A Limited Edition Watch Inspired By The Guggenheim Museum In New York Was Launched-an Interview With Mr. Franz Linder, Global President Of Swiss Mido

At the global launch event of the limited edition Guggenheim watch of Swiss Mido “inspired by architecture”, the watch family interviewed Mr. Franz Linder, the global president of Mido, Talk about the short stories before and after the launch of this limited edition watch.

Mr. Franz Linder, Global President of Swiss Mido

The House of Watches: Mido’s Slogan “Inspired by Architecture” has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, so architecture-related watches have been well known and loved in recent years. What do you think of architecture and watchmaking in common? ?
Franz Linder: I think architecture is something that requires innovation, quality, and design, which are common to the concepts of watchmaking and beauty. We have attracted more than 100,000 people to participate in the ‘Inspired by Architecture’ inspirational tour in 12 cities around the world. Indeed, as you said, we are very happy to see this core accepted and liked by everyone. In the end, voted by netizens around the world, the Guggenheim Museum in New York stood out and won the inspiration of ‘the most popular among netizens worldwide’. It also became the inspiration for the design of Swiss Mido. Shows Swiss Mido’s love of modern architecture.
House of Watches: Which architectural elements of the museum are the special watches of the Guggenheim Museum?
Franz Linder: The Guggenheim Museum itself is one of the world famous museums of Western modern art, designed by Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright, the most famous architect of the 20th century in the United States. The interpretation of the Swiss Mido watch is hoped to be expressed in the simplest way. For example, the contour of the case mimics the museum’s most representative ring design; the design of the dial time scale is similar to the exquisite glass dome of the museum , There is an arc as an embellishment; finally, on the inside of the case, it is also delicately engraved with the words ‘INSPIRED BY ARCHITECTURE’.

Watch House: What do you think is the biggest appeal of this watch to consumers?
Franz Linder: In fact, no matter what the watch is, first of all, you should like its design and like to wear it, this is the most important. So, this watch is limited to 500 models, its appearance is simple and easy to match, and it is also equipped with a silicon spring movement with an observatory-certified up to 80 hours power reserve, RMB 12,100. I think it is a very competitive watch. In addition, there will be 150 pieces in the Chinese market, plus 30 Tmall official stores that have been open for pre-sale from October 20, a total of 180 pieces, hoping to be attractive to Chinese consumers.

Watch House: Does this watch have any special meaning to the brand?

Franz Linder: In fact, this new work cannot be said to have any special meaning, because many architectural-related watches have also been designed before. It can only be said that this is a new product carefully launched by Mido and at the same time it is of high quality. A product.
Watch House: What’s next for Mido?
Franz Linder: It can be seen from the previous Swiss Mido and architecture-related models that Mido has selected very special and meaningful buildings, which has become the inspiration for watchmaking. But next year, our focus is not only on architecture, because it coincides with the 100th anniversary of the brand, so there will be a series of celebrations, and there will be more new models that are linked to the history of Mido, everyone can wait and see.