Longines Becomes An Important Partner Of The International Equestrian Sport Longines And The International Equestrian Federation Have Reached A Ten-year Cooperation Agreement

(January 15, Lausanne, Switzerland) The famous Swiss watchmaker Longines announced that it has reached a ten-year cooperation agreement with the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) to achieve a record multi-million euros Amount of cooperation to become the top partner of the International Equestrian Federation. In the next 10 years, Longines will invest hundreds of millions of euros to sponsor the IMF events. This cooperation marks Longines as an important partner of the international equestrian sport.
The cooperation signing ceremony was held in Lausanne, Switzerland, where the International Equestrian Federation headquarters is located. Princess Haya, president of the International Equestrian Federation, and Ms. Nayla Hayek, chairman of the board of the Swatch Group, signed a cooperation agreement. According to the new agreement, Longines has become the official sponsor of timekeeping and timepieces of the International Equestrian Federation, which also marks the largest cooperation project of the International Equestrian Federation so far and one of the most important cooperations in global sports events in recent years.

The cooperation between the two parties will cover a series of important FIFA international events, including the FEI World Cup Jumping, the 2013 Furusyyya FEI Nations Cup ™ and the 2018 The official timepiece provider for the FEI World Equestrian Games ™ in 2022. In addition, Longines will be the title sponsor of the 2016 and 2020 FEI World Endurance Championships. Longines will also be the new title sponsor of the FEI World Cup ™ Jumping in October to kick off the 2013/2014 season. At the same time later this year, Longines will also support a TV magazine program of the International Equestrian Federation.
的 The core area of ​​this cooperation is that Longines will work with the International Equestrian Federation to invest in research and development of cutting-edge timing and data processing services, especially for equestrian related technologies. The research results of these services will be applied to multimedia applications, giant screens, scoreboards and broadcasts to showcase the International Equestrian Federation events worldwide.
The signing ceremony marks the beginning of long-term cooperation between Longines and the International Equestrian Federation. In the future, Longines will serve as the official timepiece provider of the International Equestrian Federation, and carry out a series of cooperation in seven major areas of the International Equestrian Federation.
Talking about holding the Longines watch, Princess Haya, President of the International Equestrian Federation said, ‘Welcome Longines to be the top partner of the International Equestrian Federation. Today is a historic day for the International Equestrian Federation and equestrian sports. Longines Both the watch and the International Equestrian Federation love equestrianism. This long-term agreement proves Longines’ commitment to equestrian sports. We are glad that Longines has entered the International Equestrian Federation family and look forward to promoting the development of equestrian sports through long-term cooperation and different ways. . Longines’ continuous innovation and development of technology will better promote equestrian sports and make it easier for more new audiences to understand equestrian events. Last year’s London Olympics equestrian events gave birth to a large number of new hobbies worldwide. I believe that our cooperation will definitely take our movement to a whole new level. ‘
Swatch Group Chairman Nayla Hayek also said, ‘This cooperation marks a major step for Longines in the field of equestrian sports, consolidating Longines’ commitment to equestrian sports and its long-standing commitment, and making the brand into this field. Important partner of Longines. Longines is not only a partner, but also a top-level partner and a service provider. Guaranteeing accurate and reliable timing is an important aspect of our cooperation with the International Equestrian Federation. We look forward to full participation The international equestrian federation events, and through this diverse international platform, show the elegant charm of Longines. ‘
About International Equestrian Federation
   The Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) was established in 1921 and is an international equestrian sport organization approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). In 1912, equestrian sport officially became an Olympic event, with a total of three major events: obstacle course, dressage and three events. The 133 national associations of the International Equestrian Federation are based on the principles of equality and mutual respect, and there is no racial, religious or internal political bias.
The International Equestrian Federation is the sole regulator of all international equestrian events, dressages and disability dressages, obstacle races, triathlons, quadricycles and quadricycles, endurance races, horseback gymnastics, and barrel racing mechanism. The International Equestrian Federation is responsible for formulating rules and approving equestrian events in championships, intercontinental and regional events, Olympic and Paralympic Games. The International Federation of Equestrian Federations promotes all forms of equestrian sport, encourages the development of international equestrian federation equestrian events, and regards the welfare of horses as the core of all events.
‘The main mission of the International Equestrian Federation is to promote the orderly development of equestrian sports worldwide through the promotion, regulation and humane management of traditional equestrian events and the holding of international sports events that demonstrate sportsmanship.’-International Equestrian Federation Mission Statement.
About Longines
   Longines was founded in Somia, Switzerland in 1832. In 2012, Longines’ long-established and exquisite craftsmanship has reached brilliance for 180 years. The unremitting pursuit of tradition, elegance and superior performance has made the brand pure watchmaking. Expertise. Longines has a wealth of experience and tradition of glory as the official timekeeper of the World Championships and a partner of the International Sports Federation. The brand has long supported the elegant equestrian sports, and has established a beautiful and close relationship with it.
   The network of sports timing established by Longines makes it possible to provide superb services to the famous sports events held in the twentieth century. Today, Longines continues to fulfill its role in sports timing, including gymnastics, archery, alpine skiing, equestrian sports and the Roland-Garros French Open.
   Longines’ passion for equestrian sports dates back to 1878, when Longines produced a chronograph stopwatch with a rider and his horse engraved on it. Over the years, the brand has established a long tradition in equestrian sports. In 1926 Longines was the first official timekeeper for the Concours Hippique International Officiel in Geneva. Today, Longines’s equestrian sports include flat horse racing, equestrian obstacle course and endurance race.
   Longines is a well-known brand of the Swatch Group, a leading global watch manufacturer. Known for creating exquisite timepieces, this brand, which is marked by a flying wing hourglass, is now available in more than 130 countries around the world.