Note That Patek Philippe Will No Longer Deliver Packing Cartons And Sealed Bags To Guests

According to the latest information released by Patek Philippe to the global retailers two weeks ago, Patek Philippe will no longer deliver the brown packaging carton of Patek Philippe watches and the watch plastic sealing bags to customers who purchase watches. Patek Philippe retailers should leave and destroy watch packaging cartons and plastic sealed bags.

Patek Philippe’s brown packaging cartons and plastic sealed bags are commonly known as ‘double seals.’
   The original Patek Philippe message to global retailers reads: ‘ensure no Patek Philippe timepiece leaves your point of sale before it has been taken out of its brown cardboard box and had its plastic bag cut open. Indeed, these boxes were never meant to be given to your clients. Please hold on to them and destroy them. ‘(ensure that Patek Philippe watches sold at your location will not be sold to guests until they are unpacked in brown packaging boxes and plastic sealed bags, and that they are sold to guests At the same time, destroy the brown packaging carton and plastic sealed bag.)

Patek Philippe’s brown packaging carton.
   Earlier Rolex changed the way the card is used. Rolex’s magnetic stripe card will be activated and effective after swiping the card. Patek Philippe also prevented the circulation of new Patek Philippe watches in the second-hand market by destroying packaging boxes and sealed bags and no longer providing them to customers.
   Prior to this, Patek Philippe did not have strict regulations on brown boxes and plastic sealed bags for watches sold, which caused some Patek Philippe watches to be sold with complete boxes and sealed bags. These well-wrapped watches will be immediately transferred to the second-hand market for trading and circulation. Because Patek Philippe watches have strong stored-value capabilities, they are often regarded as ‘investment’ objects.

Patek Philippe 5077 in a plastic sealed bag.
   This time Patek Philippe strictly managed and strictly implemented the brown packaging boxes and plastic sealed bags for the sale of watches, and wrote ‘All pieces found in a cardboard box or plastic bag after July 1st, 2017 will be view as a fault. ‘(After July 1, 2017, all watches with Patek Philippe packaging cartons and plastic sealed bags are found to be illegal.)

   Regarding Patek Philippe’s latest regulations, all Patek Philippe fans, watch buyers and sellers are invited to pay attention.