Rolex Water Ghost Do You Really Understand

@ROLEX SA knew Rolex Water Ghost for the first time. A few years ago, I stumbled upon a column that reads ‘Men’s Watch Economics’. Respondents classified Rolex Water Ghost as a worry-free watch that ‘can be carried for more than ten years, even if you go to a state banquet,’ it really impressed me. Coincidentally, according to Rolex’s official words: ‘… Whether wearing a wetsuit or evening dress is the same.’ For the second time, I learned about Rolex water ghosts in the Watch Forum Just look at the number of jobs and everyone’s ‘ghost catching’ experience, and you will know how hot it is. Of course, there are many options for buying watches, but Rolex is like a pit that cannot be avoided. Playing a watch without buying a Rolex is like going to work without paying social security and feeling guilty. And the hot submarine type, let alone. In retrospect, it is similar to taking pictures. 135 cannot escape Leica, 120 cannot escape Luola and Hasselblad. The third time I got to know Rolex Water Ghosts was an exploration and research in addition to buying. I wanted to borrow an article and became acquainted with it, only to find that it was me who scorned it. Take a paragraph from the Rolex Water Ghost Guide: from the original 6204 to the later 5512, 5513, and 5514 specially made for the French salvage company comex, military watch 5517 … and then to the later 1680, 16800, 14060, 16600, 16610 , 16610lv green water ghost, to today’s 114060, 116610LN … and so on, are now called Rolex water ghost. Not to mention the Italian Mondani family, this series of watches are described in several monographs. In fact, it is difficult for non-professional collectors or practitioners to wander through all kinds of foreign documents. Fortunately, in a special issue, Rolex specifically described the milestones of the development of water ghosts. Long text, do not want to repeat it. On the basis of official artwork, note the previous models, and then concatenate them into ‘rolls’. In the simplest way, a brief history of the evolution of its milestone models.