Introduction To Jaeger-lecoultre Lab2 Super Anti-scratch Function

In 2007, when Jaeger-LeCoultre’s first shocking “oil-free operation” mechanical movement was produced, it became a model for the global watchmaking industry. Now, the LAB laboratory in cooperation with Jaeger-LeCoultre has successfully developed the LAB 2 type. In close cooperation with physicists, Jaeger-LeCoultre engineers use new alloys and silicon parts to greatly reduce the adverse effects of magnetic fields on clockwork. The movement of Extreme LAB 2 is placed in a case made of TiVan 15 alloy. , The bezel is made of super scratch-resistant high-tech ceramics. Thanks to the new alloy TiVan 15, this frame structure is sturdy and lightweight. It consists of two metals, titanium and vanadium. Its scratch resistance is 15% higher than traditional titanium alloys.