Fenghua Peer Breguet Queen Of Naples Series 8999 Day And Night Display High Jewellery Watch

Napoleon’s youngest sister, Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples, is one of the most legendary names on Breguet’s star-studded client list. In 1805, 23-year-old Caroline purchased the first Breguet watch, and until 1814, the beautiful and ambitious Queen of Naples collected a total of 34 Breguet watches, making her the leader of many Breguet VIPs. Coquettish. According to information, in 1810, the Queen of Naples ordered a special piece of jewellery from Breguet: an oval bracelet-shaped chronograph watch. After nearly two and a half years of development, this nicknamed the first watch Breguet Queen of Naples is finally born. Today, the Watch House brings you a watch from the Breguet Queen of Naples series, the official model: 8999BB / 8D / 874 DD0D.

   It is natural for Breguet to persist in doing her best for women. Many famous women in history have been obsessed and happy with Breguet’s watches. Abraham Louis Breguet combined the spirit of women’s pursuit of independence with technology and aesthetics with the talents of poets and magicians, winning the favor of the Queen of Naples.

The case is made of 18K white gold and measures 42.05×34 mm.

The case of this watch is made of 18K white gold with a case size of 42.05×34 mm. The unique goose oval case of the Queen of Naples series exudes elegant charm, and the round curves show the feminine femininity.

The watch uses a sapphire crystal.

A convex round mirror reflects a unique classic charm. The mirror uses a sapphire crystal glass, anti-glare treatment, clear light transmission, while protecting the fine dial, it also shows the beauty of the dial without reservation. come out.

Crown set with drop-shaped diamonds

The crown is also made of 18K white gold. A delicate drop-shaped diamond is embedded at the top of the crown to reflect the charming fire. Gently rotating the crown, the luxurious feel is addictive.

Black silk satin strap

This watch is paired with a black leather silk satin strap. The strap is exquisitely crafted, and the delicate texture unique to the silk satin material reflects the wearer’s extraordinary elegance.

Bezel and case outer edge set with 131 baguette-cut diamonds

The thickness of this watch is moderate. The bezel and the outer edge of the case are set with 131 baguette-cut diamonds, weighing about 5.59 carats. It shines brightly with the rotation of the wrist, and is gorgeous from any angle.

Concealed lugs

The lugs use a concealed design, making the watch as a timepiece, but also a gorgeous wrist jewellery. On the ball decoration of the lugs at 6 o’clock, it is also embedded with a weight of about 0.464 carats. 35 brilliant-cut diamonds, like a dazzling star, shine brightly.

Chic jewellery clasp

The watch adopts a chic 18K white gold folding buckle. The semi-circular buckle is hollowed out into a delicate flower ‘B’ to show its brand identity. The frame of the buckle is inlaid with 26 beautiful bright Cut diamonds.

Off-centre moon-shaped blue-steel hands, dial with diamonds

The exquisite hollow eccentric moon-shaped blue steel hands depict the elegant style of Breguet’s deep bone marrow. The eccentric dial layout and the egg-shaped case of the Queen of Naples series watch are coordinated to present a chic elegance. The digital scale shows the classic beauty. The dial is 18K gold and set with 147 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.4 carats.

Day and night display dial

Above the dial, day and night are displayed. Among them, the golden Breguet balance wheel represents the sun, and the hand-carved titanium metal represents the moon. The entire blue dial rotates together within a 24-hour dial to stage a magnificent dance.

The watch is equipped with a 78CS self-winding mechanical movement.

This watch is equipped with an elliptical 78CS self-winding mechanical movement specially created for the Queen of Naples series. The movement is equipped with a Swiss linear lever escapement, silicon hairspring, 6-party adjustment, and contains 45 pieces. Ruby bearing, the movement frequency of 3.5 Hz, can provide a power reserve of about 57 hours. Through the sapphire crystal glass embedded in the case back, the exquisitely carved mechanical movements can be seen at a glance. Each movement is engraved with an independent number and the word ‘Breguet’.

Summary: Of all Breguet’s product lines, there is no doubt that the Queen of Naples series is the most poetic, not only reflected in the unique form of the case-symbolizing the origin of life, but also because it is designed for women Sophisticated watch. This Breguet’s new collection of the Queen of Naples series launched at the 2014 Baselworld Watch Show continues its poetic beauty, presenting the sun and moon in the glamorous sky. Adding a full set of diamond styles, it reflects the elegant and bright light in Breguet’s unique jewelry design aesthetics. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)