Athens Marine Chronometer Rounds Your Dream Of Sailing

Although the era of great sailing is long gone, today we have more advanced technology that can help people gallop on the sea, but the wildness and thrill of conquering the ocean are still what many men want. ideal. Athens Watch, a 170-year-old watch brand, has been closely connected to the ocean since its inception. Athens Watch has continued to make precision marine instruments as a tradition. Its Marine Chronometer has a patented technology and a rich history Inheritance, showing the unique feelings of marine timepieces. Today, let’s experience the elegance of Athens’ precision marine watch together through the 1186-126-3 / 63 watch.

An important step in conquering the ocean
    The comprehensive understanding of humankind is due to the fearless spirit of every explorer and navigator in the era of great sailing. They explore the territories that human beings have never set foot in the vast ocean. Under their guidance, the world map is getting more and more The clearer. Since then, maritime hegemony has become the object of constant competition by developed industrial countries. Everyone knows that this is a trump card for overseas colonial expansion. The rise and fall of superpowers such as Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, are closely linked to great navigation, and continue to affect the world landscape.

Athens Astronomical Ship Clock

    In the middle of the 19th century, a company specializing in the production of nautical instruments was born. Due to the current level of technology and industry, people could only rely on some mechanical instruments to assist maritime navigation. This company provided a lot of precision equipment to improve navigation. Security, including the HNA clock. At that time, in order to reduce the risk of overseas navigation, navigators needed a number of precise nautical clocks. These nautical clocks could not only indicate the time, but also calculate and judge the position according to the instructions. So they formulated some standards and commissioned the observatory to the manufacturer. In order to be widely recognized and win the market, the nautical clock certified by the Observatory will be tested.


    In this context, the Athenaeum is well-known for providing reliable observatory-certified marine clocks and marine instruments. Its unique disk layout has also become a norm and symbol, and has become the design blueprint for today’s marine astronomical watches.
Athens Marine Chronometer watch

Athens Marine Chronometer Observatory

    With the passing of the era of great navigation and the constant impact of precision electronic equipment, the traditional marine astronomical clock relying on mechanical drive gradually withdrew from the historical stage. Its role is not so important, but this important period is always remembered. The rise of modern watches has begun to regain these faded memories. The brand that once produced the aerospace clock has begun to remind people of its glorious and tragic history in the form of marine watches. Style, quietly popular.

18K Rose Gold Case

Non-slip texture from outer ring of astronomical clock

    The Athens Marine Chronometer watch is based on a marine astronomical clock and reproduces the design standards of the time through clever layout. The main appearance of the blue color echoes the colors of the ocean. The clear and striking gold hour markers and hands can accurately indicate the current time. The groove texture on the periphery of the bezel is derived from the non-slip texture on the shell of the early astronomical marine clock. It was originally a practical design, but now it has become a decoration and a mark.
Athens patented technology upgrades watch performance from the movement

    In 2011, the Athens watch launched the self-winding movement UN-118. Since then, the Marine Chronometer of the Athens watch has adopted this movement. Although the original observatory is no longer responsible for certification of new age marine watches, Athens’ marine astronomical watches have also been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). The UN-118 movement is a basic movement without complicated functions. It was jointly developed by Athens Watch and Sigatec. The original Diamonsil (diamond silicon crystal) of Athens Watch was used to replace the original alloy anchor escapement. At the same time, Athens The self-developed variable inertia balance and patented hairspring have enhanced the performance of the core part of the movement.

Athens watch patented Diamonsil material

    Another proud feature of this movement is the ability to adjust the date forward / backward quickly in the watch. For most watches, the date can only be adjusted in one direction, and it is irreversible. This brings some trouble to the adjustment. If you adjust the day by one, you need to jump to the number of days in a month, while the Athens watch only needs to be adjusted back one day Just fine. In addition, the movement also provides a power reserve display function, the remaining power of the movement can be clearly seen on the dial.
Summary: The Athens Chronometer Marine Chronometer has already formed a family, including men’s and women’s models, the case material, the color of the watch, the style of the strap have been very rich, the hour scale also has Arabic numerals, Roman time scale and so on. No matter how the appearance changes, Athens ‘innovative UN-118 automatic movement always accompanies Athens’ maritime observatory watch, fulfilling the dream of navigation in your heart.