Rado Rado Dialogue With Contemporary Ink Artist A Hai

(Shanghai, China-July 2018) Recently, the new product launch ceremony of Rado, a pioneering watchmaking brand and material master, focuses on ‘the element of time’ to deepen the past, the present and the future. Reflect and draw inspiration from materials and nature, deconstruct the design ideas and inspiration of new products, and construct a more concise but rich slow lifestyle. Contemporary ink artist A Hai not only came to release the grand ceremony, but also talked about his unique insights on innovation and pioneering spirit with the theme video of ‘Elements of Time’.

   ‘My painting is attributeless. I hope to break the single space model and reapply the classic elements of Chinese ancient tradition.’ A Hai’s character is as free and easy as his creative style. The innovative use of ink painting materials makes A Hai It has become a unique pioneer in the domestic ink painting industry. He believes that creation is breaking the norm, and one of the major challenges in creating is to make the work simple. It is very difficult to achieve simplicity in painting. The simpler things are often the harder. The pure and simple style of creation is the key to maintaining the permanent charm of the work. Innovation is an important driving force for the classics.

   A Hai went on to share that the two most important factors of contemporary art are ‘experimental’ and ‘creative’. Through simple painting style and exploration of materials, he creates his own independent personality. The process of artistic creation has to undergo three processes: artistic experience, artistic conception and artistic communication. Each process requires precipitation and tempering over time. Time gives creation a unique vitality and thickness, and it is also the best compliment to the process of continuous training. The design language that RADO wants to express is simple and memorable, and it can stand the time.

   A Hai’s creation also pursues this unique style and language. Innovative fusion is the driving force for design and artistic creation. No design can abandon the influence of classic heritage, but innovation is an important driving force for the classics to last.

   In the video, the Rado True Radar series of hollow automatic mechanical watches worn by Ahai is a new masterpiece launched by the brand this year. This watch combines the characteristics of the RADO brand: the exquisitely decorated Swiss automatic mechanical movement, the one-piece case, the high-tech ceramic case and bracelet, and the rich color choice, which highlights the brand’s excellence in materials and design. Control is a classic example of the True series.