From Facebook Fans To Youtube Viewers Brand Online Influence Top 10

Recently, KarusChains, an online retailer specializing in men’s jewellery, released a research article to disclose the online influence ranking of watchmaking brands.

   It is worth mentioning that although most of this research is based on the number of followers, KarusChains realized that Engagement is the key factor for the success of online business. Instagram is the best social platform to accurately measure the interaction between fans and brands, so relevant data is also included in the article chart. In addition, the study did not consider fashion and jewelry brands (of non-main product lines).
Top 10 most visited watchmaking brand websites (ranked by monthly average traffic data)

   It is no surprise that Rolex is at the top of the list. Earlier, in the research report of KarusChains based on GoogleSearch, Rolex was the most searched traditional mechanical watch brand.
Top 10 watchmaking brands on Facebook (ranked by number of fans)

   Well-known watch brands such as Rolex, Swatch and Tag Heuer are also expected to be on the TOP10 list.
TOP 10 watchmaking brands on Instagram (ranked by number of fans, with Engagement interaction)

   Like most fashion companies, watchmaking brands are aware of Instagram’s growing influence, creating social accounts and working hard to manage their brand image. Amazingly, the level of interaction between Rolex and fans is very high.
TOP 10 watch brands on YouTube (ranked by views)

   There are no surprises on the TOP10 list. They are very well-known and recognizable brands.
Top 10 watchmaking brands on Twitter (ranked by number of fans)

   Hublot takes the lead, far ahead. Twitter can increase the degree of interaction by linking blogs and articles, but there are also restrictions on brand building through product interaction. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)