Replica Patek Philippe Launches Ref. 5204/1r-001 Rose Gold Chain Ebony Black Dial Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Watch

At Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show this year, Patek Philippe released its super complicated timepiece Ref.5204R-001 rose gold chronograph perpetual calendar watch with a white dial and a square scale crocodile leather strap. Today, Patek Philippe introduces a new chronograph perpetual calendar watch.

New Ref. 5204 / 1R-001 chronograph perpetual calendar watch with Patek Philippe CHR 29-535 PS Q

   The official model of this watch is Ref. 5204 / 1R-001, the ‘1’ before ‘R’ refers to the chain. The watch has a (detachable) rose gold bracelet with an ebony black dial, a combination that many Patek Philippe collectors dream of. Take Ref.5004 as an example. The style of rose gold with black dial is far more sought after by collectors than the style of rose gold with silver dial. Ref.5004 has never officially launched a rose gold chain.

The combination of rose gold case and ebony black dial has long been favored by high-end Patek Philippe collectors

   It is reported that the Patek Philippe Ref.5204 / 1R-001 rose gold chain ebony black plate chronograph perpetual calendar watch is priced at 275,000 Swiss francs, equivalent to about 1.9 million yuan.