People’s Mechanical Watch Oriental Double Lion Sdb08006w0 Watch

As a Japanese brand that entered China earlier, Oriental Double Lion also brings Japan’s high cost performance and affordable prices. As one of the three giants of Japanese mechanical watches, with the continuous innovation of technology, create different styles of watches to meet customers’ highest pursuit of watches. Today we introduce a very close-to-people mechanical watch from the Oriental Double Lion. The main products of the brand are not expensive, although in recent years it is also developing the high-end product ‘RoyalOrient’. The SDB08006W0 watch is a watch in the brand’s traditional series. Unlike the other two major Japanese brands, its style is more European-style, and this watch also reflects it.
 The case of the Oriental Double Lions SDB08006W0 watch is made of stainless steel and the surface is plated with rose gold. The delicate and soft color reflects the luxury texture of the watch. The mirror is made of arc-shaped sapphire crystal glass, which is a transparent material that is extremely resistant to abrasion and scratches. The case is a three-piece design, including the upper mirror, bezel, middle bezel, and bottom case back. The case back cover is a stainless steel screw-in bottom cover, which is gold-plated, which also saves costs and does not affect aesthetics.

 The strap is made of cowhide. The surface is covered with crocodile leather texture. The back is lined with lining for comfortable wearing. The pin buckle design allows the strap to be fixed easily and conveniently. At the same time, it can be adjusted according to the wrist diameter. Compared with other buckle types To be more convenient.
The dial of the watch embodies the elegance of the watch with a simple retro simple European design style. On the white dial, three-sided cut stainless steel is used as the time scale. The hands are classic toffee hands. They are elegantly indicating the time. The hands and scales are plated with rose gold to match the color of the case. To enrich the dial elements, a window is opened at 9 o’clock on the watch, where you can admire the most critical and mysterious structure of the movement, showing the mechanical beauty.
Oriental Shuangshi brand mainstream watches are not expensive, generally around a few thousand yuan, this price is currently acceptable to the middle class of the Chinese, meanwhile, with the popularization of the mechanical watch culture, people are concerned about time and watches The concept of watch is becoming clearer, and timepieces are becoming the favorite watch accessories.

The Oriental Double Lion brand has been famous for a long time, and has already been well-known in China. It is a good choice for entry level of mechanical watches. The SDB08006W0 watch uses an automatic mechanical movement. The self-winding structure can provide a continuous flow of power to the watch under frequent wearing conditions, ensuring more accurate travel time. The 41 mm diameter is also due to the narrow bezel. , And make the dial more gigantic, worn on a man’s wrist, no doubt can show a unique atmosphere.
In general, this watch can meet the daily travel accuracy requirements for daily wear. After all, mechanical watches cannot be error-free, and at the same time, you can get a mechanical watch, which is indeed a big temptation. .