Sports Gentleman Tasting Tag Heuer Calibre1887 Chronograph

Have you ever thought of such a question, after the birth of many watches, how do you get more and more sales? This includes the brand’s own publicity, of course, this is only a small part, and more is a good word of mouth among consumers. TAG Heuer today has so many brilliant achievements, in fact, is inseparable from the contribution of the Calera series. Today let’s recommend the elite of a Calera series. Official model: Calibre1887
 Instead of looking around and wondering what watch to choose, it is better to look at it according to your original intention. TAG Heuer is a very cost-effective brand. Most of its honours come from the superposition of word of mouth. This watch is naturally famous for its striking features. Let us take a look at this watch together!

  The temperament of this watch is consistent with all the characteristics of TAG Heuer Carrera. Since the development of the watch industry, more and more watches have won the hearts of people by constantly decorating their appearance. Especially the Carrera series.

  The side of the crown is polished very smooth and delicate, and the engraved LOGO on the surface is very eye-catching. The rounded corner design makes people have a touch of touch.

 This watch is made of genuine leather, which feels comfortable and is very durable. Embossing is natural and not restrained. The crocodile skin guarantees a close fit with the wrist and also demonstrates luxury.

 The crownless side of this watch is made of the same stainless steel material, which is not only wear-resistant, but also very comfortable. From the side, this watch is not heavy, and the lightweight sports watch is always very flattering. like.

 The stainless steel buckle does not use the pin buckle design of many watches as long as the leather strap is used. Instead, it uses a strap buckle, which not only provides excellent comfort but also shrinks freely.

 The lug itself does not have many characteristics, but it is still remarkable in terms of the smoothness of the sanding, because the right-angle design is rarely used on the stainless steel lugs. TAG Heuer’s ingenuity makes this one The watch has a slightly tough temperament.

 The dial design of this watch is eye-catching. The collision of black and silver is bursting with a delicate texture. Continuing the excellent timing function of TAG Heuer Carrera, the ceramic bezel of this watch is also a major design highlight.

 Anyone who likes to watch Formula 1 should know the name: Fangio. The Argentine driver has won five F1 World Championships and is known by many as ‘the greatest racer in history’. The engraved driver’s head is engraved on the back, which is also a kind of confidence of its own quality.

Summary: This is a commemorative version of the watch. I believe that not only many watch fans will like it, but also many car fans. As a commemorative version of this watch, this Calera is priced at 34,000 yuan is a rare and cost-effective watch. Maybe we can’t experience the thrill of professional F1 in our lives, but it is still possible to show respect and love for the industry with a watch. Official model: Calibre1887