Mid-autumn Gift Watch Finale The Latest Seven Watch Recommendations

In this family reunion day, in addition to the warm scenes of shining lights, there are more exciting gifts. Today, I will recommend seven most innovative watches for everyone, in this month of hard work Absolutely HOLD live! In order to welcome the New Year’s gift, the CEO Canteen series, known for its luxurious and exquisite design, also launched new watches this year. Make the most of its high-end style. With 45mm white ceramic bezel and white Italian leather strap.
Recommended reason: Full of taste, unique personality and unique taste.
Movado SE Extrem Sports Ultimate Edition Series
The sporty and elegant SE series uses an oversized case with signature dot details, and uses brushed, polished stainless steel or steel, and black carbon fiber in the sandwich structure. The most distinctive Howett Museum dial with a steel bracelet or rubber strap pushes the SE series design to a new height of unique design.
The first men’s calendar calendar watch in red, a two-tone stainless steel case, a black museum® dial, a brown alligator leather strap, and a Swiss automatic movement. The second men’s red calendar instrument watch, stainless steel case, black Museum® dial with event date display window, black alligator leather strap, Swiss automatic movement. The third men’s red calendar meter watch, stainless steel case and link bracelet, black museum® dial, event date window, Swiss automatic movement.
Citizen Eco-Drive Multi-station Radio Controlled Women’s Watch · Xinyue Journey Series
Using light kinetic energy movement, it can absorb any visible light source and convert it into kinetic energy to drive the watch. It does not use ordinary quartz batteries and avoids environmental pollution caused by waste batteries. The watch uses a postmark bezel design with 24 different fonts The name of the world city surrounds the bezel; the dial is double-polished, crystal clear, artistically matched with Roman numerals and classic hands. The sapphire glass with anti-reflection coating is specially used to clearly show every moment; the stainless steel case strap is treated with DURATECT to prevent scratches to the greatest extent and make the watch as shiny as new.
Recommended reason: The automatic conversion function of time is convenient for people traveling in various countries and cities. Stylish and simple appearance.
Tissot Itiner
Streamlined design, “T” lugs, mother-of-pearl dial and polished strap, both the black dial and white dial models highlight the delicate design of Tissot watches, and the gold style adds more high-end to this series. Charm. Among them, the Yiting Series Diamond Extreme Watch has omitted other scales except 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock; while the ordinary model takes the diamond on the diamond Supreme case as the original shape to create the whole-point scale in other positions.
Recommended reason: The price is close to the people, and the streamlined design meets the feminine temperament.
The special packaging of the watch is a stage paved for a grand celebration, recreating the glory and urban charm of Shanghai at night under the spectacular skyline of Pudong. As night falls, the glittering fireworks and the magnificent silhouettes of skyscrapers will perform a glittering celebration in Shanghai. 7,777 pieces are available worldwide.
Recommended reason: Christmas Day has a strong atmosphere, unique and lively limited editions, suitable for sweet people.
Tissot Kutu series quartz chronograph
Just as the great fashion designer combined the perfect combination of fabric and tailoring in his creations, Tissot’s new Kutu series uses the concept of fashion design to reflect the design essence of using elegant materials to outline elegant lines. Tissot Kutu series of quartz chronograph men’s models, interpretation of the fashion trends in the hearts of watchmakers, tailor-made for today’s increasingly diverse fashion concepts.
Recommended reason: The simple design and stable color of the quartz chronograph are definitely the best choice for elegant gentlemen.
Emperor Tudor’s women’s watch, as the name suggests, is inspired by the dream world and the evening sky under the charming moonlight, leading us into the world of refined elegance and unique creativity.
From the curved case, the watch outline to the arched sapphire glass, it shows the round and soft Suona curve of the watch. The ring-like decoration of magnificent jewellery perfectly covers the winding crown. The crown is topped with a transparent arch, which contains a rose. The design of the mother-of-pearl surface of the watch was inspired by the clouds and decorated with exquisite and unique patterns.
Recommended reason: The Tudor women’s watch combines refined design and exquisite details. Its design is inspired by the fantasy world and the evening sky under the charming moonlight, leading us into the world of refined elegance and unique creativity. The design is chic and exquisite, very elegant.