Count The Golf Timepieces Of Those Top Watch Brands

According to surveys, 80% of high-end watch holders are passionate about golf. Similarly, many of the world’s top watch brands are keen to find top golfers to be brand spokespersons. And some players also wear watches when playing. Rolex has at least 20 top player endorsers, including big-name players such as the “Big Three”; Audemars Piguet is close behind.
Phil Mickelson has an inextricable bond with Rolex

Phil Mickelson’s choice is Rolex’s ultra-thin Cellini. There is no magnifying glass calendar, no slim second hand, no green water ghost standard luminous, no automatic winding, and no iconic OYSTER shell and deep waterproof. Mickelson’s ultra-thin Cellini is a rare manual movement of Rolex, with a black alligator strap, full of artistic connotation, can be called a true ‘elegant brother’.
Rolex Slim Cellini

表 The name of this watch comes from Benuveto Cellini, an Italian 16th-century sculptor. He produced a large number of gold and silver industrial products and sculptures for the French royal family and Italian rulers. The techniques are very decorative and the art skills are very good. Later generations called him a dramatic romantic artist. The Cellini series pays tribute to this great artist. Adopt platinum precious metal shell, low temperature firing enamel plate surface, white and moist, never fade. White gold Roman numeral scale, ultra-thin streamlined shell shape and vaguely reveal the classic OYSTER style, which is quite like the old antique Rolex.

LG Rolex’s MILGAUSS is a watch worn by Adam Scott, known as the ‘Golf Handsome’. The popularity of the MILGAUSS anti-magnetic series is now behind that of Submariner, Explorer and Daytona, but it is loved by scientists. Its unique logo is the unique Lightning Bolt seconds hand with a small orange arrow on the tip.

MILGAUSS uses an oyster case and strap. Rolex pioneered the use of a basic movement with a soft iron cover to prevent magnetism. The faceplate is also made of soft iron. The practical value of antimagnetic watches must be mentioned. It is said that the son of the Hong Kong chief executive, Tsang Yam-kuen, often went in or out of the operating room, and what watch he wore every day became faster or slower for half an hour, and finally he was relieved to buy MILGAUSS. Magnetic fields are also ubiquitous in real life. Various electronic equipment and base stations will release the magnetism that affects watches. Many expensive watches are unavoidable. And Rolex’s MILGAUSS and IWC’s engineer series, the anti-magnetic function is quite strong.

Tiger Woods signed a contract with Rolex in 2012. He also wears Rolex’s latest SKY · DWELLER time zone watch in 2012, which is very suitable for tour players around the world. The central hand indicates the local time, and the dial shows the time in the second time zone. The movement and the outer ring are equipped with a contact device, and the local time and the reference time can be adjusted by turning the outer ring.

Li Liang Wenchong is the first Chinese golfer to be signed by Rolex. The watch model he wears is the Oyster Perpetual Date Ⅱ. The Oyster Perpetual Diary has been around for more than 60 years and is one of the most loved and easily identifiable watches in the world. Rolex designed the automatic winding system device-Perpetual Motion Pendulum in 1931, which can convert the slight movement of the wrist to the power of the watch, which is the meaning of perpetual motion; the name of the log type is derived from the iconic Calendar display with magnifying glass. The famous oyster refers to the design of the integrated case, screw-in bottom cover and screw-in handle head invented by Rolex, which is the English OYSTER. This structure is different from the welded lugs and pressure-in bottom And the plug-in handle also symbolizes that Rolex watches are as sturdy and waterproof as oysters.

Liang Wenchong’s new Oyster Perpetual Diary Type Ⅱ, the balance wheel uses Rolex’s patented blue PARACHROM hairspring, is not easy to be interfered by magnetic fields, and is still very stable under temperature changes. With the patented PARAF L EX cushioning device, it has increased by 50 % Anti-shock ability, even in golf.

Northern Ireland double stars Darren Clark and Rory McIlroy are brand ambassadors for Audemars Piguet. When Clark won the 2011 British Open, he wore the new Royal Oak watch. Its titanium case was equipped with a rubber strap, which was very light and strong. McIlroy wore the Royal Oak CHRONOGRAPH stainless steel when he won the 2011 US Open. Chronograph.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Of the many models of Audemars Piguet, the Royal Oak with octagonal surface is probably the most attractive model. Its name is a legend: The Royal Oak was originally a flagship of the Royal Navy launched in 1830. Audemars Piguet’s designers found inspiration from this ship named Royal Oak. The octagonal porthole on the battleship is the origin of the unique octagonal surface of Audemars Piguet, because the porthole of the ship symbolizes strength and waterproofness. The reason why the oak tree has such a respectable position in Britain is that during the Puritan Revolution in the 15th century, King Charles II of the United Kingdom once saved his life by hiding in an oak tree while evading the enemy, so Charles II Then chose the oak tree as the emblem of the royal protector.

Since then, the oak tree has enjoyed the most special respect in the British royal family.

The Royal Oak Watch is actually a famous work created by Gerald Genta, known as the ‘Clock Picasso’, for Audemars Piguet. The unique octagonal case, coupled with the revolutionary design of its exposed screws, breaks the decades-old unwritten rule that the watch industry has followed: all operating parts must be hidden. The Royal Oak has also influenced the design style of watches and clocks around the world, becoming an immortal treasure of watchmaking, and it is still one of the representative works of Audemars Piguet.
Richard Mille
Richard Miller Tourbillon RM 038

白色 ‘Cannonman’ Buba Watson’s white watch has a lot to come from his sponsor-Switzerland’s Richard Mille (Richard Mille). Watson’s white watch is a tourbillon RM 038 with a strap that weighs less than 20 grams. It is one of the lightest wristwatches to date, limited to 38 pieces worldwide. The base plate of the tourbillon watch is made of titanium and LITAL alloy. As a high lithium alloy, it can ensure strength and greatly reduce weight; a carbon-rich composite material case, integrated back and ring, The glass mirror, carbon bezel and flanges all have excellent hardness properties and come with an ultra-lightweight polyurethane strap. Richard Mille is a Swiss niche brand that excels in making super-complex, ultra-lightweight, yet quite shock-resistant, suitable for sports wear. Watson is the famous long-time king of the PGA Tour. Richard Mille chose to cooperate with him. Watson personally tested the watch’s performance on the field and wore it in each game to highlight the outstanding sports performance. By the way, this tourbillon sports watch is more expensive than Lamborghini’s latest supercar LP · 700! In 2012, based on RM 038, Bubba Watson has a more powerful RM 055 Watch!

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Watch Real Shot

[Special Report from Watch House Basel] On April 25, 2013, the annual watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The watch house team went to Switzerland. Bring the report of the exhibition to everyone at the front.

 In 2012, Tudor will continue its unique style, introducing two watches that combine elegance and performance. To pay tribute to the brand’s long history, HERITAGE Black Bay reinterprets watchmaking standards that were influential in the history of diving watches in the 1950s. In addition, Pelagos, which combines superb craftsmanship, is waterproof to a depth of 500 meters. The sporty design and reliable performance of this watch will meet the needs of marine and diving enthusiasts. With these two timepieces designed for the ocean, not only the traditional craftsmanship of Tudor for over 60 years, but also the creative ingenuity of drawing inspiration from history and creating fashionable designs.

 The new Tudor Heritage Black Bay seen in the picture, as if it had been a long-disappearing treasure again. The design inspiration of this series is inspired by the glorious history of the brand, and a new interpretation of the most classic models among them, once again perfectly interpreting the spirit of the Tudor replica. Heritage Black Bay was inspired by a diver’s watch introduced in 1954. The design incorporates modern and popular elements. From the introduction of this watch to the 1980s, Tudor continued to innovate and improve this style. Its arched dial is exquisitely retro, with rare burgundy bezels and ‘snowflake’ hands, which make this classic watch even more remarkable in many dive watches. At the same time, this watch is also equipped with three different straps for everyone to choose from, which can be described as very intimate.

 In addition to the differences in straps, I believe that many people will be attracted by the bright red bezel when they first see the watch. A classic continuation, the 41mm stainless steel case and unidirectional rotating outer ring are tailored for divers. The second is the use of snowflake pointers, which seems to have brought us back 50 years ago. The watch is water-resistant to 200 meters.

Summary: At present, it is understood that the price of this watch is around 25,000. As a memory of classics, this watch has still been loved by many people. I have also found that many people have bought this watch, which is still good in terms of appearance, and it is still a very good purchase option in this price range.

The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.

Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

What Is A Sigma Dial And Why It Is Important

When it comes to antique watches, tiny details are very important. In fact, they are basically everything. When evaluating the dial’s originality, the details become a double-edged sword, as any replacement or modification of the dial will have a great impact on the overall value of the watch. This explains the problems of watches made from the 1970s with the strange round small marks on the sides of the dials ‘Swiss’ or ‘Swiss Made’. These small marks are actually lowercase Greek letters Sigma (Sigma, Sigma), so dials carrying this mark are also appropriately called ‘Sigma Dials’. The problem is that most of the information we usually see about sigma dials is wrong and it’s easy to see. So I decided to dig deeper and try to figure out the exact time and reasons behind the sigma dial. The story is more interesting than I expected.

An ad from APRIOR highlights that apart from Swiss watches being precise and reliable, gold parts are also valuable

   The first rumor about sigma dials: these small letters are mandatory markings, which were suddenly added by watchmaking brands in the early 1970s. This statement is of course impractical, because Sigma is an independent choice of watchmaking brands and a sign of identification. More specifically, it is the exclusive logo of several brands that join the promotion of the gold watch industry association APRIOR (l’Association pour la Promotion Industrielle de l’Or), which explains why not all brands have Sigma dials Watch. The association was led by the Swiss Watch Industry Federation and was established in 1973 with the clear purpose of promoting practical gold parts for watches and increasing the intrinsic value of mechanical watches.

APRIOR’s statement clearly describes the purpose of the sigma dial

   I believe you must remember the situation facing the Swiss watch industry at that time: the global economy was sad and dismal, and under the impact of the quartz wave, mechanical technology was about to fall behind. Want to emphasize the deep value of old mechanical watches, is there any better way than mentioning parts with intrinsic value? The logic here may sound a bit unclear at first glance, but we have to take into account that the price of gold soared in the 1970s, and the price of gold tripled between 1970 and 1974. The sigma symbol proves that the hands and hour markers of the watch are made of solid gold. APRIOR emphasized in its marketing campaign: ‘Buying a watch with the Sigma logo is a reliable investment.’

A Rolex Daytona Ref.6263 produced in 1974 with two lowercase sigma on the sides of ‘Swiss’

   In the end, even if it’s not entirely convincing, at least the Sigma initiative sounds reasonable. However, the sigma initiative may not be as innovative as APRIOR claims, because it is very similar to the ‘OM’ logo used by Omega in the mid 1950s (and you can see the Apollo XI Ref.BA, the speedmaster launched by Omega at the same time as APRIOR was founded 145.022-69 watch). Omega did choose to use ‘OM’ to mark the dial made of pure gold. This mark does not involve hands and time stamps, but it is very close to Sigma in concept. Of course, we may never find out that the ‘OM’ mark affects APRIOR. evidence of.

Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI gold watch clearly shows the unique ‘OM’ mark on the bottom of the dial

   Although APRIOR was officially established in 1973 (its charter was drafted in 1972), the Sigma symbol was registered as a trademark as early as August 1971. Many sources set the date of the first sigma dial in 1973. If we use the watch (usually the best source of evidence) as evidence, we can prove that the origin of 1973 is completely wrong. You can find a large number of Rolex watches from the 1970 series with the serial number and the Sigma logo. This means that the appearance of sigma dials not only predates the establishment of APRIOR in 1973, but also before the sigma mark is registered. .

Rolex used Sigma dials before 1973, as evidenced by this 1972 Rolex Datejust Ref.1603 dial watch

   If we review the trademark again, we will find that it has been continuously updated until 2003, and APRIOR officially launched the stage of history four years later (2007). As far as Rolex is concerned, the brand stopped using Sigma dials in the late 1970s, a little later than what is commonly thought of in 1975. The beauty here is that there are a large number of Rolex antique watches on the market, allowing us to easily trace the age of Sigma dials. Unfortunately, Rolex alone cannot fully understand the secrets of the sigma dial. Historically, many other brands have joined APRIOR (five to nine members at any given time), and manufacturers that supply movements such as Stern and Singer also produce sigma dials. Apart from Rolex, the most famous brands among them are Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and IWC.

In this advertisement, the Sigma logo on the dial of Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 3700 stainless steel watch can be clearly seen

   Just a little observation is enough to clearly understand the sigma dials used by many famous dials produced in the 1970s, such as Patek Philippe Nautilus and Ellipse d’ Or, Vacheron Constantin 222 (square), and IWC engineers. Interestingly, like Rolex watches, these models are not all equipped with a solid gold case; in many cases, a stainless steel watch can also be decorated with the Sigma symbol, just because it is equipped with solid gold hands and hour markers.

Patek Philippe Ref. 3587 (with Beta 21 movement) is also often equipped with a sigma dial

   Through these brands, we can dig deeper into the timeline of sigma dials, because whether it is Patek Philippe Nautilus or Vacheron Constantin, the sigma dials are still applied until the 1990s. This key piece of information also allows us to clarify another rumor about sigma dials, which are by no means replacement dials, but genuine, as long as these watches meet the timeline of sigma dials for specific brand series. In principle, I would like to give a clear deadline for applying sigma dials, but everything is still to be determined. All I can find is the last sigma dial, which is equipped in the watch produced in 2000, but note that the dial is manufactured in batches. The production of the watch in 2000 does not mean that the dial is also the same, the latter may be produced earlier.

This 1997 Vacheron Constantin watch is still equipped with a sigma dial

   Despite the uncertainty of the deadline, I firmly believe that knowing the ins and outs of the sigma dial and knowing where to see (and where not to see) has practical significance. For example, watches produced in the 1960s with Sigma dials are certainly not the original configuration. Looking back at the history of sigma dials, we must praise APRIOR’s initiative, but at the same time we must be honest with the true story of sigma dials: it has never been a comprehensive measure envisaged for the entire watchmaking industry, nor has it helped prevent the 1970s Quartz crisis.

The second page of the APRIOR statement also mentions the use of sigma symbols for cases, bracelets and even labels; the investigation is certainly not over
   This enduring issue is related to the most basic assumption that end customers really value knowing whether some parts of their watches are made of precious metals. In my opinion, the above assumption seems flawed, because this type of knowledge does not carry the emotional factors expected by APRIOR, and a large part of customers may not even know the existence of the sigma symbol. After all, no one knows the purpose of selling a watch when the scrap is sold after smelting; What is the net weight of pure gold with three hands and twelve hour markers?
   This explains two things: why sigma dials have not left a lot of lasting marks in the industry, and why focusing on the attractiveness of craftsmanship is a wise choice for the watchmaking industry to seek long-term development. There is another deeper implication here, that the world of antique watches is complex, and for any given subject, there are many versions of the story, including many inferior information. All in all, it’s worth doing a little extra research.

Yang Yuncheng’s First Female Spokesperson Bag Million

Yang Yang will later attend the publicity activities held by Pol Watch around the world. Supermodel Yang Yan recently paid seven figures to become the first female spokesperson for Ball Watch. In addition to the generous remuneration, Yang Ye will also be present for the brand later. Yang Yan will later attend a publicity event held by Bollist around the world. Supermodel Yang Yan recently paid seven figures to become the first female spokesperson for Ball Watch. In addition to the generous remuneration this time, Yang Yan will also attend promotional events around the world for the brand later. She will also work with two spokespersons Jim Whittaker (the first American to reach Firth Peak) and Richard Limeburner Oceanographer) to Switzerland to attend Basel.
    Yang Yan said that he is very happy to be an endorser this time, because Bohr watch has anti-magnetic, anti-shock and luminous functions, so it is the most suitable to wear when exercising.
Suitable for sports wear
    Yang Yan said: ‘In fact, I was not familiar with this brand before. I only asked my friends by coincidence that I knew that the antique watch I used to like was the Bohr watch. After careful inquiry, I found that this brand is very representative in the history of American watches. At that time, I really didn’t know Taishanyu ‘

Rado Rado Dialogue With Contemporary Ink Artist A Hai

(Shanghai, China-July 2018) Recently, the new product launch ceremony of Rado, a pioneering watchmaking brand and material master, focuses on ‘the element of time’ to deepen the past, the present and the future. Reflect and draw inspiration from materials and nature, deconstruct the design ideas and inspiration of new products, and construct a more concise but rich slow lifestyle. Contemporary ink artist A Hai not only came to release the grand ceremony, but also talked about his unique insights on innovation and pioneering spirit with the theme video of ‘Elements of Time’.

   ‘My painting is attributeless. I hope to break the single space model and reapply the classic elements of Chinese ancient tradition.’ A Hai’s character is as free and easy as his creative style. The innovative use of ink painting materials makes A Hai It has become a unique pioneer in the domestic ink painting industry. He believes that creation is breaking the norm, and one of the major challenges in creating is to make the work simple. It is very difficult to achieve simplicity in painting. The simpler things are often the harder. The pure and simple style of creation is the key to maintaining the permanent charm of the work. Innovation is an important driving force for the classics.

   A Hai went on to share that the two most important factors of contemporary art are ‘experimental’ and ‘creative’. Through simple painting style and exploration of materials, he creates his own independent personality. The process of artistic creation has to undergo three processes: artistic experience, artistic conception and artistic communication. Each process requires precipitation and tempering over time. Time gives creation a unique vitality and thickness, and it is also the best compliment to the process of continuous training. The design language that RADO wants to express is simple and memorable, and it can stand the time.

   A Hai’s creation also pursues this unique style and language. Innovative fusion is the driving force for design and artistic creation. No design can abandon the influence of classic heritage, but innovation is an important driving force for the classics to last.

   In the video, the Rado True Radar series of hollow automatic mechanical watches worn by Ahai is a new masterpiece launched by the brand this year. This watch combines the characteristics of the RADO brand: the exquisitely decorated Swiss automatic mechanical movement, the one-piece case, the high-tech ceramic case and bracelet, and the rich color choice, which highlights the brand’s excellence in materials and design. Control is a classic example of the True series.

Celebrity Ambassador Sergio Garcia Unveils New Omega Klein Montana Flagship Store

On July 22, at the beginning of the Omega European Masters, many of the world’s top golfers gathered in Klein Montana. At this great moment, Omega officially unveiled this new flagship store in the heart of the resort.

The day before the Omega European Masters begins in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, Omega ambassador Sergio Garcia is the new Omega (located in this resort) OMEGA) flagship store unveiled ribbon cutting. The flagship store shows Omega’s precise attitude, superb skills and innovative consciousness, so that the quality can make the brand smoothly join hands with the oldest golf tournament on the European continent.

   The flagship store, located at 6 Rue du Prado, is the eighth Omega flagship store in Switzerland. The shop has two floors with a total area of ​​120 square meters. The multi-lingual staff will be happy to serve guests from all over the world.

   Omega Celebrity Ambassador, Sergio Garcia, now the world’s tenth-ranked golfer, attends the flagship store opening ceremony. Garcia and Omega have a deep friendship and make this partnership even more special because they live in Klein Montana.

   After the photo and signing session, Garcia said: ‘Today is the perfect time for me to meet with friends and fans before the opening of the event. The new Omega flagship store is exquisite and gorgeous. At the same time, I am very proud to witness the closeness of Omega to such an outstanding event. Connected. ‘

   Mr. Raynald Aeschlimann, Omega’s Vice President and Global Sales Director and a member of the Swatch Group’s Extended Management Committee, also came to the unveiling ceremony: ‘The omega and golf sport has many proud cooperations, and the European Masters is one of them. Prominent pinnacle representative. Here bears Omega’s glorious history and sporting spirit, it is very meaningful to be able to open a flagship store in such an extraordinary place! ‘

   As the third ‘Omega House’ in the world, the new Omega flagship store in Crans-Montana incorporates many new design elements: the counters are made of recycled striped wood, and the furniture is made of red leather. In this private and luxurious environment, guests can enjoy the full range of Omega watch products, including the Constellation series, the Seahorse series, the Disc Flying series and the Speedmaster series. At the same time, there are also luxurious jewelry series and exquisite leather goods series to choose from.
   Outside the flagship store, the magnificent scenery of the Swiss Alps peaks, showing the unique and exclusive location of the Omega flagship store.

   The Omega European Masters with a deep historical heritage is one of the most prestigious events. This year’s European Masters will be held from July 23-26. Including Ernie Els, Lee Westwood and Sergio Garcia have won the Masters. Omega has been the title sponsor of this event since 2001.

Starting With A Sports Watch, Why Choose Jaeger-lecoultre?

In this magical country of Switzerland, many excellent watchmaking brands have been bred here. As the leader of Swiss watchmaking brands, Jaeger-LeCoultre, from its birth in 1833, has gathered a large number of watchmaking craftsmanship, and is constantly advancing with the times and pursuing innovation, becoming a pivotal existence in the history of watchmaking. In 2018, Jaeger-LeCoultre added a new series-Beibei series. The Beibei series is very different from the previous Jaeger-LeCoultre watches. The shape is biased towards leisure and sports. From last year to this year, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Beibei series has gradually been accepted by everyone.

Jaeger-LeCoultre watches

Why is Jaeger-LeCoultre launching the Beibei series?

  For the Beibei series, there will inevitably be questions from tablemates. Why did Jaeger-LeCoultre launch this new series?

Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox Polar Alarm Clock 1968

  The prototype of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Beibei series can be traced back to the first dive watch MemovoxDeepSea with alarm function in 1959. At that time, the alarm function was to remind divers to return to the water in time. Subsequently, Jaeger-LeCoultre continued in-depth research and development on this model, and in 1968 launched the Memovox Polar Alarm Clock. In 2018, Jaeger-LeCoultre incorporated modern aesthetic features into this historical prototype model, and used it as the name of the series, which led to the Beibei series.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Calendar 2018

  The appearance of the Beibei series makes up for the vacancy of Jaeger-LeCoultre in the field of sports watches.

Jaeger-LeCoultreverso flip series was originally designed for polo

The work of Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

  In fact, the history of Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking is not without sports watches. Like the original Reverso series, the original intention was designed for polo sports, but the Reverso series models are dignified and elegant. table. In recent years, the field of sports watches has been highly sought after by watch friends, especially diving watches. The appearance of the Beibei series is in line with the trend of modern everyone wearing watches.

  For Jaeger-LeCoultre, the birth of the Beibei series is an inevitable result.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Beibei series is the darling of advanced players


New Jaeger-LeCoultre calendar series limited edition

  The Jaeger-LeCoultre watch series has a certain advantage in the market. At least my friends who like to watch around watched it and were very interested in Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Beibei. Take, for example, a new Beibei series watch from the Jaeger-LeCoultre just released this year, the new Jaeger-LeCoultre series calendar watch limited edition model, for example, why its advantages are so prominent.

1. Elegant and dynamic shape design


  The brand new watch launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre this year has a familiar Beibei series design and also incorporates modern aesthetic features. For example, the lugs are shorter and look sharper; the bezel becomes slimmer. To reveal more dial space. Jaeger-LeCoultre draws from historical models, but it also takes into account modern people’s pursuit of aesthetics.

  The dial uses a three-layer concentric circle layout, and the color of the central disk is relatively darker, so that it can be contrasted with the color of the main dial to create a layered sense. The blue color of the dial has a gradient effect, which is more obvious when viewed in the light or sunlight.

  The hands and hour markers are coated with a luminous coating, which is also a kind of sports. If it is a true dress watch, generally no luminous coating is used.

2.Double crown design that can be remembered at a glance


  The new limited edition of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Beibei series has a major feature-the double crown design.

  The double crown design is derived from the historical model of 1968. One crown is set at 2 o’clock and the other crown is set at 4 o’clock, which forms a visual symmetry. The design of the double crown is very delicate. Compared with common rotating bezel models, one of the crowns controls the rotating inner ring, which can prevent accidental contact with the rotating bezel and improve safety.

3. Stable 899 movement


899 movement

  The 899 movement is one of the most commonly used movements in the Jaeger-LeCoultre junior model. Of course, it has also been completely upgraded in the new Jaeger-LeCoultre series of limited edition calendar watches. The movement is replaced by a balanceless balance spring and a single-winding device. The automatic disc is fixed by a ball bearing made of ceramic, which improves the competitiveness of the movement in terms of performance.

  However, this new watch has a closed design on the case back, which can protect the movement on the one hand, and on the other hand, the case back is engraved with four special patterns-SCUBA diving emblem, Jaeger-LeCoultre seal, ‘1000HOURSCONTROL’ (1000 hours test), and ‘Limitededition—Oneof800’ (limited to 800 pieces).

  This time, the Jaeger-LeCoultre series of new watches is particularly limited to 800 pieces. No matter from the historical origin, shape design, or from the value of starting, the limited edition watches of the Jaeger-LeCoultre series are well worth it.

  Jaeger-LeCoultre came through the years and witnessed the changes of Swiss watchmaking. The birth of the Beibei series is a bridge for Jaeger-LeCoultre to inherit the past and open up the future. For the Beibei series of Jaeger-LeCoultre, it is not just sports watches. It has both the classic beauty of formal watches and the vitality of sports watches. Modern aesthetics were incorporated into the aesthetics, which led to the birth of the iconic work of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Beibei series.

All Are Unique Artworks. Watch House Interviews Antoine Pin, General Manager Of Bulgari Greater China

In October, BVLGARI, a well-known Italian jewellery brand, and contemporary Chinese artist Simon Ma (Ma Xingwen) jointly released 9 limited-edition OCTO watches of the Bvlgari × Simon Ma OCTO watch series, and Will start selling in the Chinese market. In this regard, Watch House interviewed Mr. Antoine Pin, Managing Director of the brand Greater China and Australia, to see what he thinks about this new product launch.

1. Why did Bulgari choose to work with Simon Ma this time?

Antoine Pin: Actually, this can’t be said that we chose Simon Ma, more precisely it is a two-way selection process. First of all, we are all people who are willing to do art, which is the basis of cooperation. Secondly, as to why you think of cooperating with a watch, there are actually some sources. Because Simon and I have known each other for many years, it was better for people to only interact in private. Later, Simon became more likely to go to Italy because of his work relationship. He began to understand Italy. In 2012, he also won the title of Chinese-Italian Cultural Ambassador. At the same time, he also became very interested in watches, so our communication opportunities became more and more. Finally, as an Italian brand with a century-old history, it is inseparable from art in Italian history. Of course, Bulgari’s pursuit of art has never changed. All these reasons naturally contributed to this cross-border cooperation.

2. We can see that more and more watch brands have chosen the method of cross-border cooperation. What do you think of this form?
Antoine Pin: Actually we have to see the significance of this cross-border cooperation. For example, this time the cooperation between Bulgari and Simon, we do not want to simply pursue commercial value, which is why you see only 13 new OCTO watches, and each one is unique, and the number is very small. We hope that everyone can see that Bulgari’s pursuit of beauty and art has never changed. It’s as if people’s pursuit of beauty might first be reflected in clothing, and then have the beauty of external decorations, and then rose to the highest level of art, and the 15th century Italian Renaissance, Da Vinci, Michelangelo These artists are very familiar to everyone, and it is this land that has bred the pursuit of artistic beauty. Our jewellery brand, which was founded in Italy, is of course inherited. Therefore, we cannot separate watch cooperation from art. This is an innovation in watches and an artistic innovation.

3. What are your expectations for this new product release?
Antoine Pin: These 13 new products have designed 13 dials with different symbolic themes, each of which is related to equestrian, but the specific inspiration comes from traditional Chinese ancient articles, some are full of philosophical meaning, and some are inspired by horses and people. Friendship and so on, and finally, in accordance with the rules of Chinese calligraphy, using the most traditional methods such as writing brushes and a variety of color paints to create on the dial. Therefore, this display method is more personal, and it is also the first time that Bvlgari has shown traditional Chinese art forms on watches. We hope to promote art more deeply, and hope to get people who love this watch when it is sold in China. Your own interpretation.

4. This time, I chose the classic series of Octo for this cooperation. Is there any cooperation plan in the future? Like female watches? Jewellery?
Antoine Pin: In fact, before the 10th anniversary of the B.zero1 jewelry series, we have cooperated with the famous British artist Anish Kanpoor. After an innovative combination of classic elements of this series and a new Deduction, the new B.zero1 ring response is very good. This time, we cooperated with Simon to launch a unique model in the most classic OCTO men’s watch series. I hope everyone will like it. It is also worth looking forward to more new products after Bulgari.

Swiss Radar Diamaster Series Second Watch

(Linno, Switzerland-March 2015) Time is so precious that we often sigh about its fleetingness. With the new RADO large seconds seconds watch around the wrist, you can easily control every minute and every second and never miss any precious moment.
Master of time
The one-piece high-tech ceramic case carries a large open face dial. Two overlapping dials display one hour and minute, and the other second. The Arabic numerals on the striking second dial count seconds at 5-second intervals. The main dial marks the hours and minutes delicately and clearly, reminding the wearer of the value of time.
Beautiful appearance
   The new RADO large-scale seconds hand watch from the Rado series includes two eye-catching models: two plasma high-tech ceramic watches with brown leather straps, exuding retro flavors; the other two black watches are quite futuristic. This series focuses on the use of leather straps, and only one watch uses the diamond five-row bracelet of the Diamond Series.
   The avant-garde and retro design makes the RADO large-scale second hand watch of the Rado diamond series not only can be used with business suits, but also can easily set off holiday casual wear. The breakthrough dial design not only makes the watch itself, but also makes men wearing this watch easily become the focus of attention. Carrying self-confidence and charm, the Diamond Pa series large seconds watch is the personality choice of the trendy man.
Modern Alchemy
   White ceramics are sintered up to 20,000ºC in a plasma sintering furnace, giving them a warm, shiny metallic luster. This patented technology pioneered by Rado, although it does not use any metal elements, still shines in a plasma metallic luster. Although the metallic color presented by ceramics only appears on the surface of the material, it never fades. This production makes this metallic watch well retain all the advantages of high-tech ceramics: not easy to wear, comfortable and lightweight and hypoallergenic.
   Wear your time with RADO’s large seconds watch.

Movement 11 ½ ETA 2899, automatic mechanical movement, 21 stone, 3 hands, calendar display at 9
O’clock position, power reserve up to 42 hours
Water resistance: 10 bar (100 meters)
Case dimensions 43.0 x 51.2 x 11.8
(Width x length x height unit: mm)

Ref: 657.0127.3.015
Case Black polished high-tech ceramic, one-piece case
Black PVD-coated titanium case back with sapphire mirror
Black polished high-tech ceramic crown
Double-sided anti-glare curved sapphire crystal
Dial Black, rose gold scale
Gray minute ring
Black dial circle
Swingable anchor
Rose Gold ‘RADO’ and ‘Automatic’ Logos
Hands rose gold hands
Bracelet black polished high-tech ceramic with frosted links
Titanium Tri-Fold Clasp

Ref: 657.0129.3.410
Case Plasma-polished high-tech ceramic material, one-piece case
Titanium case back with sapphire mirror
Plasma-polished high-tech ceramic crown
Double-sided anti-glare curved sapphire crystal
Dial White, rhodium scale
Gray minute ring
Plasma dial circle
Swingable anchor
Grey ‘Rado’ and ‘Automatic’ Logos
Hands Rhodium-colored hands
Strap Brown leather strap
Stainless steel folding clasp
Stainless steel, surface hardened

Oriental Watch Join Hands With Beijing Guoan

At 3:00 pm on February 28, 2012, Beijing Guoan Football Club held a press conference on ‘Orient Watch and Beijing Guoan’ at the ‘Niya Wine Club’.
Gao Chao, general manager of Wu Guoan Club, Wu Youwen, deputy general manager, assistant general manager Lu Jun, and player representatives Lei Tenglong, sponsors and media reporters from more than 50 people attended the conference. The content includes sponsors, leaders of the National Security Club, presentations, and reporters’questions and answers.

东方 East Japan Watch Co., Ltd. was established in 1950. It is a Japanese company with a long history and tradition. It has a long history of manufacturing mechanical watches. After a long period of technical inheritance, today’s Oriental Watch has inherited its proprietary technology and has a better reputation as a family of mechanical watches. Began trading with China in 1955 and exported watches to China. Since then, it has been providing products for the Chinese market for more than 50 years. Dongfang, Seiko, and Citizen belong to the three major watch brands in Japan and enjoy high reputation in China and the world. In the mid-1980s, Oriental Watch’s domestic sales peaked in China, setting a brilliant record of 3 million annual sales that have been beyond the reach of other brands.

2012 is not only the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the National Security Club, but also the 40th anniversary of the normalization of China-Japan diplomatic relations. Working with Dongfang Watch and Guoan Football Club in Beijing is not only a strong alliance between China and Japan’s well-known enterprises, but also a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the normalization of China-Japan diplomatic relations. Promotion has profound significance. The Oriental Watch not only sponsors the prizes of the 2012 China Super League Beijing Guoan home game fan draw, but in order to reward the fans’ strong support for Beijing Guoan, fans can enjoy a 12% discount at designated Oriental Watch counters or stores in Beijing.
The press conference was the return of the Beijing Guoan football team from overseas training. With the good opportunity of the press conference, the Guoan players not only showed the public a positive attitude and momentum for the preparation of the AFC Champions League and the league, but also better explained the ‘Guoan The profound connotation of ‘Always fighting for the first’, at the same time, this ‘always fighting for the first’ competitive spirit and football culture, let the sponsor Dongfang Watch (Co., Ltd.) feel Guoan Football Club, the imperial blood of the imperial city The unique temperament and charm of the football team. We will use this platform as a starting point to reach deeper cooperation in the future, work together to achieve the slogan of ‘Always contend for the first’, and innovate for the contribution of beautiful football matches.