Omega Is Getting More And More Valuable?

It is not too late to get to the topic. The most important thing in the watch industry these days is the ongoing auction of Filize. Every time Filis Auction is able to make some watches that ‘shock the world’. The most watch to watch in this auction is actually Omega. Because the most important watch in this auction is Elvis Presley. So let’s talk about Omega today.

Elvis’s Omega.
   In fact, in recent times, Omega’s performance has been ‘quite fierce.’ Especially this Elvis Omega watch. According to the records of major auction houses, Elvis Presley Omega (approximately RMB 11.4 million), which was sold for $ 1.8 million, ranked third in the world celebrity watch value list (in front of Omega is the Patek Philippe Platinum 24.99 million calendar Timing, we can see how much cattle this Elvis Omega small three-pin small gold watch).
   This Elvis Presley’s Omega is already quite powerful, but Omega actually has a ‘hidden killer’, which is the Speedmaster worn by Apollo on the moon. Once this watch appears, the ranking is likely to be rewritten again.
Here are the 3 best omegas at the moment, everyone can feel it.
Omega ranked first in value, Elvis’s Omega (approximately RMB 11.4 million)

The most valuable Omega at the moment, Elvis’s Omega.

   At present, the highest value of Omega watches is Elvis watches. This watch is an 18K white gold case with a size of 32.5 mm (now a very small watch). The bezel is set with 44 diamonds. The dial is Omega and TIFFANY. It is manually wound and uses the Omega 510 movement. It is produced in about 1960. The movement of this watch is provided by Omega to Omega US agents, and the case is made in the United States. This watch is in commemoration of Elvis Presley’s global record sales of 75 million copies. On the back cover of the watch, there are also 75 million album commemorative lettering. An important reason why this Omega is so valuable is that Elvis has actually worn the watch and left a photo.
Omega ranked second in value, Omega steel case tourbillon (about RMB 9.06 million)

Currently the second highest value Omega, Omega steel case tourbillon, tourbillon on the back of the movement.

   Omega ranked second in value is a tourbillon watch. As you know, although Omega does not focus on complex functions, to this day, Omega still produces tourbillons. Omega’s current center tourbillon is very famous. One of the most important reasons for the production of tourbillons in the history of Omega is that they are used for observatory competitions (for competitions and championships). In 1947, Omega designed a tourbillon caliber with a caliber of 30 mm for competition, and produced 12 movements. What we need to note is that the 30mm tourbillon movement of Omega is not a 60-second revolution, but a 7.5-minute revolution. This second-place Omega Tourbillon was a test watch at the time, with a steel case. Built with an Omega 30mm tourbillon movement, the case diameter is 37.5mm (large caliber in antique watches), produced around 1947.
Omega’s highest value Speedmaster, the first generation Speedmaster CK2915-1 (about RMB 1.8 million)

Currently the highest value Speedmaster, Omega’s first generation Speedmaster CK2915-1.
   Although the Omega Speedmaster does not have the constellation and hippocampus in China, the Speedmaster is very popular abroad, and the Speedmaster is also one of Omega’s more valuable watches. The main reason is that the Speedmaster has landed on the moon. The early Speedmaster was divided into 4 generations. The first generation features the broadsword hand (arrow-like hour hand), and the chronograph button and crown do not have shoulder guards. The manual moon landing supercars currently on sale in Omega stores are all produced in accordance with the 4th generation. At present, the highest value Speedmaster is this first generation Speedmaster CK2915-1. The first generation of Speedmaster is also the rarest generation. This watch was produced in about 1958, using a 321 manual chronograph movement (the Patek Philippe CH27 movement is related to the Omega 321 movement), the case size is 38 mm, and the condition is intact (in addition, I remember that Apollo went to the moon Shi Dai’s Supermaster is lost, if it appears, it will be sky-high).
Why can Omega surpass many top brands?

   We can see that the strength of Omega is very good. It has spiked many, many top brands that are positioned higher than Omega. There is a reason for this.

   1. Omega (including Rolex, etc.) is a luxury watch with historical continuity and historical achievements. There is no break in the middle. Many of today’s top brands, although positioned very high, but many are from modern packaging brands, in fact, in history there is nothing to do and fame. Some brands claim to have a long and long history, but they don’t even have antique watches. Naturally, there is no high-value historical version.
   2. Omega (including Rolex) are luxury watches with a large output, and they are very well-known in the world. They are worn by the people, celebrities and leaders. Because of the large production and high popularity, once the lone copy, special version, rare version, celebrity version appears, the value immediately rises. Some brands often engage in limited editions, but they do not reflect the value of the rare version (mainly those brands that are highly positioned and have low output).

Omega Seamaster, Ironmaster, Speedmaster Reissue Set.
The auction is good, does it have anything to do with us buying the watch?

   I know some fraternities say that there are ‘moisture’ and ‘trust’ in the auction. I also admit this, and I also know the circumstances of individual auction results. There are certainly some cases, but most of them are certainly true. Generally, brands that perform well in auctions are also recognized by players.

Omega Snoopy Speedmaster is also a super-priced watch.
   The auction price will affect the secondary market of the watch to a certain extent (because the auction is a second-hand transaction, and the second sale of the watch has been purchased). Therefore, the brands that perform well in the auction will be better in the secondary market. In other words, the ability to maintain value is stronger, and the ability to recycle and monetize is stronger. When people buy a watch, they have great confidence. Unlike some watches, no one is willing to collect them (there are some watches from top brands). For example, Omega on the market now has a high reputation, a large circulation, and a strong recovery and realization ability. It is a very good watch. Although we usually see that Rolex and Patek Philippe are super-priced, in fact, some special versions of Omega are also super-priced. For example, the Omega Snoopy Speedmaster has a public price of 49,300, and the auction transaction price is about 60,000. It is also hard to find in the market. In recent years, Omega has been renewed, and the momentum has been very strong in both the primary and secondary markets (secondary markets, including auctions), and it has performed very well.