New Speedmaster ‘ultraman’ Limited Edition Watch

On July 10, 1966, the first hero of the universe, Ultraman, came to earth for peace.

    Ultraman is a key character in the Japanese Ultramarine production company ‘Ultraman’ series. It is one of the most famous masterpieces of the ‘Giant Monster’ type of drama. To pay tribute to this classic character, Omega is launching the Supermaster 42mm ‘Ultraman’ limited edition watch on this special day.

Speedmaster 42mm ‘Ultraman’ Limited Edition Suggested retail price: 47,700 yuan
   The new Speedmaster watch incorporates elements of the Japanese science fiction ‘Ultraman’ from the 1970s, which is extremely innovative, but what makes this ‘Ultraman’ watch proud is its true origin of space. This watch is in the same vein as the ‘Moon Watch’ launched by Omega in 1967.
   In 1967, Omega released the Speedmaster Lunar Watch, a distinctive orange chronograph second hand on this classic chronograph watch, which caught the attention of the main team of the fourth ‘Jack Altman’ series of the Ultraman series. The striking orange of the Speedmaster watch perfectly matched the uniform color of the heroic and fearless monster commando, so the Omega Moonwatch became one of the indispensable equipment of the commando.
   The new ‘Altman’ chronograph seconds hand completely retains the design of the 1967 prototype: the same orange hue, the same size. At the same time, the new watch also uses a black-orange alumina bezel, which echoes the orange chronograph second hand.

   The classic small dial design of the new watch is also eye-catching. Because Altman can only change into superhero mode for only 3 minutes, the watch is located at 3 o’clock, the first 3 minutes of the minute dial are decorated with orange, and the small second dial at 9 o’clock can be seen in Ultraman Outline.
   Even more amazing is that you can see the image of Ultraman with the help of the strap change tool. Similar to the Ultraman Transformer Beta Wand, one end of the strap replacement tool is equipped with a UV lamp. When the UV lamp shines on the small seconds at 9 o’clock, a clear Ultraman image will appear.

   At a glance, the retro-styled Omega logo on the dial gives this original timepiece a nostalgic look. The caseback is engraved with the words ‘#SpeedyTuesday’ and ‘QUALIFIEDBYNASAFORALLMANNEDSPACEMISSIONS’ (approved by NASA for all manned space flight missions). The watch comes with a black and orange ‘NATO’ NATO military strap, and a black leather strap is also included. ‘Beta Magic Wand’ allows you to easily change the strap.

   Only 2,012 Omega Speedmaster 42mm ‘Ultraman’ watches are released, which is particularly worthy of collection. The watch’s internal Omega 1861 movement is also Omega’s famous Speedmaster ‘Moonwatch’ movement. The watch is carried in a specially crafted hexagonal box, in honour of the hexagonal table used by the monster’s special attack team.