All Are Unique Artworks. Watch House Interviews Antoine Pin, General Manager Of Bulgari Greater China

In October, BVLGARI, a well-known Italian jewellery brand, and contemporary Chinese artist Simon Ma (Ma Xingwen) jointly released 9 limited-edition OCTO watches of the Bvlgari × Simon Ma OCTO watch series, and Will start selling in the Chinese market. In this regard, Watch House interviewed Mr. Antoine Pin, Managing Director of the brand Greater China and Australia, to see what he thinks about this new product launch.

1. Why did Bulgari choose to work with Simon Ma this time?

Antoine Pin: Actually, this can’t be said that we chose Simon Ma, more precisely it is a two-way selection process. First of all, we are all people who are willing to do art, which is the basis of cooperation. Secondly, as to why you think of cooperating with a watch, there are actually some sources. Because Simon and I have known each other for many years, it was better for people to only interact in private. Later, Simon became more likely to go to Italy because of his work relationship. He began to understand Italy. In 2012, he also won the title of Chinese-Italian Cultural Ambassador. At the same time, he also became very interested in watches, so our communication opportunities became more and more. Finally, as an Italian brand with a century-old history, it is inseparable from art in Italian history. Of course, Bulgari’s pursuit of art has never changed. All these reasons naturally contributed to this cross-border cooperation.

2. We can see that more and more watch brands have chosen the method of cross-border cooperation. What do you think of this form?
Antoine Pin: Actually we have to see the significance of this cross-border cooperation. For example, this time the cooperation between Bulgari and Simon, we do not want to simply pursue commercial value, which is why you see only 13 new OCTO watches, and each one is unique, and the number is very small. We hope that everyone can see that Bulgari’s pursuit of beauty and art has never changed. It’s as if people’s pursuit of beauty might first be reflected in clothing, and then have the beauty of external decorations, and then rose to the highest level of art, and the 15th century Italian Renaissance, Da Vinci, Michelangelo These artists are very familiar to everyone, and it is this land that has bred the pursuit of artistic beauty. Our jewellery brand, which was founded in Italy, is of course inherited. Therefore, we cannot separate watch cooperation from art. This is an innovation in watches and an artistic innovation.

3. What are your expectations for this new product release?
Antoine Pin: These 13 new products have designed 13 dials with different symbolic themes, each of which is related to equestrian, but the specific inspiration comes from traditional Chinese ancient articles, some are full of philosophical meaning, and some are inspired by horses and people. Friendship and so on, and finally, in accordance with the rules of Chinese calligraphy, using the most traditional methods such as writing brushes and a variety of color paints to create on the dial. Therefore, this display method is more personal, and it is also the first time that Bvlgari has shown traditional Chinese art forms on watches. We hope to promote art more deeply, and hope to get people who love this watch when it is sold in China. Your own interpretation.

4. This time, I chose the classic series of Octo for this cooperation. Is there any cooperation plan in the future? Like female watches? Jewellery?
Antoine Pin: In fact, before the 10th anniversary of the B.zero1 jewelry series, we have cooperated with the famous British artist Anish Kanpoor. After an innovative combination of classic elements of this series and a new Deduction, the new B.zero1 ring response is very good. This time, we cooperated with Simon to launch a unique model in the most classic OCTO men’s watch series. I hope everyone will like it. It is also worth looking forward to more new products after Bulgari.