Every Leader Is Recommended For 5 People Of Different Ages

When you are in a luxury shopping mall, you will be dazzled by the dazzling array of goods. If you have already belittled the dazzling jewellery, tired of the decoration of hardcover clothing, and ignored the common accessories, At this time, the watch is more enchanting. Life starts from the naughty childhood, goes through the ups and downs, and finally returns to gentleness and tranquility. Each of these stages requires different companions. Watches are like a wizard of time. It not only helps us to record. Those wonderful moments can accompany us to enjoy the scenery along the way.
  Below, Watch House introduces you to men’s watches of different ages. Each design is novel and exquisite, distinctive and leading. No matter what age you are, you can always find your watch in it.
No Regrets for Youth (Middle School Students Under 20)
  People have always regarded youth as beautiful as flowers, and gold is as precious. This is because it contains vigorous vitality, contains infinite pursuits, and condenses inexhaustible vitality. It is the most beautiful symphony of blood, passion, ideals, convictions, progressive spirit, and infinite creativity. . The matching Casio, representing vitality, youth and fashion, has long been a longing in the hearts of many middle school students.

Watch review: This YOUTH series GA-100-1A2D watch has an oversized dial with a diameter of 35mm. Solid and solid texture; dial ring and raised hands make the entire watch extremely three-dimensional; the center is the dial, with dual display design of the LCD panel; this watch is not only shockproof and waterproof, the hands also have antimagnetic function; huge The keys make operation faster and more accurate. This watch is both sporty and stylish. For students, it can meet the requirements of daily watch time and use its multiple functions.
Number: GA-100-1A2D
Brand: Casio
Series: G-SHOCK
Style: Men
RMB: ¥ 1,190
More watch details: style = ‘color: # 333333; # * # family: 宋体; line-height: 24px;’> Watch Reviews: Another watch suitable for young people is recommended for you-Beijing Automatic Machinery Watch series watches, fine workmanship and multi-functional convergence on the dial, not only do not feel cumbersome, but make the dial look full of momentum. Tiananmen’s LOGO is at 12 o’clock. It promotes students’ love for the motherland. The entire watch is full of youthful vitality.
Number: B055201203S
Brand: Beijing
Series: Mechanical watches
Style: Automatic, 47 mm, men
Material: stainless steel black-plated ceramic
RMB: ¥ 2,280
More watch details: 20 and 30 years old are the people in the struggle stage of life. Every day’s full work and hard work lay the foundation for life. Watches represent a person’s sense of time, and they are also a symbol of status. Office workers who often come and go in the workplace need an atmospheric watch to add to their appearance. Based on salary considerations, I recommend a Longines Master L2.631.4.70.6 watch for you. In the choice of the same price, the brand of Longines is definitely a little better.

Watch review: This mechanical male watch has a simple and elegant design, and the white round dial makes it easy to read and easy to read. The silver stainless steel strap is comfortable to wear and uses the Cal.L635 self-winding mechanical movement, which has been reworked and refined based on the ETA2824-2 movement. There are not too many requirements for the matching of clothes, which is very versatile. When you go in and out of a variety of workplaces, this watch will definitely make you look better, and it is indeed the best choice for fashionable white-collar workers.
Number: L2.631.4.70.6
Brand: Longines
Series: Famous Craftsman
Style: Automatic, 38.5 mm, men
Material: stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 17,900
More watch details: style = ‘color: # 333333; # * # family: 宋体; line-height: 24px;’> Watch comment: When it comes to passion, you have to think of TAG Heuer, and have been adhering to the Combining sports with fashion. TAG Heuer WAB2011.BA0803 watch fully complies with the strict requirements for accurate timing in water sports. At the beginning of conception of this watch, TAG Heuer’s watchmakers and designers worked closely to create this noble and original sports watch, which has a unique style that surpasses the fashion.
Number: WAB2011.BA0803
Brand: TAG Heuer
Series: Diving
Style: Automatic, 41 mm, men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 16,400
More watch details: After passing through the ignorant innocence of youth and the unrestrained passion of youth, men in their thirties and forties have gradually matured and become more stable, with more masculine beauty and distinctive domineering. Like a poem, a man in his thirties or forties expresses wise wisdom, deep thought, and persistent perseverance … In the face of such a discerning gentleman, I feel that only the Rolex halo can highlight his charm.

Watch review: ROLEX, a brand with a crown trademark, is as proud as the emperor in the watch industry. Many celebrities, film and television celebrities, and entrepreneurs love this classic watch. Its high-level brand charm can be said to be unstoppable. This Rolex Greenwich II series 116710LN watch highlights the gorgeous beauty. It is equipped with stainless steel, a rotating black Cerachrom ring, water-resistant to 100 meters, a folding buckle, and a crown logo on the buckle. Full of confidence and charm.
Number: 116710LN
Brand: Rolex
Series: Greenwich II
Style: Automatic, 40 mm, men
Material: stainless steel, rotating black Cerachrom ring
RMB: ¥ 64,900
More watch details: style = ‘color: # 333333; # * # family: 宋体; line-height: 24px;’> Watch Reviews: The world-renowned Omega OMEGA watch was born in Switzerland and has a long history of more than 150 years . It represents the extraordinary quality of ‘perfect, extreme, excellence, achievement’, and interprets Omega’s business philosophy of pursuing ‘excellent quality’ and the spirit of ‘respecting tradition and being brave in innovation’. Xiao Bian is recommending you an Omega Disc Flying Series 4631.30.31 watch. The design of 18K yellow gold can set off your noble temperament, and the alligator leather strap reflects the low-key connotation.
Number: 4631.30.31
Brand: Omega
Series: Disc Flying
Style: Automatic, 38 mm, men
Material: 18k yellow gold
RMB: ¥ 68,900
More watch details: The 40-year-old man looks like mature autumn, Huang Chengcheng’s harvest season, although it will soon be late, but still full of strong charm. When a man is over 40 years old, his life process is almost half completed. You have already seen all the grace, respect, wealth, and status in the world, and you are welcome to your Majesty. At this time, the man had already experienced the vicissitudes of life, had the happiness of the family, and should have learned to enjoy a colorful life. Presumably only luxury gold can show the identity and status of successful men, and only Baodi can show the man’s personable style.

Watch review: As a leader in the watch industry, Baodi has always had a deep relationship with the royal nobility. This Baodi The classic 5707BA / 12 / 9V6 watch can naturally match the distinguished identity of a successful gentleman. This watch inherits the classic style of Breguet. The round case is cast in 18k yellow gold. Every detail from the dial to the buckle shows the nobility of the nobility. It has a date display, dual time zone and power reserve display. Users can experience the advantages of multi-function as much as possible. It is also very convenient for those who often fly back to travel or business between the two places.
Number: 5707BA / 12 / 9V6
Brand: Breguet
Series: Classic Series
Style: Automatic, 39 mm, men
Material: 18k yellow gold
RMB: ¥ 311,800
More watch details: style = ‘color: # 333333; # * # family: 宋体; line-height: 24px;’> Watch Reviews: Jaeger-LeCoultre is a typical Swiss brand clock, since the company was founded in 1833, It has numerous patents and has made great contributions to the development of world clocks. This Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre Q6012420 watch has perfect chronograph function and power reserve display. The large 42 mm dial is suitable for men. The simple and elegant design of 18K rose gold and crocodile leather strap is a favorite of watch lovers.
Number: Q6012420
Brand: Jaeger-LeCoultre
Series: Double Wing
Style: manual machine, 42 mm
Material: 18k rose gold
RMB: ¥ 374,000
More watch details: Years are like songs. When you have hurried through the four seasons, you look back, every wonderful moment is evocative. At this moment, the Buddha is closer to nature, and I feel that everything is calm and quiet. For a person who loves to understand a watch, the watch at this time is more a work of appreciation than a tool for measuring time. To the most beautiful sunset red, Patek Philippe is the best.

Watch review: Patek Philippe has always been a symbol of supreme quality, passed down from generation to generation, like their masterpieces of timepieces, Liufang Best, its watches are exquisite handmade in the original factory, adhere to the excellent tradition of quality, beauty and reliability. ‘No one can own Patek Philippe, it’s just for the next generation.’ This classic slogan is a perfect blueprint for a person’s life. This Patek Philippe 5140 series 5140G white gold watch is very expensive. It also has date display, week display, month display, annual calendar display perpetual calendar and moon phase display function. It is indeed the most valuable craft treasure in life.
Number: 5140G platinum
Brand: Patek Philippe
Series: Super Complications Timing
Style: Automatic, 37 mm, men
Material: 18k white gold
RMB: ¥ 761,600
More watch details: patek / 9728 /

Summary: Life is like a dream, but it passes silently and silently. With the passage of time, it constantly changes various themes and condenses the world. Each stage of the person has different tasks and plays different roles. Men should also have different watches of their own at different ages. No matter what period you are in, there is always a watch for you that will witness the dots of time and accompany you through joy, excitement, sadness, loneliness, happiness … Li Shuai)