Fashion Fully Automatic ‘happy Spring Boutique’

In November 2010, Oriental Timepiece Co., Ltd. launched a new member of the fashion automatic watch series-‘Happy Spring Boutique’.

 Clover is widely known as a symbol of happiness. It is said that happiness will come when four leaf clover are found.
 Every leaf of Clover is heart-shaped, making people happy. Clover’s four leaves represent wealth, reputation, health and loyal lovers, and will bring people the coveted happiness. May this lucky grass bring you a steady stream of happiness … This watch carries our wonderful wishes and adds to your glory.

 The elegant and shining four-leaf clover is embellished with rhinestones, showing nobility. From the hollow part of the dial, you can admire the precise movement of the movement. The vaguely presented ruby ​​adds even more femininity. With a see-through bottom cover, you can also glimpse the movement. The feminine design is perfectly combined with the charm of a mechanical watch.

 The four-leaf clover symbol of happiness is loved by all ages. Simple, generous four-leaf clover, with both mature temperament and lovely beauty … suitable for your various occasions