Epson Twin Lions’ Chinese Wearable Field Battle

Recently, the Epson Innovation Conference 2017 was grandly held in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. At this innovation conference, with the theme of green technology innovation, Epson released and displayed more than 120 innovative products and more than 50 solutions in the inkjet field, vision field, wearable field, and robot field to Chinese users, covering all aspects. Office, industry, and home applications.

7 watches in 7 days, different styles every day
   Epson’s relationship with watches can be traced back to the 1940s, and its business originated from the development and manufacture of watches. Epson’s provincial, small, and sophisticated technology accumulated in watch manufacturing has become the cornerstone of its vigorous development.

   The Oriental Double Lions watch with a century-old watchmaking history is an earlier Japanese brand dedicated to the development of overseas markets. Because of mastering the core technology, they can design and develop their own movements, and use this as a basis to integrate management of production, sales, maintenance and other services, so as to provide users with more outstanding products with higher cost performance. It is for this reason that the Oriental Double Lions watch was sold in China in the 1980s. Today, Epson’s acquisition of the Double Lions Watch makes the original Double Lions watch with its originality and fashion style shine again.

   In addition, Epson RUNSENSE professional sports watch can scientifically manage sports. Its high-precision GPS sensor chip has a correction function for accurate GPS positioning; its dual sensors and dual filters continuously monitor heart rate per second with an accuracy of 99%; relying on Epson’s own energy-saving chip, Epson RUNSENSE professional sports wrist The watch has the characteristics of long battery life. Take the Epson SF-850 as an example. With GPS and heart rate turned on at the same time, the battery life is up to 20 hours. Epson RUNSENSE professional sports watch can display data such as calories, pace, distance, heart rate interval, oxygen uptake, sleep and mood, etc., so that people can understand their health status in real time and accurately, and truly become the heart rate steward and road runner around you coach!

   As a global technology leader, Epson is based on ‘provincial, small, and sophisticated technology’, adhering to the ‘customer first, committed to environmental protection’ business philosophy and ‘technology + localization’ strategy, in the inkjet, vision, wearable, robotic four Continue to innovate in large areas, and strive to create a new era of interconnecting people, things and information, provide Chinese users with innovative and efficient products and solutions, and make life more colorful!