Citizen Optimizes And Reorganizes To Respond Quickly To The Market

At the 2007 Basel Watch Show, Citizen Timepieces announced that it has just completed the adjustment of the company’s organizational structure. The new company structure focuses on the watch industry, including from the production of parts to the market for finished watches. Promotion and sales complete system. Chairman Tsuneo Nagai said that the reorganization did not change the company’s fundamental strategy and development direction for many years, but also symbolized a new starting point, enabling the company to provide consumers with the products and services they need more quickly and efficiently. By optimizing and integrating product development, production, sales and after-sales service, Citizen has been able to respond more closely to market demand.
At the Baselworld Watch Fair 2006, Citizen announced that by 2008, solar-powered watches will account for 80% of all its watch products. ‘As long as there is light, there is energy.’ Citizen is committed to transforming leading technology into convenient and comfortable products, and light kinetic energy is the result of its pursuit. The Eco-Drive watch is also a green product because it does not use ordinary batteries and does not need to dispose of waste batteries. It can be said that through light kinetic energy, Citizen has realized its own philosophy, strived to become a brand loved by citizens, and made its own contribution to people’s good life. This concept will continue to lead the company’s future development.
Citizen launches new solar-powered radio wave watch
At the Baselworld 2007, Citizen launched a number of new light-powered watches. ‘Fusion of technology and beauty’ is the tenet of product development of Citizen. Its products combine high technology with exquisiteness, beauty and integration, which greatly appreciated the visitors.