Championship Quality Ignites The Passionate Moments Of The Festival Tissot’s Special Watch Pairings Affectionate Sincere Selection

[Shanghai, November 16, 2012] In the coming holiday season, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot condenses and exquisitely contemplates the thoughts of the hands, and uses the ticking sound of pointers for each pair of phases. The lover of the vows presents a gift from his wrist. Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China, met with the media at the Shanghai Tissot Festival Special Tasting Salon to review Tissot’s major events this year. At the same time, he revealed the special Tissot champion quality festival special section to media friends and won the Swiss Official Observatory Certification Contest. The men’s Leroc watch is paired with the same exquisite women’s model, dedicated to simple and elegant couples who pursue quality life; like the high fashion, the details are carefully carved, creating the Tissot Kutu series holiday special pair watch, dedicated to vitality and agility Couples pursuing a romantic life. Finally, let’s look forward to a new start in 2013.

Championship quality
    The event began at a leisurely afternoon. Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China, reviewed the brand DNA presented to you by the brand in the past year from the Tissot event in 2012. Mr. Yao talked eloquently, from the operation of the world’s largest modern clock automatic storage center to the launch of Tissot’s high-tech touch screen series in Geneva, to the exclusive timing partner of the Jungfrau Railway’s 2012 centennial operation, to Acting as the official timekeeper for the 17th Korea Incheon Asian Games in 2014. From different aspects, Tissot’s philosophy of pursuing the highest quality was demonstrated. And Tissot’s proud achievement is that the Tissot Le Locle series of Swiss official observatory certification models won the 2011 Swiss official observatory certification competition classic group championship! Tissot Festival special tasting salon scene
The champion’s watch The extraordinary charm of fine timepieces
    The International Official Astronomical Observatory Certified Watch Competition is one of the most authoritative competitions in the field of professional mechanical timing. The judging committee scores candidate clocks through professional review in time accuracy and production technology. The Tissot Leloc series holiday special men’s watch is exactly this extraordinary champion’s watch. This champion watch, after rigorous review by the professional judging committee, stood out from the more than 300 selected Swiss watch brands, and won a second place with a high score of 276 points, winning the 2011 International Official Observatory Certified Watch Contest Enterprise Category Champion of the classic group. Each watch is independently certified by the Swiss official observatory certification body (C.O.S.C.). Whether you wear it, collect it, or give it to others, it must be an indispensable gift of time for tasters. Tissot Le Locle series official Swiss Observatory certified watch
Swiss official observatory certification competition classic table
    Tissot Le Locle series official Swiss Observatory certified watch, Swiss Observatory COSC certified watch, the dial is engraved with the words Chronometre, the daily error is only -4 to +6 seconds, which is -10 to +20 phase tolerances of ordinary mechanical watches Compared with that, the travel time is more accurate, reducing the inconvenience caused by the error of the mechanical watch, reducing the adjustment work, and allowing the wearer to accurately control the time.
    Each Tissot-Roch series official Swiss Observatory certification model is equipped with a corresponding Swiss Observatory certificate. This certificate not only contains all the test data of the movement, but also a different observatory number, and the movement’s Numbering, more collectible value. The Tissot Leloc series of Swiss official observatory certification models, won the 2011 international official observatory certification watch competition classic group championship, must be the taste of the quality of the wrist.
Elegant and retro design, unique taste, highlighting the artistic atmosphere
     The name of the Tissot watch is derived from the birthplace of Tissot-the ancient Swiss watch town of LE LOCLE. This is the only timepiece series named after the birthplace of the brand, and also the only timepiece brand in this ancient town of watches and clocks. This shows the Tissot brand and the irreplaceable position of the watch series in the Swiss watch industry.
Tissot Le Locle series official Swiss Observatory certified watch
    The complex fine button-like decoration on the dial, while embodying its unique anti-counterfeiting function, also highlights the exquisite watch manufacturing process. The surface decorated with a guilloche-like pattern has a relief-like beauty. Tissot designers also hope to share the watch’s ultimate pursuit of quality and detail with the wearer through this pattern.
    The Geneva ripple on the automatic hammer has three more processes than ordinary watches, reflecting the superb clock manufacturing process. This ripple shows a strong artistic atmosphere, reflecting the wearer’s taste for pursuing a high-quality life. The italicized English name of the Leloc series on the back cover of the watch, and the medieval nostalgic carvings, the design is more retro, more ornamental and collectible.
Ignite the passionate moments of the festival
    Every beautiful and touching love story tells the loyalty and greatness of love; every year’s festival season continues to write moving surprises and romance. In the upcoming special festivals (Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day), Tissot selects the true love and salutes, and ignites the emotional moments of the festival. The Tissot Rock series combines the classic feelings from the city of time with the retro elegance of the italic Rock letters, exuding a romantic atmosphere from a long time; the elegant design of the simple design reveals my true love vows, heart Connected, striving for eternity. The Tissot Kutu watch is pursuing the details in its veritable form (the name of the Kutu series is derived from the French “Couturier”, which means a well-known craftsman in the industry). It presents a kiss of starry sky in the neon phantom for the dynamic and romantic couple , Male and female appearance, chivalrous tenderness.
    You can write poems around the hearth, talk at night with long lights, and dance on the snow. This romantic Christmas is the best time to open your heart to those you love. Tissot’s special pair of watches, in this romantic and charming winter Christmas, with the tick of the watch, accompanied by each outstanding couple, with a pair of watches, engraved each romantic time memory. Tissot Festive Specials
    Christmas gift, moment of affection. Will be awarded the 2011 International Official Astronomical Observatory Certified Watch Contest Classic Group men’s watches, paired with white disc women’s Lelock watches, in the shining BLING season, to give him high-grade, elegant and simple, No matter which occasion, the white plate and steel belt are versatile, the dial is guilloche-shaped, and the willow-shaped hands reflect extraordinary elegance. In addition, the men’s model is loaded with a champion-quality movement, and the back pendulum automatic hammer is decorated with the exquisite craftsmanship of the Geneva ripples.
    In love, they made a vow to march together in the warm atmosphere of Christmas’s white snow, green pine and colorful gift boxes, and witnessed a happy moment with a pair of timepieces that imply time. Kutu series three-pointer mechanical pairing watch, handsome black belt men’s model with flame patent leather red belt model, just like them in love, passionate and persistent.
Tissot Kutu Series Three-Hand Mechanical Belt Pairing Table
new Year
    Years are the marks of years, and love can be passed on from year to year; watch is the carrier of time, and every minute sends love to your wrist. The arrival of the new year is always full of surprises and longings, why not add a pair of Tissot holiday special models to your countdown with your other half. When the dial hands cross the zero hour, the New Year’s bell sings in the fireworks blooming in the night sky, gently dancing between the wrists, the feelings will stay in the romantic neon time forever, and go with the time to release the New Year Desire.
    Gold, symbolizing precious love like gold, silver, is transformed into a galaxy that carries tricks and flow through the years. The Tissot-Rock series of gold pairing watches, let the love of gold bloom in the galaxy of time, and hope that the lovers of the world will eventually become good family members. Similarly, the Tissot Leloc series of gold men’s watches uses the ‘core’ that won the 2011 International Official Observatory Certified Watch Contest champion, with the smallest time error, to escort love. Each watch movement is independently certified by C.O.S.C. and has an independent chronometer certificate. The gold female watch uses the ETA 2671 movement, which also becomes a precision machine between the wrists with high-precision travel time accuracy. Time ticks slowly between the tick of the second hand, while love lasts forever between partners.
Tissot Le Locle series gold pair watch
Valentine’s Day
    Time is the best touchstone of love, and only through the witness and test of time, Fang Xianqing’s steadfastness. Every Valentine’s Day is a great time to express happiness and sweetness among lovers. Tissot specially selects the special holiday watch for the elegant and elegant companions. Under the witness of time, Tissot expresses the strong affection between lovers. On Valentine’s Day when passionate roses bloom, the special section of the Tissot Festival is displayed on the wrists of ‘he’ and ‘her’, inlaid with crystal clear touches and surprises for the feelings of the holding hands. Tissot Festival Special Model-Kutu Pair Table Tissot Kutu Series Festival Pair Table
    The Tissot Kutu series of couples glamorous across the night sky, outline the ‘Lang riding bamboo and Ma Lai, round the bed to make green plums’ of love without guessing, dancing gently between the wrists, the slightest affection forever in the romantic neon time In. The smooth shape of this watch, the design of the upper and lower curved windows and the outline of the arrow-shaped hands will make the gentleman like a jade tree the focus of the holiday party. When designing, Tissot designers pay special attention to the details. For example, the hands and scales adopt a three-dimensional design, which makes the three-dimensional impression of the dial leaping out; the strap and case are combined with polishing and frosting. Dominance creates a balanced visual beauty. The Tissot Kutu mechanical women’s watch praises each beautiful angel who has landed with a unique soft temperament. The body of the watch is round and smooth, exuding feminine charm. The gentle and elegant round dial reveals the library in simplicity. For women’s beautiful women, the scales on the mother-of-pearl dial are composed of one large, one small and two diamonds. A little bigger, it adds a bold and able temperament and style to modern women.