Championship Quality Ignites The Passionate Moments Of The Festival Tissot’s Special Watch Pairings Affectionate Sincere Selection

[Shanghai, November 16, 2012] In the coming holiday season, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot condenses and exquisitely contemplates the thoughts of the hands, and uses the ticking sound of pointers for each pair of phases. The lover of the vows presents a gift from his wrist. Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China, met with the media at the Shanghai Tissot Festival Special Tasting Salon to review Tissot’s major events this year. At the same time, he revealed the special Tissot champion quality festival special section to media friends and won the Swiss Official Observatory Certification Contest. The men’s Leroc watch is paired with the same exquisite women’s model, dedicated to simple and elegant couples who pursue quality life; like the high fashion, the details are carefully carved, creating the Tissot Kutu series holiday special pair watch, dedicated to vitality and agility Couples pursuing a romantic life. Finally, let’s look forward to a new start in 2013.

Championship quality
    The event began at a leisurely afternoon. Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China, reviewed the brand DNA presented to you by the brand in the past year from the Tissot event in 2012. Mr. Yao talked eloquently, from the operation of the world’s largest modern clock automatic storage center to the launch of Tissot’s high-tech touch screen series in Geneva, to the exclusive timing partner of the Jungfrau Railway’s 2012 centennial operation, to Acting as the official timekeeper for the 17th Korea Incheon Asian Games in 2014. From different aspects, Tissot’s philosophy of pursuing the highest quality was demonstrated. And Tissot’s proud achievement is that the Tissot Le Locle series of Swiss official observatory certification models won the 2011 Swiss official observatory certification competition classic group championship! Tissot Festival special tasting salon scene
The champion’s watch The extraordinary charm of fine timepieces
    The International Official Astronomical Observatory Certified Watch Competition is one of the most authoritative competitions in the field of professional mechanical timing. The judging committee scores candidate clocks through professional review in time accuracy and production technology. The Tissot Leloc series holiday special men’s watch is exactly this extraordinary champion’s watch. This champion watch, after rigorous review by the professional judging committee, stood out from the more than 300 selected Swiss watch brands, and won a second place with a high score of 276 points, winning the 2011 International Official Observatory Certified Watch Contest Enterprise Category Champion of the classic group. Each watch is independently certified by the Swiss official observatory certification body (C.O.S.C.). Whether you wear it, collect it, or give it to others, it must be an indispensable gift of time for tasters. Tissot Le Locle series official Swiss Observatory certified watch
Swiss official observatory certification competition classic table
    Tissot Le Locle series official Swiss Observatory certified watch, Swiss Observatory COSC certified watch, the dial is engraved with the words Chronometre, the daily error is only -4 to +6 seconds, which is -10 to +20 phase tolerances of ordinary mechanical watches Compared with that, the travel time is more accurate, reducing the inconvenience caused by the error of the mechanical watch, reducing the adjustment work, and allowing the wearer to accurately control the time.
    Each Tissot-Roch series official Swiss Observatory certification model is equipped with a corresponding Swiss Observatory certificate. This certificate not only contains all the test data of the movement, but also a different observatory number, and the movement’s Numbering, more collectible value. The Tissot Leloc series of Swiss official observatory certification models, won the 2011 international official observatory certification watch competition classic group championship, must be the taste of the quality of the wrist.
Elegant and retro design, unique taste, highlighting the artistic atmosphere
     The name of the Tissot watch is derived from the birthplace of Tissot-the ancient Swiss watch town of LE LOCLE. This is the only timepiece series named after the birthplace of the brand, and also the only timepiece brand in this ancient town of watches and clocks. This shows the Tissot brand and the irreplaceable position of the watch series in the Swiss watch industry.
Tissot Le Locle series official Swiss Observatory certified watch
    The complex fine button-like decoration on the dial, while embodying its unique anti-counterfeiting function, also highlights the exquisite watch manufacturing process. The surface decorated with a guilloche-like pattern has a relief-like beauty. Tissot designers also hope to share the watch’s ultimate pursuit of quality and detail with the wearer through this pattern.
    The Geneva ripple on the automatic hammer has three more processes than ordinary watches, reflecting the superb clock manufacturing process. This ripple shows a strong artistic atmosphere, reflecting the wearer’s taste for pursuing a high-quality life. The italicized English name of the Leloc series on the back cover of the watch, and the medieval nostalgic carvings, the design is more retro, more ornamental and collectible.
Ignite the passionate moments of the festival
    Every beautiful and touching love story tells the loyalty and greatness of love; every year’s festival season continues to write moving surprises and romance. In the upcoming special festivals (Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day), Tissot selects the true love and salutes, and ignites the emotional moments of the festival. The Tissot Rock series combines the classic feelings from the city of time with the retro elegance of the italic Rock letters, exuding a romantic atmosphere from a long time; the elegant design of the simple design reveals my true love vows, heart Connected, striving for eternity. The Tissot Kutu watch is pursuing the details in its veritable form (the name of the Kutu series is derived from the French “Couturier”, which means a well-known craftsman in the industry). It presents a kiss of starry sky in the neon phantom for the dynamic and romantic couple , Male and female appearance, chivalrous tenderness.
    You can write poems around the hearth, talk at night with long lights, and dance on the snow. This romantic Christmas is the best time to open your heart to those you love. Tissot’s special pair of watches, in this romantic and charming winter Christmas, with the tick of the watch, accompanied by each outstanding couple, with a pair of watches, engraved each romantic time memory. Tissot Festive Specials
    Christmas gift, moment of affection. Will be awarded the 2011 International Official Astronomical Observatory Certified Watch Contest Classic Group men’s watches, paired with white disc women’s Lelock watches, in the shining BLING season, to give him high-grade, elegant and simple, No matter which occasion, the white plate and steel belt are versatile, the dial is guilloche-shaped, and the willow-shaped hands reflect extraordinary elegance. In addition, the men’s model is loaded with a champion-quality movement, and the back pendulum automatic hammer is decorated with the exquisite craftsmanship of the Geneva ripples.
    In love, they made a vow to march together in the warm atmosphere of Christmas’s white snow, green pine and colorful gift boxes, and witnessed a happy moment with a pair of timepieces that imply time. Kutu series three-pointer mechanical pairing watch, handsome black belt men’s model with flame patent leather red belt model, just like them in love, passionate and persistent.
Tissot Kutu Series Three-Hand Mechanical Belt Pairing Table
new Year
    Years are the marks of years, and love can be passed on from year to year; watch is the carrier of time, and every minute sends love to your wrist. The arrival of the new year is always full of surprises and longings, why not add a pair of Tissot holiday special models to your countdown with your other half. When the dial hands cross the zero hour, the New Year’s bell sings in the fireworks blooming in the night sky, gently dancing between the wrists, the feelings will stay in the romantic neon time forever, and go with the time to release the New Year Desire.
    Gold, symbolizing precious love like gold, silver, is transformed into a galaxy that carries tricks and flow through the years. The Tissot-Rock series of gold pairing watches, let the love of gold bloom in the galaxy of time, and hope that the lovers of the world will eventually become good family members. Similarly, the Tissot Leloc series of gold men’s watches uses the ‘core’ that won the 2011 International Official Observatory Certified Watch Contest champion, with the smallest time error, to escort love. Each watch movement is independently certified by C.O.S.C. and has an independent chronometer certificate. The gold female watch uses the ETA 2671 movement, which also becomes a precision machine between the wrists with high-precision travel time accuracy. Time ticks slowly between the tick of the second hand, while love lasts forever between partners.
Tissot Le Locle series gold pair watch
Valentine’s Day
    Time is the best touchstone of love, and only through the witness and test of time, Fang Xianqing’s steadfastness. Every Valentine’s Day is a great time to express happiness and sweetness among lovers. Tissot specially selects the special holiday watch for the elegant and elegant companions. Under the witness of time, Tissot expresses the strong affection between lovers. On Valentine’s Day when passionate roses bloom, the special section of the Tissot Festival is displayed on the wrists of ‘he’ and ‘her’, inlaid with crystal clear touches and surprises for the feelings of the holding hands. Tissot Festival Special Model-Kutu Pair Table Tissot Kutu Series Festival Pair Table
    The Tissot Kutu series of couples glamorous across the night sky, outline the ‘Lang riding bamboo and Ma Lai, round the bed to make green plums’ of love without guessing, dancing gently between the wrists, the slightest affection forever in the romantic neon time In. The smooth shape of this watch, the design of the upper and lower curved windows and the outline of the arrow-shaped hands will make the gentleman like a jade tree the focus of the holiday party. When designing, Tissot designers pay special attention to the details. For example, the hands and scales adopt a three-dimensional design, which makes the three-dimensional impression of the dial leaping out; the strap and case are combined with polishing and frosting. Dominance creates a balanced visual beauty. The Tissot Kutu mechanical women’s watch praises each beautiful angel who has landed with a unique soft temperament. The body of the watch is round and smooth, exuding feminine charm. The gentle and elegant round dial reveals the library in simplicity. For women’s beautiful women, the scales on the mother-of-pearl dial are composed of one large, one small and two diamonds. A little bigger, it adds a bold and able temperament and style to modern women.

What About Raymond Weil Watches? How About A Raymond Weil Watch?

About Raymond Weil
  Raymond Weil is a family company founded by Mr. Raymond Weil under his own name in 1976. In less than 40 years, this company full of extraordinary creativity and sense of time has become an internationally renowned Swiss brand.
  Mr. Raymond Weil has always been able to consolidate the rapid development of the company’s business with its unique charm and extraordinary leadership, and has established a solid and independent distribution network in 86 countries across five continents. Every Raymond Weil watch is definitely worth the money. The brand’s unique personality is positioned on the perfect combination of modern fashion and traditional classics to meet the needs of young customers who pursue traditional classic designs.
  Mr. Olivier Bernheim joined in 1982, transforming Raymond Weil from a small company into an internationally renowned brand with a family identity. At the same time, the image of Raymond Weil’s original designer watches has gradually developed into a complete brand of its own. The number of watch styles has been greatly reduced and replaced by a vivid design series. With its superb Swiss watchmaking technology and knowledge, and always keeping abreast of the development of new technology, Raymond Weil adheres to product innovation, advocating outstanding watchmaking technology and quality, so it is renowned for its watchmaking and tasteful customers Favorite.
  With long-term support from its solid and reliable distribution channels, Raymond Weil is now not only a well-known brand, but also a true watchmaking company. She focused on using her strengths to continuously improve her products, which made Raymond Weil face a number of new competitors in international watchmaking today and still have a place in the market. In addition, Raymond Weil has always maintained the characteristics of its family business, which is an important advantage in the watchmaking industry today.
  For the past 30 years, Raymond Weil has been constantly evolving with the harmonious coexistence of excellence and innovation. Each design is a perfect combination of enthusiasm and precision, but also the result of the long-term hard development of the collection of people’s technical experience and surging creativity.
  Since its inception, Raymond Weil has been focusing on design to reflect the brand’s core values: warmth, sensuality, freehandness and harmony. Raymond Weil designers successfully interpret these values ​​with the materials they choose, the beautiful lines, the pursuit of balance and unity, and the attention to detail. Indeed, it is the pure weight that gives the Raymond Weil watch its distinctive personality.
  However, Raymond Weil’s design is not limited to its appearance. Raymond Weiss watches are sentimental objects: objects that come into direct contact with the skin. As a result, Raymond Weil’s designers focus on watch wear, considering how it is worn on the wrist and whether the wearer feels comfortable.
  This approach is in line with the brand’s concept of ‘function first, shape supplement’. A watch is always based on the movement, which determines the size, thickness and volume of the watch. In view of this, the design has become a visual expression of the interior and perfect connotation of the watch, giving the watch a unique and distinctive personality.
  By the same token, design is not an independent individual. From the initial pencil sketch to the finished technical specifications, the design incorporates a series of interrelated steps. Raymond Weil’s designers and technicians work hand in hand, relying on their enthusiasm and curiosity for watches, from time to time come up with new ideas, so that their performance continues to improve.
  Since the brand was founded, Raymond Weil has been pursuing perfection and made the brand internationally renowned. Keeping abreast of technological advances, the Geneva-based family company has established the most modern and advanced research and development centre in the Swiss watchmaking industry.
  In this department, designers and engineers work closely together from the first sketch, sample trials, technical planning, to every stage of the production process.
  How did the watch come into being under their efforts? When receiving the most important data from the management and marketing department, the design and production plan of the new watch began.
  Raymond Weil uses a computer-aided 3D design system to introduce new product ideas and create digital models based on a marketing briefing. At the beginning, the engineer first draws the basic geometric shape, and then creates a virtual entity with three-dimensional processing. The computer’s function at this stage is like the extension of the designer’s hand, so that the design can meet the required technical specifications. Equipped with an interpretation device with a high degree of truth, computer software can conduct in-depth research on materials and consider how its physical characteristics affect the appearance and weight of the watch.
  At each stage in the development of a new model, a technical plan that includes the most precise details can be developed, and the relevant production processes can be precisely determined. The research and development department is also equipped with a wax mold machine for casting three-dimensional samples. According to the technical specifications of the product, a clear three-dimensional sample with an accuracy of 0.01 mm is cast, allowing engineers to specifically review and finalize the design.
  The establishment of this department allows Raymond Weil to focus more precisely on the details of watchmaking.
What about Raymond Weil watches?
  Netizen evaluation one: Raymond Weil and Longines, Oris are basically a grade. The style is relatively simple and not cumbersome, but the price is also expensive.
  Netizen evaluation two: Raymond Weil is a small family business with good quality and high cost performance.
  Netizen evaluation three: Raymond Weil watches, the price range is a lot coincide with or close to Longines, the grade is not low, but personally, if you choose the right watch, it is better to choose Longines. There are many styles of waves, and there is more room for choice.
  Netizen evaluation 4: Raymond Weil’s watches entered the domestic market relatively late, and their popularity is average. The workmanship and materials of the watch are much worse than other big names. Relatively cheaper.
  Netizen evaluation five: Raymondville quality is definitely no problem, there are counters around the world, the brand is more ordinary.
  Netizen evaluation 6: Raymond Weil ranks between Omega and Longines. Most of these watches are relatively fine-tuned to the movement, but there are not many substantial improvements.
  Netizens’ evaluation 7: Raymond Weil, a newly-designed watch factory. Early CLASSICAL series products used ETA2824 and 2892-A or 2, which have their own special polishing, and there are a number of golden automatic ETA2892 polishing beautiful classics. Raymond Weil now becomes the Swiss Pioneer Watch Factory with fashionable design. A watch suitable for everyday casual straps Comprehensive rating: Samsung half Specific: Collectible value: Samsung Design: four stars Craft: Samsung half Brand: Samsung Clothing: four stars.
Recommended Raymond Weil watches
Raymond Weil Maestro 2837-STC-00659

Number: 2837-STC-00659
Series: Men’s Watches
Style: Automatic, 39.5 mm, Men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 12,200
Mirror material: anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
Strap material: leather
Water resistance: 50 meters
Function: Date display

Raymond Weil Maestro 2839-STC-00659

Number: 2839-STC-00659
Series: Men’s Watches
Style: Automatic, 39.5 mm, Men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 22,000
Case material: stainless steel
Mirror material: anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
Strap material: leather
Water resistance: 50 meters
Function: date display, moon phase

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Raymond Weil Price
Inverso watch
SEMAINIER Moon Phase Watch

You From The Moon Jaeger-lecoultre Selection, Wrist Between The Moon

Since ancient times, the morals of the Mid-Autumn Festival have carried the misses of hometowns and loved ones from overseas travellers. The beautiful expectation of the full moon has given the moon an extra gentle and loving imagination. On this special day, the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop from Ru Valley, Switzerland invites you to go to the mysterious cosmic covenant, transform the misty moonlight into a clear spring on your wrist, and reflect the bright moon of the heavenly acacia in the preciousness of Jaeger-LeCoultre. In the timepieces, we present a masterpiece of watches that combines more than 180 years of exquisite watchmaking aesthetics and exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship. With you, you will enjoy the bright moon between your wrists and spend the world with you.
As the moon moves, the perfect blend of beauty and precision
Astrology and time are two cosmic phenomena that humans have been addicted to since ancient times. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a wonderful festival that gathers people’s tens of millions of emotions in the starry sky and condenses in time throughout the year. Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Sphérotourbillon Moon Biplane Stereo Biaxial Tourbillon Moon Phase Watch successfully broke through the watchmaking process boundaries-whether it is gravity attraction or moon phase error will not affect the accuracy of the watch. The extremely precise moon phase function, which perfectly combines the long-standing traditional astronomical wisdom and the endless creativity of Jaeger-LeCoultre, is a crystallization of intricate craftsmanship, extending the error of the traditional moon phase function every two and a half days to 3,887 year.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Sphérotourbillon Moon
Moon phase profit and loss, sincere respect from the vast universe
Under the background of stars, new moons, first quarter moons, full moons, and second quarter moons appear in sequence between the clouds, showing the change of the lunar phases in a poetic traditional way. The moon phase display function is an indispensable part of the complete calendar display. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new timepiece works adhering to the essence of the Master series, using a meteorite material to make the dial. Charming.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar
Bright Moon on Wrist, Admirer of Feminine Charm
Among the stars, the moon is the most feminine. With its outstanding and extremely gorgeous moon phase display, Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Moon date series moon phase watches lead people on the road to gentle time. The full moon, new moon, or lunar moon, the first quarter moon, or the Emei moon, the moon phases change, showing the wrist. Like a star, it exudes rare and unique style, and the elegant new design reflects the free and creative ideas of the workshop. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Moon date moon phase watch has a moon phase accuracy of 972 years, which is the most loyal tribute to female charm.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Moon

Jaeger-LeCoultre Miss Ambassador Zhao Wei wears the Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Moon dating moon phase watch
The Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Moon date series moon phase watch is like a warm and bright moon, and has always enjoyed the reputation of graceful elegance. As the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand ambassador, Zhao Wei is undoubtedly its perfect interpretation. From actors, singers to directors, her gorgeous transformation and growth have achieved her unique charm and proud achievements in the field of film and television. She has continuously tried and explored in the performing arts industry to open up a whole new world. The passing years have endowed women like Zhao Wei with the characteristics of transcending time. They can leisurely explore the true self, from unknown to persistence, from dreams to stories, just like Jaeger-LeCoultre’s exquisite ties to the beauty’s wrist. Every day is a new beginning.

Count The Golf Timepieces Of Those Top Watch Brands

According to surveys, 80% of high-end watch holders are passionate about golf. Similarly, many of the world’s top watch brands are keen to find top golfers to be brand spokespersons. And some players also wear watches when playing. Rolex has at least 20 top player endorsers, including big-name players such as the “Big Three”; Audemars Piguet is close behind.
Phil Mickelson has an inextricable bond with Rolex

Phil Mickelson’s choice is Rolex’s ultra-thin Cellini. There is no magnifying glass calendar, no slim second hand, no green water ghost standard luminous, no automatic winding, and no iconic OYSTER shell and deep waterproof. Mickelson’s ultra-thin Cellini is a rare manual movement of Rolex, with a black alligator strap, full of artistic connotation, can be called a true ‘elegant brother’.
Rolex Slim Cellini

表 The name of this watch comes from Benuveto Cellini, an Italian 16th-century sculptor. He produced a large number of gold and silver industrial products and sculptures for the French royal family and Italian rulers. The techniques are very decorative and the art skills are very good. Later generations called him a dramatic romantic artist. The Cellini series pays tribute to this great artist. Adopt platinum precious metal shell, low temperature firing enamel plate surface, white and moist, never fade. White gold Roman numeral scale, ultra-thin streamlined shell shape and vaguely reveal the classic OYSTER style, which is quite like the old antique Rolex.

LG Rolex’s MILGAUSS is a watch worn by Adam Scott, known as the ‘Golf Handsome’. The popularity of the MILGAUSS anti-magnetic series is now behind that of Submariner, Explorer and Daytona, but it is loved by scientists. Its unique logo is the unique Lightning Bolt seconds hand with a small orange arrow on the tip.

MILGAUSS uses an oyster case and strap. Rolex pioneered the use of a basic movement with a soft iron cover to prevent magnetism. The faceplate is also made of soft iron. The practical value of antimagnetic watches must be mentioned. It is said that the son of the Hong Kong chief executive, Tsang Yam-kuen, often went in or out of the operating room, and what watch he wore every day became faster or slower for half an hour, and finally he was relieved to buy MILGAUSS. Magnetic fields are also ubiquitous in real life. Various electronic equipment and base stations will release the magnetism that affects watches. Many expensive watches are unavoidable. And Rolex’s MILGAUSS and IWC’s engineer series, the anti-magnetic function is quite strong.

Tiger Woods signed a contract with Rolex in 2012. He also wears Rolex’s latest SKY · DWELLER time zone watch in 2012, which is very suitable for tour players around the world. The central hand indicates the local time, and the dial shows the time in the second time zone. The movement and the outer ring are equipped with a contact device, and the local time and the reference time can be adjusted by turning the outer ring.

Li Liang Wenchong is the first Chinese golfer to be signed by Rolex. The watch model he wears is the Oyster Perpetual Date Ⅱ. The Oyster Perpetual Diary has been around for more than 60 years and is one of the most loved and easily identifiable watches in the world. Rolex designed the automatic winding system device-Perpetual Motion Pendulum in 1931, which can convert the slight movement of the wrist to the power of the watch, which is the meaning of perpetual motion; the name of the log type is derived from the iconic Calendar display with magnifying glass. The famous oyster refers to the design of the integrated case, screw-in bottom cover and screw-in handle head invented by Rolex, which is the English OYSTER. This structure is different from the welded lugs and pressure-in bottom And the plug-in handle also symbolizes that Rolex watches are as sturdy and waterproof as oysters.

Liang Wenchong’s new Oyster Perpetual Diary Type Ⅱ, the balance wheel uses Rolex’s patented blue PARACHROM hairspring, is not easy to be interfered by magnetic fields, and is still very stable under temperature changes. With the patented PARAF L EX cushioning device, it has increased by 50 % Anti-shock ability, even in golf.

Northern Ireland double stars Darren Clark and Rory McIlroy are brand ambassadors for Audemars Piguet. When Clark won the 2011 British Open, he wore the new Royal Oak watch. Its titanium case was equipped with a rubber strap, which was very light and strong. McIlroy wore the Royal Oak CHRONOGRAPH stainless steel when he won the 2011 US Open. Chronograph.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Of the many models of Audemars Piguet, the Royal Oak with octagonal surface is probably the most attractive model. Its name is a legend: The Royal Oak was originally a flagship of the Royal Navy launched in 1830. Audemars Piguet’s designers found inspiration from this ship named Royal Oak. The octagonal porthole on the battleship is the origin of the unique octagonal surface of Audemars Piguet, because the porthole of the ship symbolizes strength and waterproofness. The reason why the oak tree has such a respectable position in Britain is that during the Puritan Revolution in the 15th century, King Charles II of the United Kingdom once saved his life by hiding in an oak tree while evading the enemy, so Charles II Then chose the oak tree as the emblem of the royal protector.

Since then, the oak tree has enjoyed the most special respect in the British royal family.

The Royal Oak Watch is actually a famous work created by Gerald Genta, known as the ‘Clock Picasso’, for Audemars Piguet. The unique octagonal case, coupled with the revolutionary design of its exposed screws, breaks the decades-old unwritten rule that the watch industry has followed: all operating parts must be hidden. The Royal Oak has also influenced the design style of watches and clocks around the world, becoming an immortal treasure of watchmaking, and it is still one of the representative works of Audemars Piguet.
Richard Mille
Richard Miller Tourbillon RM 038

白色 ‘Cannonman’ Buba Watson’s white watch has a lot to come from his sponsor-Switzerland’s Richard Mille (Richard Mille). Watson’s white watch is a tourbillon RM 038 with a strap that weighs less than 20 grams. It is one of the lightest wristwatches to date, limited to 38 pieces worldwide. The base plate of the tourbillon watch is made of titanium and LITAL alloy. As a high lithium alloy, it can ensure strength and greatly reduce weight; a carbon-rich composite material case, integrated back and ring, The glass mirror, carbon bezel and flanges all have excellent hardness properties and come with an ultra-lightweight polyurethane strap. Richard Mille is a Swiss niche brand that excels in making super-complex, ultra-lightweight, yet quite shock-resistant, suitable for sports wear. Watson is the famous long-time king of the PGA Tour. Richard Mille chose to cooperate with him. Watson personally tested the watch’s performance on the field and wore it in each game to highlight the outstanding sports performance. By the way, this tourbillon sports watch is more expensive than Lamborghini’s latest supercar LP · 700! In 2012, based on RM 038, Bubba Watson has a more powerful RM 055 Watch!