently anymore, but remember the efforts of human beings to record the passage of time. where did all the time go? Don’t sigh helplessly, just let your wrist pulse and feel the rhythm of this era. Go fight! Go catch the tail of time!

Senior Richard Lange Jumping Seconds Watch

Recently, the first Richard Lange Jumping Seconds platinum 950 watches have been delivered to Lange stores and retailers worldwide. This model was launched at the 2016 Geneva Watch Fair and is limited to a total of 100 pieces. Lange re-interprets the fascinating scientific astronomical watch with the classic hour-clock dial, seconds jumping device, constant power escapement system and zeroing device.

Lange pocket watch with jumping seconds device and Richard Lange Jumping Seconds

For ten years, Richard Lange has represented a growing watch collection. The Richard Lange series appropriately changes the traditional scientific observatory of Lange to make it keep pace with the times. It is named after the eldest son of Ferdinand Adolph Lange and pays special tribute. Born in 1845, Richard Lange inherited his father’s business and transformed the latest observations in contemporary physics, chemistry, and mathematics into many innovative technologies. All the patents obtained by him can be reflected in the pocket watches carefully made by the watch factory.
Richard Lange Jumping Seconds was launched in January 2016, adding a watch with the Lange classic pocket watch function to the collection. The newly developed L094.1 self-made movement is equipped with the seconds jumping complication (aka seconde morte) and is equipped with Lange’s patented constant-power escapement. This device uses the switching power of the seconds jumping device in the gear train to provide new energy for the permanent spring of the constant power escapement. In a separate gear train between the barrel and the escapement, a constant power unit compensates for the dwindling energy of the spring. This allows the watch to maintain constant torque and stable amplitude during a power reserve of up to 42 hours.

Richard Lange Jumping Seconds and Lange Pocket Watches with Jumping Seconds

The reset device allows the watch to quickly and smoothly synchronize with the time signal. The silver-gray chronograph dial features a striking second ring on the top, lined with a platinum 950 case with a diameter of 39.9 millimeters. There is a small window at the intersection of the clock circle and the second circle, which is displayed in red ten hours before the power of the watch is exhausted, reminding the wearer to wind the watch.
The inside of the movement is carefully modified by hand to meet the strictest Lange standards, while the wearer can watch the movement through the sapphire crystal back cover. The five-pointed star-shaped part is responsible for controlling the jumping seconds device, which is placed under the transparent sapphire bearing and runs among the mirror-finished end parts. In addition, the hollow part of the 3/4 plywood can also allow the wearer to watch the permanent spring of the constant power escapement, and the lever, hairspring and clutch of the zero reset device are also clearly visible.
Under Richard Lange Jumping Seconds’ simple and flawless chronograph dial, three major technical features are hidden: the seconds jumping device that makes the watch famous, a constant-power escapement system that ensures stable power, and a zeroing device for resetting the second hand . Understanding these three characteristics provides a basis for a deeper understanding of the structure of the Lange L094.1 self-made movement.
Jumping seconds device
The seconds jumping device has been a tradition of Lange for almost 150 years. In 1867, Ferdinand Adolph Lange, the pioneer of Saxony watchmaking, created pocket watches with a seconde morte device. The pocket watch has a large sweep seconds hand that clearly divides a minute into 60 steps. The second hand can be started and stopped, but it cannot be reset to zero. The son of Ferdinando Adolf Lange, Richard and Amy, innovated the system and patented their device mounted on a 3/4 splint in 1877, entitled ‘Second Movement with Jumping Second Device’ ‘.
Richard Lange Jumping Seconds, launched in January 2016, has a similar operating principle to the original: in this long-established device, the jump seconds are controlled by a jerky long lever and star gear, which converts the amplitude of the balance 6 times per second into The second hand jumps forward by one tick.

Modern jumping seconds

A star gear running under a transparent ruby ​​bearing is connected to the escapement mandrel and rotates along the axis with the escape wheel every five seconds. Every second, a corner of the star gear loosens the tightened lever, creating what the watchmaker refers to as a ‘jump.’ The lever rotates 360 degrees instantly and is stopped by the next corner of the star gear. This series of actions makes the second hand move exactly one space.

Lange’s own L094.1 movement

Constant power escapement
The mainspring has a large initial torque but a weak torque at the end. However, Lange has been relentlessly searching for a solution to this difference. Lange has developed four different constant power transmission systems, including the sesame chain transmission system, which was introduced in 1994, and three different constant power escapements.
The constant-power escapement in LANGE 31 maintains the same torque every ten seconds for 31 days; Zeitwerk uses a powerful mainspring to instantly advance the digital disk every minute; and constant power in Richard Lange Jumping Seconds The escapement system device performs two major functions: to compensate for the gradual weakening of the mainspring barrel, and to prevent the amplitude from decreasing when jumping seconds. This device uses the switching power of the jumping seconds device in the wheel train to provide new energy for the permanent spring of the constant power escapement, which can be enjoyed through the window of the wheel bridge. In a separate gear train between the barrel and the escapement, the constant-power escapement compensates for the gradually decreasing energy of the spring. The constant spring of the constant power device gives the escapement a constant torque, thus ensuring that the watch has a stable amplitude during the 42-hour power reserve. The free-swinging hairspring is made by Lange Watch Factory, like the permanent-moving hairspring. It co-ordinates with the cam fixed balance wheel to ensure stable speed.
Zeroing device
The return-to-zero device was first assembled in the SAX-0-MAT movement in 1997. It is now improved and is mounted in Richard Lange Jumping Seconds. It is equipped with a clutch consisting of multiple discs. Its function is to use a high moment of inertia to stabilize the operation of the large second hand, especially in the sudden start and stop phase when jumping seconds. The clutch also separates the wheel train when the reset second hand returns to zero.

Zeroing device for Richard Lange Jumping Seconds

After the crown is pulled up, the complex lever system starts three programs in an instant: the stop spring is gently pressed against the balance wheel to fix it, and the clutch disc is separated by the clamp lever to separate the connection between the second hand and the train.
Reset the hammer to the heart-shaped cam to advance it and the second hand to the zero second position. When the crown is pushed back to its original position, the second hand is reconnected to the wheel train, and the balance wheel is unfastened and re-swings immediately.

Tissot Couple On Table Introduction

Technology & mdash; & mdash; Hangzhi Series
At present, fingertip touch has become a new trend of high-tech fans. As a pioneer of touch-screen technology, Tissot’s touch-screen watches have now passed ten years and become a brand name card of the brand. These touch-screen watches combine outdoor, diving and other functions, becoming new icons for sports enthusiasts. This year, at the same time as the function development of the new Tissot Hangzhi series, it also made a unique pair of watch design, jumping colors, trendy large dials, and cutting-edge navigation functions for lovers. It’s easy to ride the waves and waves at sea.
With a series of touch-screen functions, including the weather forecast, tide calculator, and sailing boat countdown, the Tissot Aviation Intelligence Series is the best sailing partner for conquerors at sea. When the wearer touches the watch’s unique touch-sensitive mirror, he can easily identify his direction and quickly activate various functions. Among them, the weather forecast function can check the barometric pressure changes in the first six hours through the histogram and predict the weather trends in the next 5-8 hours. The tide calculator is a useful assistant for navigators. The wearer can view and predict the time of high tide and low tide at any time to help him cope with the tide changes. The Tissot Aircraft Series can also show its strength in sailing competitions. Its built-in countdown function can use sound reminders and electronic displays to prepare for the most important ten minutes before the sailing competition begins. The watch also has a speedometer, compass, dual alarm, dual time zone display, perpetual calendar and backlight function, which is enough to meet the navigation challenges.
The nautical concept is the design soul of the Tissot Aircraft Series. Many details of the men’s and women’s models show distinctive marine characteristics. For example, the background of the LCD screen of the watch is sea blue, and the end of the pointer has a red and white pattern, reminiscent of the old sailing flag. The bezel is curved, resembles a swimming ring, and the timing button is like a mooring pier on the pier, reminiscent of the joy and joy of sailing. However, the tones used by men and women are completely different. The contrast of colors shows the uninhibited personality of contemporary people. Men’s models are dominated by black, with red, white or dark blue as the bezel decoration, which is very powerful; women’s models use fresh white with a blue bezel to depict the depth and tranquility of the sea. It also shows its fresh and dynamic vitality. In order to show the feminine side of contemporary women, the women’s Hangzhi is set with 19 brilliant diamonds around the dial. The high-tech aeronautical series of watch pairs, whether they are on vacation by the sea or living on land, can become their indispensable partners to show their personality.

Photo 1: Tissot Series Watch
Classic & mdash; & mdash; Weiyi Series
Traditional classic mechanical watches always make it difficult for lovers to give up. The elegant and mysterious ideal series is the finishing touch of Tissot watches, and the men and women have a unified point of integration. The English name of the Weiyi series is ‘ld-; T-ONE’, which means ONE merges into one. In design, the ideal male and female models all use 316L polished stainless steel strap and case, the wrist swing attracts envious eyes. The dial design is simple and classic. Through two concentric circles, it outlines the dial’s layered sense and also expresses the wish of the couple forever. This pair of watches uses ETA automatic winding movement, through the transparent case back, you can watch the beauty of the rhythm of the automatic winding movement. The ideal expression is between ‘He’ and ‘She’, holding hands, interpreting the harmony of tacit understanding and the happiness of the heart.

Photo 2: Tissot Watch Series
However, Tissot only intended to have a unique personality for both the men’s and women’s models of the watch. The intention is to interpret ‘the gentleman’s’ and ‘the charm of her’. The master watchmaker has carefully crafted the details of each watch. A watch that displays independent personality is for the couple to choose, and retains their own personality in the sense of fusion.
& ldquo; His gentleman & rdquo; & mdash; At 12 o’clock, the curved window echoes the arc inside the dial; the date window is at 6 o’clock, which is balanced and stable; the middle area of ​​the dial is decorated with vertical stripes, bringing a classic feel to the watch.
& ldquo; Glamour & rdquo; & mdash; The mother dial also has a black or silver dial to choose from; its date window ‘playful’ is located at 3 o’clock, the reading is clear, showing the elegant charm of women.
Sports & mdash; & mdash; Racing Series
As the favorite sports watch of many Tissot image ambassadors, the racing series has become a trend-setting winning choice with its dynamic design. The three watches of the latest racing series boldly adopted the passionate tones & ndash; red, yellow and orange that often appear on the motorcycle track. These bright colors are often used as the color of the team and racing cars. Symbol. Couples who love sports can choose two of them as a watch selection. Any combination of the two can complement each other, and the jumping colors can also explain the joyful mood of the lover when they are together.

Photo 3: Tissot Racing Trident
Each new Tissot racing product uses brightly colored tape, and the wristband fits with high-performance tire rubber material. The details of the dial echo the color of the strap, especially the chronograph dial, the scale of the tachymeter and the slim chronograph second hand, which is convenient for the wearer to read when using the chronograph function. These red, yellow and orange are very bright, even the Tissot logo and series name on the dial echo the main color of the watch. The case and lugs are complemented by modern black and silver decoration, which further highlights the sense of fashion.
Tissot designers always put attention to detail first. The design of the new Tissot racing series bezel is inspired by the disc brake discs of motorcycles. The twill on the bezel adds a sense of gallop. The red, yellow, and orange chronograph dials that symbolize victory and speed are derived from the shape of the chronograph dashboard of the motorcycle. The lug connection part uses Allen screws commonly used in motorcycles. The sapphire crystal glass has a deliberately enlarged calendar window. The side of the case is engraved with the words ‘T-Race’ (English name of the racing series), and the words ‘Tissot’ are located on the raised crown protection. Precision is the essence of motor sports, and it is also the soul of this watch. Bright colors are also representative of strong love. Choosing this watch is also the dazzling ‘love’ of successful love.
Let’s time to witness the rock-like love, three styles must have your style.
Technical Parameters
Hangzhi Series:

-316L stainless steel case
–100 meters / 10 atmospheres
-/ Rubber and 316L stainless steel strap
-Hands, 2 alarms, tide calculator, dual time zone, perpetual calendar, backlight
-Suggested retail price: RMB 8,200
Female models:
–316L stainless steel case
–100 meters / 10 atmospheres
–19VS / SI, total weight 0.8-0.85 carats
-Suggested retail price: RMB 9,000
Weiyi series:
-ETA2834-2 self-winding movement, 25 stones, 42-hour power reserve
–50m / 5 atm
-316L stainless steel strap with push-button folding clasp
Suggested retail price: RMB 4,650 & ndash; RMB 5,200
Female models:
-ETA2671 self-winding movement, 25 diamonds, 38-hour power reserve
–30m / 3 atm
-316L stainless steel strap with push-button folding clasp
Suggested retail price: RMB 4,650 & ndash; RMB 5,200
Racing Series:
–100 meters / 10 atmospheres
-316L stainless steel case with black PVD coating
-Suggested retail price: TBD

More Than 170,000 Rainbow Circle Watches, Is It A Conscience?

As you may know, a big hobby of the rabbits in the past two years is to be happy without ‘drilling’. But this ‘drill’ is specific to watches. I can calmly look at many diamond jewelry, but it is easy to get excited only when I see watches with diamonds (including various colored gemstones). Although many male compatriots are desperate to persuade me-the price of a watch with a broken diamond is often tens of thousands, is it worth it? But often, the value of the face is so unreasonable that it cannot be measured by cost. That’s why when I saw Zenith’s limited edition Rainbow Circle Defy El Primero 21 recently, I couldn’t move my leg. More importantly, this started to make me re-examine an old brand in my heart-when the true power of steel straight men made me a woman craving (even if the diameter of the table is 44 mm), I felt ‘Well, this Can I try the block table? ‘ So, the story and the subversion began without warning … All this seems to start from Eason Chan’s arrival in Hangzhou, but on a closer look, the watch’s limelight has covered the impact of Eason’s crazy appeal on Hangzhou. The star effect is an eternal topic, and there are constant arguments, but only Zenith and Eason seem to have no resistance. The one-sided praise makes us believe that this is still a market that speaks with strength, and the balance finally fell to that. A talented singer who has been popular for many years and captured fans of all ages from the tenth to the forties. However, we often forget that strength also requires packaging. Zenith’s ‘Time Evolution’ large-scale watch tour in Hangzhou has broken the record of crowded scenes due to the appearance of Eason. For a brand with such technological flow as Zenith (born in 1865, Swiss Rock, currently 100% of the movement is produced ) In the same way. After all, we can’t have all the skills, but we lose our glory because we are too low-key. That’s why the rabbit said that this time is really enlightening. This Defy El Primero 21 Rainbow limited edition watch has two versions, which are black ceramic and titanium case. At present, these two watches are only 50 pieces each, and they are 50 pieces each in Hong Kong and Mainland China markets. Overseas Can’t find it at all, the domestic price is 175,000 yuan. Because the bezel uses 2.26 carats with 44 different colors of VVS clarity high-quality gemstones, it is also known as the ‘rainbow circle’. Black and white are very resistant. If they are praised only because of gems, they obviously underestimate the strength of Zeni. Let’s start with the Defy series, because it breaks through the traditional look of Zenith in shape and is more suitable for young markets, but at the same time retains the essence of technology. First of all, the El Primero movement (the first integrated self-winding column-wheel chronograph movement) is a representative of Zenith. When it was launched in 1969, it became one of the milestones in the history of watchmaking. It can be accurate to ten In a fraction of a second, no one broke this record for a long time. Last year, Zenith completed its self-challenge. The Defy series El Primero 21 watch actually achieved a hundredth of a second accuracy. How powerful is the Defy El Primero 21 watch? The rabbit explained. Let’s start with the word ‘swing frequency’, which is the frequency of the balance’s vibration. The El Primero movement swings at 36,000 revolutions per hour, divided by 60 minutes and then divided by 60 seconds. The answer is 10, which means that its second hand can jump 10 times per second. Accurate to 1 / 10th of a second, it is very meaningful for the timing of the game, not to mention 1 / 100th of a second. Of course, some people will say that other brands have done similar accuracy. But Zenith’s goal is not to show off technology or make concept models, but to invest as mass production models, so the stability of the movement is very high. It is also for the stability of operation that Zenith has made a double-chain structure in the movement design: there are two independent escapement systems, one is responsible for running time (36,000 vibrations / hour), and the other is responsible for timing (360000 vibrations / hour) Hours), the two share the pressure and will not interfere with each other. The technology is strong enough, and the next work is naturally to improve the face value, so the rainbow circle came into being. It is inherited from the El Primero 21, and also uses the El Primero 9004 automatic winding movement. When it comes to movement, Zenith always stands tall. In the field of high-end consumption, whether it is watches or other luxury goods, there is a problem-how to balance strength and good-looking. A reader admitted that in his mind, the technology of some high-end brands has overflowed, but because he is still ‘not good-looking,’ he has to endure love. After all, this is an era of ‘looking at the face’, which is very cruel. At the exhibition in Hangzhou that day, Rabbit left the issue to Zenith Global CEO Julien Tornare. It was clear that Julian was aware of the problem and said to me, ‘This is why we want to Design the outer ring of gemstones. Zenith is stronger than the movement, this is the heart, but outside the movement, we also urgently need a beautiful appearance, and Defy is our very strong iconic product. Suitable for embellishing Defy, can make the watch look brighter, more valuable, and can highlight the structure of the movement. Get the table and get started. I have always been afraid of the large watch, and I suddenly feel that it is not bad. In fact, girls wear it, too. Because it is a sporty design, it is not as limited in size as a formal watch. Let the model demonstrate a hand Julian said that improving the design is the next change in Zenith, the extensive use of gems and color matching, and making changes in the dial technology are all ways to improve the value: ‘A product is good, the Internet Can communicate, and Chinese consumers especially like to share. As for young people, they first look at the product, but I believe they will search and understand to know the quality and whether it is worth the money. ‘During the exhibition, Hangzhou Tower Zenith has a total of 6 rainbow circles, of which 3 were ordered by passing guests before the exhibition. Just a few days ago, Rabbit Fan took the shot himself and bought the last two pieces of the current spot. The next thing to do is to adjust the goods. Rabbit powder was very telling. In addition to the original crocodile leather strap, there are 5 strap colors that can be used with rabbit powder. I also sent a video to show me how the chronograph hands (1/100 second) are displayed per second. The speed of a full lap swept across the inner bezel, the scene was quite impactful, and it was very fun, making people feel the fun of mechanical watches. ‘Such a complicated watch is so cheap and good value.’ Finally, he did not forget to express his emotions to me. After all, for the amount of only 100 pieces worldwide, 175,000 yuan, it is expected that the value space is very large, and it is worth collecting for those who like it. In fact, recently, rabbits have been sweating for technical brands. After all, fewer and fewer people have the patience to analyze the technology behind watches. For most consumers, watches are first accessories, and second are toys worth studying. More often, if you don’t attract at first glance, you may miss the opportunity. What’s more, it is worth pursuing to make a watch better. There is no contradiction with technology. After all, aesthetic improvement is not easy. Of course, Zenith’s ambitions are far from here. Julian explained that in Basel, they will make the crazy Defy lab (one of its characteristics is to make a hairspring, balance, and pallet fork into a flat silicon wafer. Breaking through the tabulation convention) to promote vector production. The first 10 pieces of this table were rushed out, and it is estimated that there will be 10 to 100 pieces in the next step, which will gradually increase in the future. Then make more innovative attempts on the surface technology and color. In the sports watch market, the big brother Zhenli obviously exerted his strength, by virtue of his strong technical position in the watch circle. The watch market will become more challenging when the power is playing fashion. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!